100+ Unbelievably Cute Small Tattoos Every Girl Would Love

People get tattoos for different reasons. And while some girls love big tattoos, others prefer small ones. Here are 100+ small and cute tattoos girls can rock.

By Auntrone89
100+ Unbelievably Cute Small Tattoos Every Girl Would Love

Cute small tattoos for every girl

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Girls, just like everyone else in the world, get different tattoos for different reasons. And while some girls love their tattoos big, conspicuous and colorful, others find beauty and solace in their being small, simple and cute. If you happen to be among the latter, then feel free to use this list of cute small tattoo ideas as a template for the next time you visit your favorite tattoo parlor:

1. The cute letter tattoo on the wrist

If you want a meaningful tattoo without going overboard, then a simple letter inked on any of your wrists should suffice. Just make sure the letter you’re having tattooed on has some significance attached to it.

2. A phrase tattoo on or around the ankle

Any girl looking to have a small and cute tattoo that’s easy to conceal can go for the ankle tattoo. Apart from being easy to conceal, ankle tattoos hold an air of mystique around them.

3. Cute foot tattoos for girls

The best thing about getting small cute tattoos on your foot is that they happen to be very private. Besides that, they might also hold some personal meaning that only makes sense to you.

4. Dreamcatcher tattoos on the thighs

Dreamcatcher tattoos, just like most other cute and small tattoos on this list, bear a lot of different personal meanings for a lot of different girls. And after you’ve picked a dreamcatcher tattoo design, your next order of business should be finding a good tattoo artist to work on your piece.

5. Cute quotation tattoos from favorite musicians

If you want that small, cute and unique tattoo that stands out with ease, then how about getting one with a quote from your favorite musician i.e. “Universal truth is not measured in mass appeal” – Immortal Technique.

6. Bow and arrow tattoos

Cute, small bow and arrow tattoos have grown to be very popular especially in the recent times. The advantage with the bow and arrow design is that it can be tattooed just about anywhere; from the wrist, shoulder all the way to the back of the neck and still look good. The bow and arrow tattoos also come with a plethora of personalized meanings.

7. Small, geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos are timeless, meaning they’ll never go out of style. A quick visit to Tumblr should help you jog your memory in the event that you are either spoilt for choice or ran out of ideas.

8. Cute lotus tattoos

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Lotus tattoos look best for girls who are a little bit inclined to the spiritual way of life. The small lotus tattoos represent spiritual beauty, purity as well as divinity.

9. The lion tattoos

Many girls love small and cute lion tattoos because of what they represent. In real life, lions represent everything that is strong, loyal, courageous and most importantly, control. Thankfully, lion tattoos come in many creative forms as well as designs.

10. Cute seagull tattoos

Small cute seagull tattoos can be used to represent flight, rising above negativity or setting yourself free. Seagull tattoo designs are not only cute but will look good wherever it gets tattooed.

11. The cute, small Pikachu art tattoos

The cute, small Pikachu tattoos are not only unique but very beautiful to look at. You can either have it on your hand, shoulder or leg and will still look like a million bucks. Again, you’ll need to employ the expertise of an experienced artist in order to get your artwork done the right way.

12. Moon tattoos

The moon tattoo design, just like the moon itself, has this magical way of making any girl look beautiful and at the same time spiritually enlightened. Therefore, in the event that you want one, feel free to pick from the hundreds of designs available on Tumblr.

13. Small, behind-the-ear tattoos

Irrespective of your tattoo design of choice, cute and small behind-the-ear tattoos are not only conspicuous but always have a mysterious way of accentuating a girl’s beauty.

14. Use white in on your lettering tattoos

What makes using white ink on your lettering tattoos so cool is that they end up giving the impression of the words being engraved on your skin. Feel free to choose whatever design that’ll end up floating your boat in the end.

15. Pretty Queen of Cards tattoos on the middle finger

Small, Queen of Card tattoos between fingers are as cute as they are unique. They can also bear different meanings, most of which are personalized. One of these personalized meanings symbolizes strength, independence and being in control.

