It's Okay to Have Bangs With Curly Hair. 10 Steps For A Cute Fringe

But who says you can't have bangs with your curly hair? Get down with this piece to know how you can rock a cute fringe even with your curly hair.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
It's Okay to Have Bangs With Curly Hair. 10 Steps For A Cute Fringe

Curly Hair With Fringe Is Possible And Cute Too!

Granted, a lot has been said about how limited your hairstyle choices are once your hair is curly.  Apart from the wrongful notion that ladies with curly hairs cannot have fringe bangs, it is also carried that curly hairs are naturally predisposed to dryness and frizziness.

The chances are that you even wish you could get rid of your curly hair. Well, you are not alone in that thought. Many females confess that they despise their curly hair while others seem to have no problem with it. Well, no one needs to get bitter about their curly hair because, with the right hairstylist, there are numerous hairstyles including fringe bangs that can be done with it.

First, you need to know that there are different types of fringe bangs and based on the length of your hair and its degree of curliness, you can make your choice. Let's briefly consider the types of fringes available before analyzing some 10 steps you can take to rock a cute fringe even with your curly hair.

Types Of Fringe Bangs

There are about nine types of cut bangs or fringes each which you can choose from for your curly hair. Some are suitable for long hairs while some are particularly suited for people with short hairs. Here are the types

1. Baby  Fringes - Often done by babies to complement their short haircut and it is done a bit above the brow.

2. Full Fringe - With this type of bang or fringe, there is no interference as you comb your hair down. Its other name is straight fringe.

3. Brow-Skimming Fringe - allows bangs to come down the brow a bit and can be light or heavy on the bearer's face.

4. Blunt Fringe - This style is what its name says. Hair is bluntly cut across the wearer's forehead.

5. Bangs In Layers - Yes, layers of fringes are cut at unique angles in a manner that the layers overlap.

6. Rounded Fringes - Bangs look round once the cutting has been completed.

7. Wispy Bangs - They are also tagged see-through bangs. It is the most universal of the bangs and contrasts what is seen in blunt bangs.

8. Parted Bangs - Here, the hair along the middle of the head is separated.

9. Side-swept Bangs.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 1: Choose Your Hairstylist

Not every hairdresser can handle cut bangs just as not everyone that handles cut bangs can work with curly hair. It would be an assignment you have to do to search out hairstylists that are experts and comfortable making bangs from curly hair. Don't be in a hurry to settle for just anyone; it would be an effort worth it if you can search online and ask for reviews of hairstylists around you.

When you eventually find one, you should endeavor to communicate your wants to him/her. They need to be kept abreast of how you normally treat your curly hair so they won't cause much damage to it when trying to cut bangs. Being an expert in bangs and curly hairs, they can help you decide which of the fringes would be best for your curls.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 2: Choose A Bang Mentor

You need to have a mental picture of who you want to look like with your curly bangs. Of course, there are many female celebrities who have curly hairs with bangs. These ones look cute and hot with it. However, the truth is that each person has a list of what works for them in this regard. 

Get to follow them closely and see those things that they do with their curly hair that give them the kind of amazing fringes that you admire in them. Here is a list of some celebrities who have curly hair yet with bangs

1. Beyoncé
2. Miranda July
3. Lily Cole
4. Taylor Swift
5. Zooey Deschanel
6. Karen Elson
7. Nicole Kidman

The list is actually endless. In fact, you could have a hair muse around you whose name is not popular. She can be a mentor of some sort and an assurance that if they can do it, you too can. That aside, your hair muse would help your decision of which bangs (full fringe, straight fringe) is suitable for your curly hair type.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 3: Put Your Hair In Order

Before you present your curly hair for bangs or fringes, you need to have carried out some pre-treatment processes on it. This would ensure that you don't stay long in the salon and again, you are not going to do your hair any unnecessary damage. Getting some bangs with your long curly hair would require some heat styling and this can potent a significant damage to your hair.

