15 Memorable Graduation Gifts For Him That He Will Always Remember

Graduating? What to give to him and make him remember it always.

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15 Memorable Graduation Gifts For Him That He Will Always Remember

The Milestone of A Graduation

It took us only a million milestones to get us where we are today, whether that was just crawling as a kid, first school game, clearing exams, first kiss, etc. But you cannot fathom what role graduation can play in our lives. This one milestone can change us as a person, and add so much in our world that we never knew was missing.

Graduation shaping our personality

The way we see ourselves can change when you start thinking about your past, your experiences and what more you want to do in life. Graduation means, this is real. Life is going to keep going and only you can change its course and make it worth the while. Of course, there might be a spell of anxiety and confusion at first. OR you have it all planned and figured out. No matter what the case, it's the start of a new life and a new, more devoted and serious you.

The ceremony

Imagine, it's graduation day. It's a good day, nice weather, you wake up and realize after a few moments after opening your eyes that this is the day! This is it, all you've been working for, the sleepless nights, the anxiety of exams, so many friend funds and a bunch load of memories. All that reflecting in your eyes this day. You get up, there's that dress lying up perfectly you bought especially for your big day. 

When you walk through those halls and corridors, there's a different vibe to them now. You can't seem to put your finger on it, the feeling, but it's just not the same. Everything's been decorated, you meet up with your friends, sit with them on those allotted seats. The ceremony begins. One by one they all get on that stage, your name gets called, you get this funny feeling in your stomach, your heart races as you go receive your diploma.

That proud moment, just priceless. And the look on your parents' face, your siblings, your family, so precious. 

Role of family

It takes a lifetime to realize the importance of family in our lives. We become so oblivious of the fact that every success, every step of life, every accomplishment is directly or indirectly linked to our family. But it's inevitable and a sad fact of this modern world. Our parents being our number one fan since we were born and cheering us on as we go along our journeys. It isn't just the finances that get you going, it's the encouragement, both in the form of constant scolding and words of wisdom. No one other than our families can give us that.

15 Memorable Graduation Gifts To Give Him

Itself, graduation is special. But you can make it so much more for your boyfriend by some amazing and creative gift ideas, that he will never forget. Make his graduation a lot better by being the most considerate and thoughtful one around him. If you truly know him, you can show it to him by these incredible ideas:

Experience / Activity Related Gifts

Here are some gifts relevant to what type of guy you've got:

1. For a gamer

The Legend of Zelda

If your guy is a gaming freak, then you've got tons of options. You can go for some of those limited-edition versions of the games he likes, or get him a Play Station or Xbox whichever is the preference. But to get really creative and different, you can get your gamer guy this All about Zelda book, which has been one of the most precious franchises of the game.

2. For a traveler

Bullseye Office - New Version with Lacquer Finish Magnetic World Globe

If your guy is the one for the road, loves exploring the world, this magnetic globe is perfect! The same concept from pinning the places on a map, where you've been or wanting to go. But this is both creative and amazing, gives a modern touch too.

3. For a sportsperson

Giants Gifts-Giants Socks

You obviously know what your man is into, the kind of sport or team. But he must already have everything related to them, so why not give him a little for himself.

4. For a photographer

Polaroid Originals Cameras and Film Stranger

Every photographer has a thing for the vintage cameras, no matter how advanced their own camera and photography gadgets are. This special Stranger Things edition polaroid is one to go for. He can get any equipment he wants, but this is something special.

5. For a music lover

Designer Bluetooth Speaker Sofa Ottoman Storage

Best thing to get after graduation, this Bluetooth ottoman speaker that just fits in the furniture too. He'll need this in his new room for sure, all the volume controls, and the powerful speaker inside. 

Gift Sets from Amazon Or Etsy

Have a look at these ready-made gift boxes and sets that are a perfect graduation gift:

6. The Classy box

Graduation Gift Box Complete Gift For Him Fraternity Gift

if you're looking for the classiest and high-end box of manly goodness, then this one's for you. Starting from chic cufflinks to a beautiful watch, this great box has it all. All the men essentials in one place. And the presentation is remarkable.

7. Journal set


If your man is a writer and likes to put down his love and memories in ink, then this set is just perfect for him. Leather sure defines men, and instead of cliche wallets and stuff, try this creative gift.

8. Sleek box

Graduation Gift For Him Fraternity Gift Box Set Card | Etsy

How sleek and stylish and also in an affordable range. This gift box will have a personalized note from you, along with sunglasses, a multi-tool, amazing black flask and whatever else you wish to add or customize.

9. Ties & Links

Premium Men’s Gift Luxury Tie Set

He is sure going to need all those fashionable and posh ties and cufflinks to get him through adulthood, make it easy for him by getting this elegant box of manly goodness.

10. The adventure set

Personalised Compass Gift Personalised Compass Graduation

This one is so creative and thoughtful. People are so attracted to vintage and antique stuff. And after graduation, these adventurous gifts clearly convey a message. After all, life after graduation is nothing less than a journey.

DIY Gifts

What's more unique and precious than making something on your own? These things are held dearest to the heart, as a lot of love is poured in to make them. Check these ideas out:

11. A care basket

Source: momadvice.com

It is said if your girlfriend doesn't behave like your mom, then you've got it all wrong. Here's an idea of making a little package of all the care in the world. Freshly graduated and now probably on his own, he needs these essentials. Starting from First Aid medicine, bandages, antiseptics, thermometer and a little manual/guide to get through those sick moments.

12. Memory quilt

This is the cutest and comfiest gift you can make him, a quilt with a TON of t-shirts. It sure will be memorable and a constant reminder of you and your endless love. You can check out the tutorial here:

13. A fun Planner

It's going to be hard to get the hang of things, but you can always make him a calendar/planner according to his personality so he finds the next few confusing months of his life pretty manageable. You can add his favorite activities for him, what time new movies come out etc. Here's how you can make it:

14. Magnetic board

We all know guys can be a bit messy, even they get upset by this fact. Forgetting things, missing out on important memos, looking for a little motivation here and there and A LOT of unorganized mess. So here's what you can do, make him a magnetic board that he can easily set up with his desk or workplace. It will have all the essentials all right in front of him to get him through the day. Also, it's pretty elegant to look at.

15. A photo collage

DIY High School Years Photo Collage Graduation Gift

How can you possibly think of a memorable gift without any actual memories? Pick out the best ones he's had and make a collage out of the photos. There's no way he won't get nostalgic seeing those even after years. Here's a simple tutorial you can follow: 

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