Asian Hair Color 2017: Choosing The Right Hair Color For Asians

Here is a complete Asian Hair Color guide 2017 which tells you detail how to choose the right hair color for Asians according to their skin color.

By Amanda Palmer
Asian Hair Color 2017: Choosing The Right Hair Color For Asians

Asian Hair Color 2017

Picking a hair color is not as easy as picking vegetables from the market. There is a lot of science behind choosing a hair color that flatters your skin. With the different brands available on the market and with so many celebrities sporting different hair color hues, it is easy to get confused and end up looking like a fashion disaster.

This particular segment is dedicated to choosing the right hair color for Asians. Asian hair has a soft texture and is very beautiful but coating it with a trending shade sometimes will perk up your look entirely. Educate yourself with some useful know-how about hair coloring before you proceed to get yourself a makeover. 

Scroll down further to know all the tricks of the trade and pick yourself a hair color that would best suit you. While coloring your hair, the key factor is to ensure that your hair remains healthy while you coat it with a different shade altogether. These below-mentioned tips will help you choose the best hair color for Asians.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

There are some important tips one must keep in mind while choosing hair color:

* Determine your skin tone first:

Asians have a warmer skin tone. Skin tones also change with the weather. To determine your skin tone, you can examine your wrist. A cool-toned person will have a bluish wrist, and a warm-toned person will have a greenish wrist. If you are not certain about this test, you can try streaks of two or three different shades which you like the best and then decide accordingly. 

* Always contrast your hair color with your skin tone:

If you are a warm-toned person, you should choose a cooler color hue, and if you are a cool-toned person, you should select a warmer hair color tone. One should never match hair color with their skin tone else a person who appears darker. 

* Always select a softer hair color as you age

As a person ages, so does their skin tone. The color which suited them in their youth might no longer look good on them. As we age, our hair color gradually turns grey and then completely white which looks beautiful on an aged skin. If you are ageing, then it is best to select a hair color in a softer hue. Asian women are basically warm toned and blonde shade of color looks best on them at any age. 

* Pick your hair color in broad daylight:

Often a color is not what it seems under a yellow light or a white light. Choose a hair color when natural light falls on your skin to determine the exact shade of your skin tone. Never pick up a hair color just because it is the latest trend. You have to choose something that enhances your overall look and not make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

* Match your eyes with your hair tone:

Make sure your hair color uplifts your overall appearance and accentuates your eyes. If you have hazel eyes, golden tones of hair color will look the best on you as it will make your eyes pop beautifully. If you have green eyes, copper hair color will suit you, and if you have blue eyes, blonde hair color will look the best on you.

* Get a professional to color your hair:

Steer clear of a risky DIY project unless you are a pro in this field. You will end up making a mess of yourself.  If not done properly, blonde can look like orange and burgundy can look like a maroon.

Skin Tones of Asians

Not all Asians are warm skin-toned. Asia is made up of many countries spread widely on the globe. Here is a classification of the different skin colors of different Asians. This classification does not undermine their skin tones because everyone is different. 

West Asians - Arabs, Persians, and Jews have a skin tone ranging from peach to dark brown.

South Asians - Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans have a skin tone ranging from brown to dark brown.

Central Asians -  All the 'stan' countries have a skin tone ranging from light brown to brown.

Southeast Asians - Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Filipinos have a skin tone ranging from tan to light brown

East and North Asians - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Mongolians have a skin tone ranging from yellow-tan to pale brown and to very light peach in some Korean women. 

Choosing the Right Hair Color for Asians - 2017 Guide

The following is a list of the best hair color for Asian skin according to the trend in 2017. Browse from below and choose your pick.

1. Maroon

A bold shade for daring Asian women, maroon tends to accentuate your blemishes and flaws. So make sure you treat your skin properly before going for this dye. Once you have maroon hair color, make sure you match your makeup accordingly.

2. Golden Shade

If your Asian skin has a beige tint to it, then a golden shade would flatter your skin exceptionally. Do not try to dye your hair in a golden shade at home until unless you are a pro in this field as you might not get it right.

3. Auburn

Auburn is a beautiful shade of red which is darker than mahogany and yet does not have the orange tones as a copper hair color. Auburn looks best on warm skin tone. It suits Asian skin tone the best as it is a red shade without the vibrancy of a true red hair dye. 

4. Light Blonde

Younger Asian women can flaunt a light blonde shade on their long locks. It is necessary to check whether this hair dye matches your skin tone and you can try it out by coloring only one streak of your hair. 


5. Medium Brown Hue

Medium brown hair is not a natural hair color for the Asians, but it still looks natural with its lighter tint of a brown hue. Choose this hair dye if you have brown eyes even if they are darker because this light brown hair color will accentuate your eyes and other features. It is best to go for this hair color if you do not want a very drastic change in your appearance but are craving for a fresh look.

6. Natural Looking Dark Brown

Many Asians have this hair color naturally by birth. Some who have darker or black hair can try this naturally looking dark brown hair color. It is the best to give yourself a well-groomed look with this shade as it has fewer possibilities of looking bad. This color gives a warm glow to Asian skin.

7. Hues that are the current trend

With pastels and other crazy hair colors trending, hair colors are seeing a whole new dimension. Such crazy hues look cool on Asian skin too, and you can try one of these too. Many young Korean women are sporting pastel hair colors.

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Best Hair Color According to Asian Skin Tone

Sometimes, it is difficult to judge whether you fall in the warm tone or cool tone category. Then it might be possible that you have a neutral-toned skin, i.e., an olive complexion. 

Warm skin tones call for warm toned colors such as blonde and brown. A light warm-toned Asians can choose a hair color such as honey blonde and rose gold whereas a dark warm-toned skin can opt for dark brown and chocolate. Cool skin tones call for cool toned colors such as ash blonde, platinum, and white blonde. 

If you want to go by your skin color and find the skin tone science too confusing, then stick to your skin color. Fair skinned, medium skinned and dark skinned women are found in Indian, Korean and other such countries. One cannot give a generic hair color according to the country they belong too. Skintones such as warm and cool and skin shades such as fair, medium or dark help you choose your hair color.

While the science of warm or cool skin tones applies more to Caucasian skin, Asian women have to think about being fair or dark skinned too. Avoid hair colors that are too dark on the very fair skin. Fair skinned Asians can opt for red or burgundy streaks in their dark hair color. 

Medium skin toned Asians should avoid colors that are too light. They should go in for browns or blondes. They can even try dark plum shades, maroons, blues or purples. 

Dark skin tone, Asians, should avoid ash blonde. They should instead opt for warm colors such as dark red, balayage, maroons or honey-brown. 

For olive skin tone Asians, warm dark blonde shades, light browns and dark browns look amazing. Caramel complexioned Asians should opt for dark blonde shades and dark browns. Wheatish complexioned Asians should choose warm dark browns and cool light browns.


If you want to dye your hair in a different hair color, pick a shade that will flatter your complexion. If you cannot determine yourself, it is best to aks a professional, but the tips as mentioned above will help when you ask the right questions to your hair stylist. 

More than what might look good on you, you have to choose a hair color that suits your personality and lifestyle. You have to feel comfortable with your hair color and be able to rock it like a pro. If vibrant red would look good on you, but you find it too bold, then you should go in for a natural brown or similar shade to make you comfortable. Remember, comfort is the first factor in getting your hair colored. 

So happy hair coloring! Have fun expressing your inner colors!! You are worth it - live a little; it is only hair.