Love Language: 25 Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

Does your mind go blank around your new boyfriend? We're going to give you 25 things you can talk about with your boyfriend and break the ice!

By Kaye
Love Language: 25 Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

25 Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

So you have a new boyfriend, but you're unsure what kinds of things to talk about. Maybe you don't know him well enough and are too nervous to keep the conversation flowing smoothly on your own. That's okay! We're going to go over 25 different things you can talk about in person, over the phone or even by text with your boyfriend that can help you get to know each other on a deeper level.

1. The basics

What does your boyfriend do in his day to day life?

Ask him basic “getting to know you” questions such as what he does for a living, what he likes to do in his free time and other basics that depict what he likes and does on a day to day basis. You may be worried that he'll think the questions you ask are random and out of the blue, but talking about these things can help you to find things you have in common. You can also get a sense of your boyfriend's day to day life.

2. Hobbies

Talk about what he likes to create, practice or build.

Does he have hobbies that he likes to enjoy often? Does he like to build models, play instruments or create things? Maybe he likes something unique and random that you've never heard of before. Talking about his hobbies can help you to paint the picture of what he likes, which can not only be great to know but can also provide options for future gifts. If you find that you have the same hobbies or that you're interested in partaking in hobbies he has, they present fun opportunities to bond later on.

3. Career goals

What career is your boyfriend most interested in?

What did he want to be as a child? Talk about the kind of career would he want if he could do anything. Ask if he's working his dream job, or still on his way there. Knowing these things can help to show you what he values in a career. It can also help you to find if he values a career that will allow him to create or help people, or something that is more practical and stable.

4. Family

What is you boyfriend's family like?

You can ask if he has any siblings, as well as how close he might be with those siblings. You can also ask if his parents are still together or divorced. It's good to talk about at least the basics about the family your boyfriend grew up with. If things continue well, you may end up meeting his family eventually so it's nice to get some ideas about the kind of people they are.

5. Friends

Talk about his friend group.

Does he have a regular group that he hangs out with or a lot of different friendly acquaintances? Maybe he prefers to spend time alone. Talking about this can help you figure out if you have similarities when it comes to how social you are. It can also be helpful to know what to expect if you eventually meet his friends.

6. Fear

What gives your boyfriend the "heebie-jeebies"?

Is there anything that really creeps him out, such as spiders, snakes or ghosts? Most people have a fear of some creepy thing or another. Maybe he's freaked out by horror movies, haunted houses or even just spooked by the shadows that creep out at night. This is something that is fun to talk about and gives you the chance to share your fears as well. It's best at first to keep this topic more superficial and fun. Later on, you can discuss any deeper fears either of you may have.

7. Favorite Holidays

What does your boyfriend like to celebrate?

What's his favorite holiday? This may partially depend on the religion(s) he grew up with as a child. Or you might find that he likes a holiday that doesn't have a strong religious connotation, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. Talking about this can give you an idea for holiday-related outings that you can enjoy later on, such as planning an outing at night to look at Christmas lights or attend a haunted house.

8. Childhood

Talk about your boyfriend's experiences as a child.

What was his childhood like? Did he play any fun games with friends or siblings, or have any cool experiences? It's always fun to talk about the way someone else grew up and it can tell you a lot about the person he is now. It may also be fun to share some of your own stories about childhood experiences.

9. Pet Peeves

What annoys your boyfriend most?

Is there anything that just drives him crazy? Maybe he can't stand when people talk with food in their mouth or chew with their mouth open. Maybe he has a neighbor who drives him crazy by playing loud music late at night. This can help you make sure to keep any of your behaviors that could be a pet peeve in check, or just make for a fun conversation where you can share what peeves you as well.

10. Travel

Talk about the places you both want to see.

Has he traveled anywhere exciting, or is there somewhere he's always wanted to go? Asking this question can give you a chance to talk about fun experiences that he can share with you, or maybe you'll find that there's a place you both really want to visit. Farther down the road, this can offer up the possibility of taking a fun trip together.

11. Current Events

How does your boyfriend feel about things going on in the world today?

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Talking to your boyfriend about current events can be a great way to find out how he feels about the events and sometimes the politics involved. Be careful with this, because if you find he has opinions you don't agree with, a discussion on politics can become a heated debate. On the other hand, you might find that you have similar opinions and feel strongly about certain topics, which can help you to bond.