16. The small, cute bunny moon tattoos

Bunny tattoos are extremely cute especially when inked on a girl’s wrist. Some girls do one better by combining the bunny tattoo with a crescent-shaped moon. This simple combination represents the search of nostalgia and the creation of amazing memories.

17. Lovebirds on a branch tattoo design

This signature love bird on a branch tattoo comes in so many designs that most girls often find it a tad difficult to pick out what they want. Thankfully, this problem is nothing that a quick stop on Tumblr can’t fix.

18. Compass tattoo designs for girls

Compass tattoos are reserved for girls who are either seeking a direction or are forging their own way. Girls can also receive the cute, little compass tattoo on any part of their body as a constant reminder of their goals in life.

19. The small tattoo right above the elbow

If you want your small cute tattoos to stand out, then having it tattooed on the area right above the elbow should do the trick. As far as getting the right design that befits your needs, always feel free to ask your tattoo artist for guidance and suggestions.

20. Cute finger tattoos for girls

Finger tattoo designs look cute especially when done correctly. Finger tattoos come with personalized meanings as well as designs. Note that these letters are usually inked on the backside of the fingers and not on the palm side.

21. Crescent moon tattoos for girls

As we’ve already established, the moon is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. And that’s why crescent tattoos symbolize power and beauty in femininity. Most girls get this adorably small tattoo to show their celebration and embrace of womanhood.

22. Flower tattoos on the wrist

We can all agree that flower tattoos look hella good on both guys and girls irrespective of where they are tattooed. Thankfully, there’re a lot of designs to pick from and therefore, don’t shy away from asking around for flower tattoo ideas if you have to.

23. Cambodian text tattoos

There is no doubt that ancient Cambodian texts were beautifully crafted. That explains why Cambodian text tattoos look cute on just about any girl especially when written in small font sizes.

24. The heart-shape tattoo designs for girls

The small and cute heart-shape tattoo is usually inked on the ring finger of the left-hand. A girl might get this simple but beautiful tattoo to simply show that they are taken. It’s important to note that the ring finger of the left-hand isn’t the only place to have a heart shape tattoo inked. This tattoo design can look good just about anywhere on a girl’s body.

25. The black lifelike rabbit tattoos

This tattoo is usually reserved for girls who are profound rabbit lovers. Note that if you desire to get this unique piece tattooed on you, then finding the best tattoo artist to work on it is important because it can be a tad complicated.

26. Knee tattoo designs for girls

Apart from the neck, the wrist and elbows, and the area behind the ear, some girls opt to get small and cute tattoos on their knees. If done correctly, knee designs always end up looking effortlessly fabulous.

27. The dove tattoo

If you head to Tumblr right now, you’re likely to bump into more dove tattoo designs than any other design. This rather small but extremely beautiful tattoo symbolizes peace, purity as well as new beginnings.

28. Small leopard print tattoos

Leopard skin is beautiful. And for this very reason, girls can have little leopard skin tattoos patched on their shoulders and look extremely good. The leopard prints can either be plain or colored purely for animation purposes.

29. The ear bunny tattoos for cute girls

Most girls love bunny tattoos simply because bunnies are arguably the cutest animals on earth. The small ear bunny tattoo also happens to be so easy to conceal especially if the girl has long hair. 

30. Cute unicorn tattoos

Any girl can get a cute unicorn tattoo either on her thigh, belly or shoulder and look hot. A unicorn tattoo can also have a plethora of meanings among them, beauty in uniqueness.

31. The ear cross tattoo for girls

Ear cross tattoos are not only popular amongst girls but guys as well. Cross designs can also take many shapes, designs, and forms, meaning you should always let your personal appeal guide you.

32. Cute leg script tattoos for girls

Any girl can easily boost her level of sexiness by getting leg scripts as long as the artwork is drawn and tattooed by a pro. And if you aren’t a fan of conspicuous tattoos, your skilled tattoo artist can always reduce the font sizes.

33. Beautiful henna tattoo designs

If you find henna designs appealing, you can simply pick one design and have it tattooed permanently on your wrist. Thankfully, henna designs don’t have to be huge in order to get the attention they deserve.

34. Cute sunflower tattoos

Sunflower tattoos carry different meanings to different people. But either way, you’ll have to get your design tattooed by a talented tattooist if it is to complement your natural beauty.

