What You Need To Know About Using Carrot Oil For Tanning

Using carrot oil for sun tanning is a fun and new experience. Using a carrot extract recipe, you will see new hair growth and a longer lasting tan.

By Katrina M.
What You Need To Know About Using Carrot Oil For Tanning

That Flawless Summer Time Tan

It is summer time, so trade in your boots for flipflops and jeans for shorts! It is time to work on that tan! Depending on where you live, the only definite time in the sun you get is during the summer. So you have to take advantage of the sun while you have it. Keeping your tan for as long as you can (in a healthy way, of course) is a goal that you may have. This will allow you to have gorgeous sunkissed skin even into the fall. 

You may be thinking that you have tried every tanning product out there and don't know what product to turn to next. All you know is that you want it to be healthy and look natural because you do not want to just put a random product on your skin. This is where carrot oil is going to come in and change the way you tan and the way you take care of other aspects of your body. 

Carrot Oil and Its Benefits

Carrot oil is made by combining carrot extract and a type of oil. Usually, it is sunflower oil or sweet almond oil. A third, less common, oil that can be used is olive oil. When carrot oil is made with olive oil, the result will be thicker than that of the sunflower and sweet almond oils. 

The extract that is taken from the carrots and used to make the carrot oil has properties that will prove to be beneficial to your skin. You can use carrot oil to help minimize and reduce wrinkles. Carrot oil also will help to detoxify and rejuvenate your body and skin. Another benefit of using carrot oil is that it will cause you to have a lot of hair growth. The growth from the carrot oil will result in stronger and shinier hair. Your hair roots will become stronger and the carrot oil will also provide protection from the damaging sun rays and also pollution in the air. 

One of the main vitamins in carrot oil is vitamin A. Vitamin A is what will help to strengthen your skin, which in turn makes you ready for sun exposure. With the abundance of vitamin A, carrot oil will make your skin ready for a summer full of tanning. 

Make Your Own Carrot Oil

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Carrot oil can be found in many different stores around you and also online. But if you tend to lean toward a more natural lifestyle, here is a recipe that you can use to make your own carrot oil. It is a simple recipe, but it requires a little bit of patience. The outcome will definitely be worth it though!

1.  Peel and thinly slice 2 large organic carrots.
2.  Let the pieces dry in the open air for 24 hours.
3.  Put the slices into a container then fill the container with your choice of either sunflower oil or sweet almond oil.
4.  Let the mixture in the container sit for 3 weeks and make sure to stir occasionally.
5.  After the 3 weeks, add 2 new thinly sliced carrots.
6.  Let this sit for another 3 weeks.
7.  Filter the mixture out of the container.

The results will come out as they should if you keep the container away from heat and light.

Now that you have made your own carrot oil (or bought it), you are ready to use it for tanning.

Carrot Oil and Tanning

Carrot oil is mainly used for tanning. In order to get the best tanning results, you want to start applying the carrot oil immediately. Apply carrot oil once a day in the morning or in the evening. This will give the oil a chance to begin to work its magic throughout your entire body. The first way you can apply the carrot oil is by putting a small amount your hands and rubbing it onto your entire body, especially those feet that have been covered up by boots all winter. A second way you can apply the carrot oil is by putting a couple of drops into your moisturizer. This way will allow you to moisturize as you normally do with the addition of the carrot oil.

For the ultimate tanning experience, it is highly recommended that you apply an SPF in addition to the carrot oil. The carrot oil only acts as a tanning accelerator and does not have any SPF in it. So just to make this very clear, the carrot oil is an accelerator that will not help prevent the burning of your skin if you are in the sun for a long period of time. So please, use SPF when going out in the sun, in addition to the carrot oil.

It's Time to Tan

Now that you have established carrot oil into your daily routine, you are ready for your days out in the summer sun. Tanning using carrot oil will leave not only your skin glowing but also your hair. With your skin taken care of by the carrot oil and SPF, you will be guaranteed a tanning experience that will have lasting effects on your skin all summer and into the fall months.