20 Incredibly Cute & Easy Braids To Try For Curly Hair

Braids are very versatile and beautiful. They suit anyone and everyone. Here are 20 braid styles for women with curly hair.

By Tanaya Nath
20 Incredibly Cute & Easy Braids To Try For Curly Hair

20 Incredibly Cute & Easy Braids To Try For Curly Hair

Braids come with endless options. From one braid to another, I have never seen one braided hairstyle that I haven’t liked. Be it fishtail, crowns, ponytails or reverse; they are all beautiful in their unique way.
However, not every braid is suited to every kind of hair. When you are choosing a braid, always keep in mind its length, texture, and thickness. We have accumulated some twenty braids that you can try if you have curly hair.

Milkmaid Braid

This is a chic and simple braid that makes it easy for you to keep your curly hair off your shoulders in style. It is perfect for daytime and very simple to make. Part your hair in the middle and make two braids on each side. Make sure you comb your curly hair well before you make this braid.
Don’t make the braids too tight, let your curls be visible in them. It will add a little texture. Now take the braids across the other side behind your head and secure them with bobby pins. If your pins match your hair color, as in black pins for black hair, it will make your hairstyle flawless. And see that they overlap each other. Let a few curls escape and frame your face romantically.

Headband Braid

If you want to show off those gorgeous curls but keep them away from your face, go for the headband braid. Along your hairline make a 1-inch braid. Keep adding hairs from your hairline as you go. Keep braiding until you reach the back of the ear opposite to the side you started from. Or, you can brush back all your hair and take a 1-inch section from behind the ear. Braid it all the way across the other ear.
After you are done with the braid, in any way you chose, just secure the other end behind your ear with bobby pins. You are done. This hairstyle will suit every woman, be it Indian, African or American. 

Classic French Braid

French braid is my darling. Black, blonde or brunette, it suits every hair color. But can you do a french braid in curly hair? Of course, you can. Its versatility is one thing that makes me fall in love with braid style.
All you have to do is brush your curls section by section. This will make it easy for you to section the pieces off. Once you have brushed all your curls, divide your hair into three sections and start doing that over and under thing, starting from your crown. The brushed up curls will add a distinct texture to your braid. If you want it neat, you can tuck away the loose hair, or you can let them frame your face if you are going on a date.

French Braid Bun

This bun is an easy transition to French braid for an instant updo. As done above, make your French braid right from the top. Secure the end with an elastic band. Now spin this braid into a quick bun. Secure the bun with U-pins and bobby pins. Keep it flawless by using pins that match your hair color. You can also add some decorative accessories for making the updo party ready.

Fishtail Pigtails

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Pigtails are cute, kinda childish. But when you add to it intricately woven fishtail, it gets a more mature touch. It makes you look like the girl next door, innocent and charming. Brush your curls in a small section after mid-parting your hair. Then braid into fishtails.
Doing this braid in the second day of your hair is a good choice. The natural oil of your hair will keep your curls from escaping, keeping your fishtail neat. African, American or Indian, every woman will love this style.

Reverse Pigtails

Reverse pigtail braids, also called Dutch braids, lend an edge to the pigtails. And you can do them in curly hair, yes. The best part of this Dutch braid is that they appear like they are popping out of your head, unlike the other braids that appear flat.
After you have combed your curly hair, braid them under each other and not over each other. The waves from the brushed off curls will add a beautiful texture to your hair. This is one braid that suits every hair color, black, blonde or brunette and any ethnicity like African, Indian or American.

Curly Hair Half Braided Pigtails

If you are feeling a little playful today, flaunt your curls a little. Mid-part your hair and brush down your curls till your ears. Braid your hair each sides starting from the top and stop right under your ears. Take an elastic band and tie off your braids right there. You have half-braided pigtails with your voluminous curls ready to make you look like a happy-go-lucky girl. Get all the attention in the world.

Two In One Braids

When you look at this braid, it looks intricate and complicated. But in reality, this is one of the most beautiful braid styles that is very easy to make. Mid-part your hair and start braiding on each side. Start from the top and braid till the nape. At your neck, braid these braids into one fishtail braid. Secure the end with a band. Your curly hair will give this braid some much-needed volume, and you can also use some beautiful accessory to make this hairstyle stand out.

Deep Part Accent Braid

This braid is just for styling your curly hair a little. It will not keep the curls away from your face. Side part your hair and brush your curls well. From the side with lesser hair, brush a 1-inch section and braid it down all the way to the other side. Make sure the braid is tight. Secure the braid with bobby pins on the other side and flaunt your beautiful curls with pride.