35. Cute abstract hand tattoos for girls

Apart from being conspicuously unique, abstract hand tattoos are beautiful and breathtakingly so. The only precaution one has to take is having it done by a pro if it is to come out right.

36. The tree design tattoos

Tree designs will look good either on the wrist, leg or any other part of the body as long as it’s done perfectly. Also, this rather small tattoo design can either be black or multicolored, depending on personal preference of course.

37. The flowering lotus tattoo

The fact that Tumblr is awash with thousands of flowering lotus tattoo drawings is a clear testament of just how immensely popular this tattoo design is. Thankfully, a small flowering lotus can be tattooed on any part of a girl’s body and still look flawless.

38. The owl and crow tattoo designs

Simply put, most girls can’t even come close to quantifying their love for birds. And in an attempt to do just that, some end up getting cute little owls and crows tattooed on their bodies as a testament to this love. More often than not, the end product is usually amazing to look at.

39. The mermaid tattoo for girls

We love mermaids because of two things; their beauty as well as the air of mystery around them. Therefore, a small mermaid tattoo can either symbolize beauty, freedom or unlimited charm. Some girls might get this cute and small tattoo to show their love for the ocean.

40. The simply cute “free” tattoos

Deep down, everyone desires one ultimate thing - freedom. And that’s why some girls opt to have cute tattoos of the word “free” or “freedom” on any part of their body.

41. The flower-wolf fusion tattoos

Fused tattoos have been rising in popularity especially in the recent times and with good reason. This is because the fusion of two totally different things to make a masterpiece artwork in harmony not only make tattoos personal but very cute and creative.

42. The bold black rose tattoos

A black rose tattoo might mean different things to different girls. But one thing that all black rose tattoos have in common is their intense beauty. Meaning that if you want your black rose tattoo to be outstanding, then it has to be done by an exceptionally good artist.

43. The dandelion designs

You can always count on the small dandelion tattoo to look beautiful either on the forearm or the leg. It can be tattooed either in pure black or customized in different colors depending on your design of choice.

44. The XX tattoo design

Just like it’s the case with most tattoos, the small XX tattoo carries a lot of personalized meanings to the different girls who choose to wear it. On top of this, the design can also be tweaked into unlimited customized designs.

45. Small planet tattoos on the back

Any girl obsessed with astrology can choose to have the unique solar system tattoo with all the planets aligned along her back bone. She can choose to have each planet colored differently in a bid to spruce things up a little.

46. The cute ghost tattoo design for girls

The ghost design is without a doubt a cute small tattoo idea that can look hella good on just about any girl donning it. Apart from being tattooed on the wrist, the cute ghost looks good on any part of a girl’s body.

47. The raven tattoo designs for girls

There are plenty of cute raven tattoo ideas on Tumblr that girls can lift and duplicate on their bodies for absolutely free. A raven tattoo comes with its fair share of meanings among them, getting in touch with your dark side - or anything along those lines.

48. Small portrait tattoos

The portrait tattoo bandwagon has been boarded by so many girls and needless to say, they all end up looking great. These portrait designs may be of notable historical figures, ancient gods or a departed loved one.

49. Skull and crossbones tattoo designs

Any girl that loves pirate movies is without a doubt familiar with the skull and crossbones. The few girls who’ve had this bold design tattooed on their skin aim to reveal their adventurous nature.

50. The small, cross tattoos

Cross tattoos are not only cute but also carry a lot of different meanings to the different girls who choose to have them. While some girls get cross tattoos for religious reasons, others get them because of the simple fact that they look hella good on them.

51. The musical tattoos

Some girls don’t have a problem expressing their immense love for music by tattooing certain music symbols on their skin. The most popular music symbol tattoo designs happen to be that of a G-clef.

52. The cute bumble bee tattoo design and meaning

Girls get bumble bee tattoos for a number of personal reasons. Bumblebees have in the past been associated with either beauty or industriousness – or both. Depending on the design, this tattoo can either be plain or colored.

53. The small Chinese alphabet tattoos

Just like it’s the case with Cambodian text tattoos, any girl can have small Chinese letters tattooed on her arm, leg or shoulder and end up looking flawless.

