What Do Dreams About Being Lost Mean? Dream Meanings Explained

Have you ever gotten up suddenly from sleep after dreaming about being lost? What do dreams about being lost mean? We have them explained below.

By Amanda Palmer
What Do Dreams About Being Lost Mean? Dream Meanings Explained

Dreams about being lost

Have you woken up in the middle of the night with sweat on your forehead and a scary image in front of your eyes? Did you ever experience being lost in your dreams? It would have taken a moment or two to realize that the unpleasant experience was but a dream. The surreal experience might have shaken you up so much that you cannot help but think about the weird dream all day long. A dream of being lost is a very common dream experienced by most of us at least once in our lifetimes. 

Often, a dream of being lost is interpreted as if you are trying to find your way through a tough situation in your waking life. Although the situation is quite familiar, this time, you might be facing real problems is navigating your way out it. Sometimes, you know the inevitable outcome of the pattern of events, and at times, you don't know where it might lead to. Dreams of being lost come to a person when he is facing a tough situation in his life. You are always worried about escaping from the problem in your waking life and do not know which path to take. If such a situation arises in your real life and has been traumatizing you for quite some time, then it is entirely possible that you get dreams of being lost. 

Such dreams also come when you fear to lose a familiar life, someone you love or a familiar relationship and are now feeling insecure in life. If you have recently suffered the loss of someone close to you or someone you love, then also, dreams of being lost may come. It symbolizes your current subconscious mindset of feeling lonely and alone in the big bad world. You still need to figure out a way to live a life without that special someone. If someone who is very close to you is currently unavailable due to a long distance relationship or a fight, then too, you might get such dreams when the loss similarly affects your mind. 

Your mind believes that reconnecting with that person will make you feel happy. You seek the familiar normalcy of the bygone happiness and feel frustrated when you cannot get the past familiar happy times back. 

In such dreams, most the times, you know in the beginning about your path, but suddenly you seem to get into an unfamiliar place. Nothing seems normal like before, and you feel very disoriented. In your dreams, you might be frantically asking for directions or trying to make people understand your destination, but nothing seems to make sense. In some cases, dreams have shown that people are so entangled and lost that they cannot even trace their steps backward. 

Now that you know that dreams of being lost reflect on your current life situation where you cannot find the right way in life or are seeking a lost friend, you need to broaden your horizon and try to learn something from such dreams. The following article will try to evaluate different dreams of being lost and will interpret their meanings.

Dreams of having lost your way

Dreams of being lost are different for everyone. People see different circumstances, places, and situations when they get lost.
Such dreams are nothing but your mind's way of telling you that you have lost your way in life. You need to stop, step back and introspect your current life path and think clearly before you tread forward. You need to prioritize important things in your life and stop running after things which were never yours or cannot be yours again. Your mind is telling you that it is time to move on else these insignificant things will drain you of your time and attention.
Such dreams indicate that you might be losing focus of the big picture in your life. Your marriage, children or goals in life, need your time and attention more than what is gone and cannot be ever regained. 

Dreams of being in unfamiliar places

This dream is no different from the one mentioned above, but in this one, you find yourself lost in a scary neighborhood. The surroundings do not seem familiar, and they seem scary. You are frantically asking people for directions and are visibly scared and freaked out. No one understands you and seems to be making fun of you. In some dreams, the lost person does not even ask anyone for directions and wants to get home.
Such dreams may cause you to wake up with a start. In your real life, such dreams signify a difficult decision in life which you must take. Although one route will be very familiar, you cannot take it due to the circumstances. The dream is an indication that you must go in for the unfamiliar route in life as it will yield satisfying results. 

You need to introspect deeply into your life to see which decisions might have caused problems in your life. Perhaps you are skeptical of leaving your high paying job in the city to move back to the countryside where your family lives. The city life might have become familiar to you, and you might be feeling scared to leave it, but your moving closer to your family in the countryside might give you a new career, something satisfactory out of life and happiness.

Always look closely at the future of each route and make a decision which might seem tough and unfamiliar in the beginning but yield better results later.

Dreams of losing someone you love

Let us now analyze the meaning of dreams of losing someone you love. In your dreams, you might experience losing someone who is close to you or someone whom you love. The situations in the dreams are pretty weird and sometimes very simple. In your dreams, you might lose a friend whom who are shopping with, and you spend the entire time in the dream searching for your friend.
You never find them in your dreams and wake with a sense of sadness. In real life, such dreams indicate that perhaps you have lost contact with someone who is important in your life or someone who is missing you or someone you once loved. You need to analyze why that person is longer a part of your life. If you have lost contact, then perhaps you should get in touch. Contacting that person will settle your mind. 

If such dreams recur in your life or have left a deep unexplainable impact on your life, then perhaps you need to ponder over your lost relationships, Why did a particular friendship die mid-way? Perhaps, you should contact that person. You need to re-evaluate priorities in life to feel more at peace.

The meaning of dreams of being lost

Dream analysis is very subjective. There are plenty of situations and introspections of different people that give different meanings to different dreams. Some dreams commonly occur to humans and dreams of being lost or going to an unfamiliar place is one such dream.

Such dreams indicate anxiety. Such dreams evoke feelings of being unacceptable in a particular place. You might wake up feeling confused and frustrated for no visible reasons. It could also indicate a life situation where you feel you are not being appreciated for your talents and skills. For example, a new job that is much below your capability. It could also indicate your anxiousness about moving to a new city where you feel you do not fit in or a new task at work which you feel you cannot complete before the deadline. 

In-depth interpretation

After getting such dreams, you need to introspect deep within yourself. What is it in life currently that is causing so much anxiety and stress. You need to work through your feelings. Some lost dreams are about missing objects. These objects could be your jewelry, wallet or something valuable. Such dreams in real life indicate that you fear to lose your identity by encasing yourself in a false facade to fulfill certain outside expectations. You need to give dreams a deep thought and take some decisions in life. 

Some people who get such dreams regularly might seek tricks to avoiding dreams of being lost. According to dream experts, the easiest method to avoid such dreams is to spare a few minutes every day before bedtime and setting an intention to get dreams in which you are lost. Such dreams should not be avoided but instead, one should intentionally set their minds before sleeping every day to try and get such dreams as they will guide the person and find an answer as to why certain incidents are occurring in real life and how should one move forward.

A certain hint or an image seen in the dream can give the person an answer and clue. If these dreams are not scary, then one can continue seeing them to get clues for your waking life. 

Such dreams occur at any age. Children of school-going age get dreams of being lost in school or unable to find their classrooms. The adults experiencing such dreams is unable to find his parked car or is trying to navigate his way through the woods, in the sea or an unfamiliar hotel or building complex. He can also see a dream wherein he or she is frantically searching for a project to be submitted to the office. 

Dreams of being lost should not be ignored, but instead, the person should give in-depth thought to the images and scenes in the dream. While a dream expert can help him relate such dreams to his real-life situations, he will be the best judge as he will be able to correlate the images in the dreams to his waking life. The smallest clue or hint in the dream might mean a lot and give the person an insight or guidance in his real life.