12. The Future

Talk about your goals for the future.

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These include the big questions like whether or not he wants to eventually get married or have children, which are important things to know if you're building a life with him. It's better to talk about these things earlier and find out if you might disagree on what you want for the future, but it's fantastic if you find that you want the same things. You may also want to ask his opinion about any values that are particularly important to you in order to make sure you're a good match.

13. Tv Shows

What shows does your boyfriend like to watch?

Finding out his favorite TV shows can tell you a lot about what he likes. Does he prefer funny shows, or serious? Does he like random adult animation shows, fantasy or sci-fi, or is he more keen on realistic plots? This is a great topic to find similar interests on.

14. Outings

Talk about the kinds of outings you enjoy to help plan future dates.

Does he like to go shopping or out to dinner? Maybe he enjoys hiking, camping or skiing? These kinds of questions can help you find activities that you can try out together, which can allow for some great bonding opportunities.

15. The ideal place to live

Where does your boyfriend want to live?

Does he like a hotter, drier climate or does he prefer the cold? A large city or a rural area away from people? It's always fun to talk about the ideal places to live, and it can help you learn about what kind of environment your boyfriend prefers.

16. Weekend/vacation plans

Talk about what exciting plans you both have.

Sometimes it can help to break the ice to ask about his weekend or vacation plans. If he has something fun going on, then you can have a fun discussion about it. It can also give you the opportunity to share any fun plans you might have.

17. How his day went

Ask your boyfriend how his day went and talk about anything notable that may have happened.

Asking about his day shows that you care what's going on in his life and gives him the chance to share that with you. This is something you can do easily in the evening when you know he's gotten off work and all it takes is a quick text. It also allows you to share information about your day. This question can help to ease things if one or both of you are nervous.

18. Sports

What sports does your boyfriend like?

If you know he likes sports, you can ask him about which sports are his favorite and what his favorite teams are. You can also find out if you don't know already if he plays any sports. This isn't always the most exciting topic if you aren't already a sports fan but it does show him you're taking an interest.

19. Comics

Talk about comics and his favorite superheroes.

Comics can be a great topic to discuss with your boyfriend if he likes them. You can talk about what comics he likes the most, who his favorite heroes or characters are and what kinds of are conveyed through their text. If you like comics as well, you can share recommendations with each other and even read them together!

20. Movies

What's your boyfriend's favorite movie?

What kinds of movies does he like? Does he have any favorite actors or actresses? Some people have certain genres that they really enjoy, such as action or horror. This is a good way to find out what his favorite movies are, that way you have a good idea of what movies he might want to watch together.

21. Video Games

Talk about his favorite genres and video games that he loves to play.

If you like them, video games can be a great thing to bond over. They can be a lot of fun to play, and you can enjoy them together even if you aren't in the same room. You can find out what kinds of video games he likes as well as what some of his favorites were as a child?

22. Food

What's your boyfriend's favorite food?

What's his favorite food? This can be great to know for when you plan dates in the future. It can also lead into discussions about whether or not he likes to cook, and it gives you a chance to share your favorites as well.

23. Pets

Does your boyfriend have any pets?

His view on pets and animals can be something that provides important information for your relationship. If you like or have pets, then you may want to date someone who also likes animals, or vice-versa. This gives you a chance to learn if he has any pets, what kinds of animals he likes if he likes them, and what animals he might want to own in the future.

24. Music

Talk about your favorite music, bands and songs.

Finding out what kind of music he likes can make for a great discussion. You can also find out if he plays any instruments or likes to sing and dance. You might find that you share a lot of similar musical likes that you can enjoy together in the future.

25. Shared Interests

Talk about things you have in common and enjoy.

From the other questions and topics in this list, you can develop some ideas on similar likes that you can talk about in future conversations. That way, you won't always have to be racking your brain for things to talk about, and before you know it, you'll be sharing avid text conversations late at night or giggling together about inside jokes that others would see as random.


There are a number of conversation topics that can help you and your boyfriend gain a deeper bond, so don't worry that you might run out of things to talk about. When in doubt, this list will be able to help you learn about a few things you know he likes and you can talk about those!