54. Twinkle little star tattoo designs

Twinkle little stars tattoos are arguably the most popular small and cute tattoo designs of all time. Apart from the cuteness in their simplicity, the twinkle stars tattoo designs also come inundated with diverse meanings.

55. The small, third eye tattoo

If you are into small but unique tattoos, then the third eye tattoo design is one you ought to consider getting. Also known as the Eye of Horus, this tattoo was borrowed directly from the rich Egyptian mythology.

56. Dragonfly tattoos


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A dragonfly tattoo either on the wrist, shoulder, belly, or the leg can represent a lot of personal meanings. But for the most part, a dragonfly has for the longest time been known as a symbol of power, control, flexibility as well as agility.

57. Emblem tattoos for girls

Small emblem tattoos are not only cute but can also be easily tweaked and personalized to your liking. There are plenty of emblem tattoo design suggestions on Tumblr. Feel free to take a peek and pick a design that embodies your personal meanings perfectly and at the same time appeals to you.

58. Flag tattoo designs

A little flag tattoo has a magical way of making any girl stand out in the biggest way possible. A flag tattoo is also a perfect symbol of loyalty to one’s country, organization or collective.

59. A small, strategically placed beetle tattoo

Some girls not only love but can’t get enough of the fact that their best quality is a strength. And to constantly remind themselves as well as others of this of this rather obvious fact, they might consider getting a little beetle design tattooed somewhere everyone can see.

60. Cute hieroglyphic tattoo designs

Hieroglyphic tattoo designs are very cute especially when done by a tattoo artist who understands his craft quite well. These cute hieroglyphic tattoo designs can either be mono or multicolored – both of which are breathtaking.

61. A small ribbon tattoo

Ribbon tattoos are not only picturesque but also come with a lot of different meanings attached to them. One of these meanings is to serve as a permanent reminder to your loved ones that you are indeed a gift from God.

62. The eyebrow tattoos

Not every girl has the patience to shave her eyebrows then draw them back. If you happen to be one of these girls, then it’s safe to consider getting either temporary or permanent eyebrow tattoos drawn on your cute face.

63. A small, beautifully crafted chariot tattoo

A small, beautifully crafted chariot tattoo on a pretty girl can mean that she is either elegant and classy or is aiming to be elegant and classy someday. The good thing about cute chariot tattoos is that they look good on just about any part of the body.

64. Teardrop tattoos

As bold as getting a teardrop tattoo may seem, there are some girls who still opt to go for them. A teardrop tattoo can have a lot of different meanings including toughness or the loss of a loved one.

65. Small and cute pet face tattoos

There are some girls who love their pets so much that they’ll opt to get unique pet-face tattoos either on their wrists, shoulders, legs etc.

66. Cute beauty spots tattoos for nostalgic girls

Back in the day, a girl’s makeup wasn’t complete without a perfectly placed beauty spot on her face. Beauty spots were believed to accentuate their beauty. Nowadays, the nostalgic girls can decide to tattoo a permanent beauty spot on their faces.

67. A fly tattoo

Some girls are so humorous to the point of getting a housefly tattoo just to show the world how ‘fly’ they are. 

68. Circuit work tattoo designs for girls

Well, a girl doesn’t have to be an electrician to get a little circuit work tattoo either on her back or her hand. Just because the design looks good should be reason enough for any girl to get one.

69. Ancient coin tattoos

Girls who get ancient coin tattoos either love money or admire the ancient artistry that went into the smelting of the coin that ended up being her tattoo design of choice.

70. A scripture tattoo

Some Bible verses are as deep in meaning as they are cute in sight. It’s no wonder some girls have taken the liberty of having some of these powerful scriptures tattooed permanently on them in small fonts.

71. The butterfly tattoo

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Butterfly tattoos are amazing as they do come in different designs. Butterfly tattoos are often used as a symbol of beauty or elegance – or both.

72. The tiny clock tattoo designs for girls

Many girls wearing clock tattoos seem to either have patience as their strongest suit or are just time conscious. The clock tattoo can also symbolize the power of time.