However, to bypass this hurdle, you can pre-treat your hair with some great shampoos such as those produced by Philip Kingsley brand. The Elasticizer works as a conditioning shampoo to increase your curly hair's overall elasticity such that when layers of bangs are to be cut, your curly hair suffers little or no damage.

If you enter a salon without first carrying out this pre-shampoo treatment on your own, you may discover that the aftermath of the heat styling for your full fringe may not be okay. You could lose your curly hair color if you have previously dyed it or your hair simply starts breaking.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 4: Select Your Style

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The unique nature of curly hairs makes even otherwise long ones to look short. As such, you would need to consult with your hairdresser to know whether it's a full fringe, straight fringe, or any other bang style that would be suitable for your curly hair type. You should be clear about what you want at this stage so you don't end up disliking your Bangs when it is done.

For instance, let's say it is your desire to rock natural bangs with your curly hair, it would be okay if you settle for a longer style even though the contemporary curly hair bangs are usually short and straight. You do not need to bother being different so long that is the best fit for you and you like it. After all, there are celebrities like Miranda July rocking a curly hair that is natural.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 5: Get Thin Styling Irons

You rarely can keep your curly bangs in good shape without having to do some upkeep or the other. Sometimes, you would wake up in the morning or come back from work in the afternoon to see that your curly fringe is right there in the air stuck. Except you have the styling irons, this can be an incessant source of concern for you.

The thin styling iron is used to control the direction and movement of thin curly hairs arising from the bangs. It doesn't hurt using it and among other benefits that it affords, the styling iron helps to curl back the somewhat wayward hair.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 6: Take Some Precautions

Sometimes, something can go wrong and your curly bangs become bad. What do you do in such emergency situations? Of course, desperate times call for desperate responses. You need to respond to it appropriately and this can be possible by having curly bangs emergency items. One of such is bobby pins. Another emergency item for your curly bangs can be Alice band.

So, let's say you want your bands flattened and your hot iron seems to be failing you, you can beckon (as it were) on the Alice band by slipping it around your head. And guess what? No one would know the reason for that. It would just appear like a deliberate style on your part. So, you need some of these things to fill in the gap when things probably go wrong with your curly bangs.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 7: Use Styling Products

Naturally, curly hairs tend to be more porous than straight hair and the result is seen in straight fringes looking a bit more attractive compared to curly ones. In fact, with time, if curly bangs are not properly taken care of, they may become frizzy and dry.

Therefore, as you plan for fringes for your curly hair, make sure you have styling products such as wave spray, a diffuser (for drying fringes), moisturizers, nourishing masks and a host of other lightweight styling products. It helps to keep your curly hair with bangs healthy and attractive to behold.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 8: Get The Right Cut

Essentially, what makes your curly hair good with bangs is how you cut it. You should ensure that when your bob is to be chopped, the fringe should be cut only when it is dry.

The essence of this is to allow you to observe the manner in which your fringe would sit in respect to your naturally curly hair. Again, this buoys down to having a good hairstylist to get this done.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 9: Be Adventurous

If you are going to rock bangs with your curly hair, you should try as much as possible to check out many styles out there. Simply put, be open-minded. It increases your chance of getting the right bangs or fringes for yourself.

There are many ways of styling your bangs and even changing them once a while can make your curly hair with bangs exceptionally alluring.

Fringes With Curly Hair Step 10: Flaunt Your Fringe

A cute fringe is most times what the wearer calls it. If you are not going to see your curly hair with bangs as cute, no one would probably see it as such. Never believe the unfounded myth that curly hair can never be good with fringes; it can! Beauty is much an internal thing as it is how one looks externally. Wear your curly bangs with pride!

Fringes With Curly Hair: Conclusion

Contrary to your earlier thinking, you can see from this piece that a lot can be done with your curly hair. Obviously, bangs or fringes are not exclusive to folks with straight hair alone. Females with curly hair can equally rock the style.

Fringes on a person with curly hair can even be cuter than someone whose hair is straight. It all depends on who is helping each person with the cut. Good luck as you make the move to style your curly hair into fringes.



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