Braided Bun Wrap

Comb your curls well and make a ponytail. Leave a section of hair and wrap the rest in a bun. Secure your bun with bobby pins and U-pins. Now, braid that section you left from the bun and braid it tightly. Warp this braid at the base of your bun to finish the look. And don’t forget to secure the braid. You can also use some gem studded pins to decorate this braid; it will make your updo look more elegant and party ready.

Fishtail At The End Of Ponytail

Ponytails are easy, and curly hair ponytails carry a lot of volume. Warp a section of your hair around the elastic band of your ponytail. Brush your ponytail thoroughly and halfway down, start braiding a fishtail. It will be a little difficult, but worth the look. Secure the end of your fishtail with an elastic band and you are done.

Curly Hair Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid has a very intricate look, and in curly hair, it looks especially complicated. Brush your curly hair well and apply some smoothing serum. Part your hair as you usually would. Take a section of hair at the top of your head on one side, preferably, close to the parting. French braid it three times.


After you have braided the left section, drop the right one. Let it fall on the side of your head. Pick up a new piece where you dropped the old one and also on the left section. Braid three sections again and repeat the steps. Once you have crossed the back half of your head, braid it traditionally till the end and secure it with the pin. You can also add some accessories like flowers for a romantic touch.

Another Headband Braid

In the previous headband braid, you could flaunt your curls, but in this one, you can put all your curls in the braid, wrapped around your head. Mid-part your hair and start with the left side.


Take a handful section of hair and separate it into three sections. Dutch braid it and keep adding small sections of your hair as you go. You have to braid this section along your hairline. Tuck and secure the end of your braid at the other side. On the right side, start right where you finished the left braid, making sure its end will be tucked under your right braid. Repeat the process of braiding but you will be braiding this down and across your nape. Tuck its end under the start of the first braid.


And it's done. And remember to Dutch braid both the braids.

Curly Hair Ponytail Braid

This adds a bounce to your voluminous curly ponytail. Do a deep side part and make a dutch braid with a small section on the side with lesser hair. Secure it and gently tug on the braided sections to pancake it.


Now, move to the middle and do a standard french braid just till the middle of your back. Stop when you reach the curve. This will be your mohawk. On the other side, do a two strand twist and secure the end with an elastic band. Gather all your hair together in a ponytail. Your badass hairstyle will look raw with all the curls around.

The Half-up Bun Braid

This is a cute hairstyle best suited for girls with curly hair. Take three small sections at the top of your head. Secure the two other sections away and create a small braid from the remaining one. Angle it towards your back and stop at the curve. Repeat the same with other two sections. Pull these braided sections into half ponytail and make a bun out of them. Secure the bun and the flyaways. Brush your remaining curls and flaunt them.

Under Braid

Another of complicated looking braid updo for curly hair but an easy one to make. Flip your hair upside down. Take two sections on each side, a little closer to the center of your head. Braid them into your usual three section braid. Secure the ends of both the braids with elastic bands. Pull your hair up in a high ponytail. Now make a bun of this ponytail. Secure the bun with a band and bobby pins. Spritz in some holding spray. And, done.

Corset French Braid

For this curly hair braid style start with pulling a Mohawk section together in a low ponytail. Gather the remaining sections and French braid both the sections together until just past the elastic of your ponytail. Bring the loose sections under the ponytail. Secure the ends together with an elastic band and let the loose ends hang like a part of the ponytail. The curls will add a lot of volume and texture to your ponytail.

Multi-strand Braid

Split your curly hair into three large sections. Loosely braid all three on them and secure the ends with an elastic band. Take the three braids and braid them together as one. Tug the sections apart gently and pancake them for giving them a little-relaxed look.

Cinnamon Roll Braid

Take a section of your hair in the middle of your back, roll it and secure with the clip. Take a section above one of your ears and Dutch braid it. Work your way around your head and all the way around. Now take the section you had pinned earlier and braid it. Wrap both the braids around your head creating a roll in the back. Secure it with pins.

Braided Updo

If you are an expert in weaving hair, you can easily attain this intricate updo in your curly hair. For a fun weekend look, go for this twisted crown-slash-updo. Do a side part and take a 1-inch section.
Split this section into three parts. Dutch braid this section backward. As you move towards your ear from the hairline, keep adding the hair. Once you reach your ear, finish your braid and secure it. Twist it into a small bun or knot and pin it behind your ear. Repeat this one the other side as well. Use some bobby pins to secure and lift these knots a little.
This is a good updo for women of all ethnicity, be it African, American or Indian.

These are just a few braids style for your curly hair. Try some and rock the occasion.



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