73. The elephant herd tattoo

Small animal tattoos are always beautiful, especially when done as a collective. The elephant herd tattoo symbolizes strength in numbers or the importance of family.

74. Snake tattoo designs for girls

In as much as the snake tattoo is openly shunned by most people, some girls have embraced it as well as the meaning behind it. A snake tattoo more often than not symbolizes wit or craftiness.

75. The astronaut balloon tattoo design

The astronaut balloon tattoo is not only unique but intriguing as well. To get this design right, your tattooist has to work on the placement and shading the right way, meaning he or she has to be a pro at this.

76. The little piggy tattoo

Most piggy tattoo designs are lifted straight from children’s storybooks. These rather cute designs are often tattooed on the wrist, shoulder or along the hand and do have different personalized meanings.

77. The infinity tattoo

Another popular tattoo design on Tumblr is none other than the infinity tattoo. And just like the name suggests, this design comes with an infinite worth of meanings.

78. The intriguing wrist fox tattoos

Just like the piggy tattoo design, the fabulously little wrist fox tattoos are usually lifted from children’s storybooks meaning they are simple and at the same time adorable.

79. The rising phoenix tattoo design

The Phoenix design is probably the most popular tattoo used to symbolize new beginnings. It might symbolize a second chance at love, life, sobriety and so on.

80. Small bell tattoo design for girls

The fact that a girl can get a cute bell tattoo for no reason at all is arguably the cutest thing about this tattoo. And on top of that, the bell tattoo does come in different designs.

81. The adorable bear tattoo

Adorable bear tattoos are the embodiment of strength.

82. Emoji tattoo designs for girls

Emoji tattoos are not only cute but also effective in revealing a girl’s personality.

83. Artifact tattoos for girls

Girls who love ancient cultures get small artifact tattoos of specific artifacts as a way of paying tribute.

84. The totem tattoos

Totems are spiritual animals/items that bore a lot of spiritual significance in ancient cultures.

85. Small dice tattoo

Small dice tattoos are unique with many meanings attached to them.

86. The little robin tattoo

A cute little robin bird tattooed either on the wrist or foot will always look spectacular.

87. Small mother nature tattoo designs

If you are into nature, you can always go by Tumblr and find out the best landscape, waterfall, horizon or mountain tattoo designs to ‘steal’.

88. The small feather tattoo

A girl can get a little feather tattoo which stands for tenderness and purity.

89. Neck bat tattoos

Some girls love neck bat tattoos because they’re as cute as they are surreptitious.

90. Cute alligator tattoos for girls

Alligators are known for their stealth, patience and sheer ferociousness.

91. Simple geometrical shapes

Small geometrical shape tattoos are simply the coolest.

92. Ant tattoos

A girl may get a nice ant tattoo to represent her resilience, fortitude, and unwavering focus.

93. Animal paw tattoo

Small animal print tattoos are cute and adorable, befitting any girl out there.

94. Safety pin tattoos

Safety pin tattoos showcase a girl’s creative side.

95. The ring tattoo

The ring tattoo is not only unique but also carries a rather direct meaning especially if tatted on a girl’s ring finger.

96. A bolt of lightning tattoo design

A girl with a small bolt of the lightning tattoo on her wrist is likely expressing her power and formidability.

97. Cute tortoise tattoos for girls

A tortoise is a totem symbolizing wisdom and patience. You can stop by Tumblr for inspiration if you can’t seem to find the design that tickles your fancy.

98. Small superhero tattoo designs

These little and adorable superhero tattoos are often used as a symbol of strength, integrity, and hope.

99. Small branch tattoo designs for girls

Some girls love the small branch tattoo because they represent being a part of a much larger collective.

100. The reptilian tattoo designs

A girl can get a small patch of their skin tattooed to look like reptilian skin. This is usually in a bid to show admiration for these beautiful creatures.

101. Sweet fruit tattoos for the sweet girl

Sweet fruit tattoos may symbolize nourishment or sweetness.


The above tattoo suggestions are just a handful handpicked from the many tattoo designs perfect for girls. If you feel you need some more ideas, feel free to stop by Tumblr, Instagram or any other relevant online avenues. You’ll also need the services of an experienced tattooist for your artwork to come out perfectly.