Learn How to Identity a VSCO Girl, Soft girl and E-girl!

Find out the new type of girls and if you are one of them!

By Aey
Learn How to Identity a VSCO Girl, Soft girl and E-girl!

Labels for Girls

With the internet universe expanding day by day, we see new terms coming to light. Like every other age, the internet craze comes with its own lexicon. Some terms that you might have been hearing are VSCO Girl, Soft girl, and E-girl. While there are some similarities between the trends, their overall vibe is completely different. If you’ve been seeing different trends popup on your Tik Tok feed and you need to figure out where you belong then here’s all the information you need. If you’re like me and you can’t keep up with the upcoming trends, worry no more I’ve got you covered, here is a crash course to help you identify a VSCO girl, soft girl and an E-girl.


How VSCO Girl came about

If you're not that updated with the internet lingo, you’ve been hearing the term VSCO girl, and wondering what it’s all about, wonder no more. Here is how it all started, First of all being a VSCO girl is not just a trend; it is a lifestyle. Urban dictionary defines VSCO girls as the tumbler girls of 2019 who you'll probably watch notice in a tube top, a scrunchie with an overall laid back look.

The term VSCO originated due to an app. VSCO is a photo editing app that has curated filters to glam up your pictures. While the term is associated with the app, they didn’t create the trend, the creators have credited that to the teens that used their apps and came up with the look.

VSCO Girl Starter Pack


A major part of being a VSCO girl is being environment-friendly. They use reusable water bottles and metal straws to make sure that they don't use plastic. A common VSCO girl slogan is “save the turtles”. They try to condemn the use of plastic that can only be used once and then pollutes its environment.

Brand loyalty

While the laid back look does seem pretty chill, it is pretty expensive as you have to commit to certain brands. Brand loyalty is a significant part of being a VSCO girl as you can only be loyal to brands that are environment-friendly. Pura Vida, Hydro Flask, Nike, Brandy Melville, Fjällräven and Urban Outfitters are brands that cater to the VSCO girl trend. Not only are the brands environment-friendly, but they also have optimum work conditions for their workers too.

Comfort over style

So, if you see a teen with an oversized t-shirt and shorts with Vans, Crocs, or Birks, she’s probably a VSCO girl. Apart from that if you need any more indicators, then a shell necklace and scrunchie on the arm is the final tell.

The lingo

The lingo is what will surely make you turn your head if you’re in public.  “sksksk”  and “and I oop” are two phrases that have been coined by the VSCO girls. While “sksksk” can be used to express surprise, “ and I oop” is used instead of “oh my god” or “ oh lord”.

What emerged from the VSCO girl lingo has now become a part of hip culture. Different stars are adding to the lingo, for example, Cardi B saying “Okurrrrr” and “eeeeoooiiuu” are just types of things that a VSCO girl would say.


A VSCO girl hairstyle is a messy bun and an “I just woke up like this” look. However, the only god knows how many attempts it takes to make it messy. While half of the world wakes up with a messy bun, VSCO girls can’t seem to get it without a hundred failed attempts. A VSCO girl at school will surely have an additive pencil just to add character to her bun.

Soft Girl

How Soft Girl came about

While the VSCO girl lifestyle is pretty popular, they aren't the only girls taking the internet by storm. Another term you might have heard is a Soft girl. If you're struggling to keep up, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The urban dictionary defines them as ‘a Soft girl is someone who loves lip gloss and blush, especially of the pink and peach family. They are often recognized by the pins and clips they have in their hair.’

Soft girls aren't defined by specific brands such as VSCO girls; they are recognized by their love for ultra-girly things and comfort. Butterflies, hearts, and rainbows are their signature mark.  Their style resembles a kind of like a childhood vibe but trendier.

Soft Girl Starter Pack

The Poses

The poses mainly consist of teenagers making faces like little kids. So, if you see a 17-year-old trying to pull off a 10-year-olds look, that’s probably a soft girl. Their poses mainly try to imitate younger kids so they try to pull off cute looks rather than following a grown-up fashion.

The Makeup

The makeup mainly consists of lighter hues such as pinks and peaches with tons of highlighter. Apart from the makeup, you’ll see soft girls using face stamps to make hearts, clouds, or unicorn horn at the corner of their eyes.

The Hair

The soft girl hairstyle is mostly just casual. All they have to do is let their hair down and put on a few clips, most probably with butterflies and unicorns and they’re ready.  So, remember if you realize a person with an abnormal amount of pink and peach clips in their hair and they’re in their teens than you have just had an encounter with a Soft girl.


How E-Girl came about

E-girls have been around for as long as I can remember. When I used to go to school, the trend was known as emo, and they were known as hot topic girls. The urban dictionary defines them as a species of emo girls. They are famous on TikTok but they spend most of their time on tumbler. Their signature move is the mememe dance which is a dance that originated from Japanese anime.  While they closely resemble goth or punk style, they think of themselves as the polar opposites. While the E-girls are influenced by anime, it is not a compulsory component of the E-girl lifestyle.

E-Girl Starter Pack

The make-up

The makeup that is associated with E-girls is that they use blacks and browns too often. They have perfect winged eyeliner and heavy make-up. E-girls also paint images on their face but they try to go for something edgy and controversial.  For example, some might stamp on tears, others might go for random crosses or the LGBT flag etc.

The aura

The aura that is mainly associated with E-girls is that they are not to be messed with. One feeling that a lot of people describe is that being an E-girl makes them feel more in power and more in control. Well if that is what it takes to make you feel like a powerful individual then you go, girl. Women empowerment all the way!

The hair

If you’re a fan of Billy Eilish’s style then you’re a definite E-girl at heart. E-girls are into funky color hair dyes like green, electric blue, and neon pink. So, if you come across a girl with an out of the world hair color, she is most probably an E-girl.

LGBT allies

 It is mostly said that the E-girls are on the spectrum of sexuality but even if they identify as straight, they are allies of the LGBT community and they are pro-choice.

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For all those out there who want to express themselves on the internet, I encourage you to stay true to yourself while adopting any lifestyle choice. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that you have to become a part of it to be considered worthy. Know that your worth lies in the person that you are and feel free to express that in any way you are comfortable with. However, if you think that one of these trends speaks to you at a spiritual level and if you believe in what they stand for, you should go for it! Know that you don’t need to do something just to fit in, there is only one of you, and no one can change that.



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