10 Colors That Compliment Orange: The Perfect Color Combination

Perhaps you might have had difficulties combining colors to wear with orange to work, dates or family gatherings, especially when it's not a primary color.

By Sylverlne Odili
10 Colors That Compliment Orange: The Perfect Color Combination

Reasons Why Orange Color Stands Out

Colors, generally, are a form of non-verbal communication; its meaning varies depending on the circumstances or situation a person is faced with at a given time. Often times, you find out that children and most female adults love flashy colors, and the orange hue is no exception.

The color has a unique as well as contemptible features. Also, it has a warmth, vibrant and energetic feel compared to any other color. Because it is closely associated with color red, it has a way of making a person fall in love with it or despise it.

Yes, orange is a secondary color obtained from the alliance of two primary colors; red and yellow. Mind you, it is exceptionally splendid if we are keen on acquiring new knowledge or ideas. Also, some organizations and financial institutions have used the positive traits of this color as an added advantage to foster their growth since it creates balance, desire and a passion for working and relating with others.

Orange as color, can be a bit flashy to put on in cases where there is no other color pattern to complement it. Despite this, if we pay close attention, there are excellent ways of making this color look more appealing when combined with other great colors.



Here are ten(10) colors that complement the orange

1. A gentle mish-mash of Orange and cream colors

An extraordinary way of making your orange the center of attraction is to brace it with a neutral color.

A blend of cream and bright orange gives a unique taste with indoor decorations such as living room window coverings, walls paint, and flower vases, clothes to mention a few, it provides the environment with a more homely touch. Cream, naturally, has a youthful and satisfactory feel that makes it easy to synchronize with other sharp colors such as orange. 

Traditionally, Orange hue induces activities and appetite. Therefore, using this pigmentation at restaurants, bars or fast food joints also gives you a potential to make more money from your clients.

2. Combining Orange and green

The thought of these two colors gives me a sensation that I cannot adequately describe. Looking for colors to give that wedding ceremony a refined look? Then, these two colors should do the trick. An intricate combination of orange and green will definitely melt your heart when it is accurately and appropriately blended to give the most amazing colorful event you have ever imagined. In fact, adorning your dress, walls, room, shirt with this bright mix will provide you with an unforgettable picture that you will keep on reminiscing about all year round.

Also, orange walls with a touch of green sofas give the home its unique snug. This makes the living room look like a little paradise.


3. Mind-blowing Orange and Grey

Well, if you happen to be a color perfectionist, then you might need to consider using this bright color combo for a killer decoration either for your walls, shirt, dress or office.

Gray is warm and reserved while orange has this punchy look. When these two colors are brought together to exist as one, then an incredible synergy is built just as in relationships.

Different shades or tints of gray and orange can make a great combination - it all depends on which works for you. Surprisingly, most modern houses now make use of orange colors for their front door because it has a welcoming tone to visitors. The door color looks good against gray walls.


4. Cobalt blue and Orange

They say; look the way you want to be addressed. Looking elegant, I would say is everyone's ultimate desire. Having comfortable wear to rock anytime and anywhere gives one a classy sense. A combination of this vibrant cobalt blue with an orange color is captivating. 

Sometimes, preparing for occasions can be tasking when you don't know how to combine the colors you have in your wardrobe. Slipping in a cobalt blue gown with a pair of orange shoes and purse can give you that feeling of luxury and make you stand out in the crowd as a lady. 

5. Orange and Black

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Who says color combos are only meant for ladies? Anyways, for the male reading this article, who loves the beautiful combination, an orange and black mix will definitely give you that second gaze from the female folks. For a casual meeting or a Saturday hang-out with friends, an orange shirt or sweater is preferable, depending on the weather condition with a black pant and black footwear to give you that tremendous but straightforward outlook.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; Your early morning jogs also needs a bit of fashion; A black tracksuit with a pair of orange sneakers would not be a bad idea after all.


6. Purple and Orange

Yeah, this two pigmentation might get a little tricky when combining. But, I must tell you; they are a match made in paradise. Orange color, as I said earlier, has a bright look. Purple, on the other hand, is a secondary color created from a mixture of blue and red. This color can be associated with nobility, spirituality, and power. Therefore, a duo can make you look like a queen when correctly merged. What's more? A purple gown patterned with orange, emits a glow that'll make your daughters look like a Disney princess.

As you know, a woman's beauty can be enhanced with beautiful and smart jewelry, complimenting that purple dress with an orange jewel will give you that attractive appearance.

Also, for your gift wraps and wall-papers, shirt design purple and orange designs will leave your customers speechless, and give them no other choice than to pick them all.

7. Orange and pink

Have you ever considered giving a surprise baby shower to a friend or a family member, but choosing the colors have been a bit burdensome? Then, you need not go any further because this color mixture will save you a great deal of trouble. Pink speaks of a soft feminine touch, and by combining it with orange, you create a safe and straightforward tone to the decor. Mind you, this combination can be used to spice up baby shower activities. You can make cute little hair clips and stretchy headbands with lovely pink flowers to complement its orange hue.

8. Orange and Brown

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Finally, here's a color combination that combines the rich earthy feel of brown with the lazy serendipity of sunsets -sounds like a theme from nature. Recent studies show that color themes have a profound effect on psychology and mood, and its effectiveness against neurological conditions like depression and schizophrenia. A healthy dose of orange and brown can induce calming impact on the mind. For those looking forward to changing the color theme for their home and office spaces, this is the best time to infuse this healthy mix. Combining orange and brown increases the vibrancy and energy of the place. Although this color theme is associated with the 70s, it's definitely not too late to incorporate it in your designs. What's more? trying the dark rich chocolate brown with orange will make the orange accents to become prominent. The orange color can be used in small doses such as in clothes, living room throw pillows and sofas, against a prominent brown decor.

9. Orange and Sunshine Yellow

It's a surprise that orange was once considered a taboo by most interior designers. Recent daring decors have proved them wrong, as orange is now famous in most modern and retro homes. Orange infuses positive vibes in any decor, and a combination with sunshine yellow creates an undeniable appeal and aura. Guests feel welcome and at ease when they enter a place with this color theme. Many hotels with this fantastic color theme have reported an increase in patronage and ambiance. Decorating with orange and sunshine yellow feels natural since they are closed to the color spectrum than other colors. Furthermore, this color theme follows the natural order of sunrise to sunset. It's probably no surprise that this is the color of choice for teens. Let's take a look at a color combination of sunshine yellow and orange. Clothes with these color combination are usually used as beach wears with flowery patterns.


10. Orange and Desert Sand Yellow

Every color combination is backed by a natural occurrence. Take, for instance, the beautiful rays of a setting orange sun reflecting on the golden sands of the desert. When you take into consideration the beautiful harmony created by such slash of colors, you can deduce the calming effects it will have on your home decor and surroundings. Most often than not, this combination is usually best suited for bedrooms and resting places. Just like the setting sun over the desert, an orange hue will cast a gentle glow over the beautiful husky desert yellow. To create a beautiful harmony to, you can add backdrops of brown sofas, throw pillows into the mix.



It's rare to find a color like orange, that can evoke different emotions. This fantastic product of both red and yellow, can invoke the fiery passion of red, and still maintain the bubbly positive vibe of yellow. It's undeniable that this color complements many colors, when used on clothes or living spaces without causing a clash or disharmony. So, why don't you experiment with the beautiful ambiance that orange creates when combined with other colors. Lastly, it's the right excuse to give your home and office space that makeover you've always desired.




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