30 Best Dark Red Brown Hair Color Shades You Should Try

Red is such a unique color that sets you apart from the crowd. Get to know some 30 gorgeous dark red-brown hair color hair shades perfect for your features.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
30 Best Dark Red Brown Hair Color Shades You Should Try

Dark Red Brown Hair Color shades: Overview

Just imagine the blend of these three attention-calling hair colors - black, red, and brown! No doubts, going for these shades would make you the cynosure of eyes because it communicates a message of distinction and class. And of all the three colors, red stands out. While it is common to see women with brown or dark hair, natural red hair color is scarce.

That said, in choosing which read hair shade is appropriate for you, you factors such as the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes have to be taken into consideration. And that means that you would have to find out whether you've got a brown, green, or blue eye and whether your skin tone is fair or dark.

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of red hair shades which are warm and cool red hair shades. In this piece, we shall look at the 30 of the best dark red hair shades each belonging to either of the two categories. Here we go!

Cool Dark Red Brown Hair Color Shades

1. Burgundy Hair Color

Paramount among the cool red hair shades is Burgundy. It is composed of dark red-purple shade most suitable for individuals with dark skin tone or women with olive-toned skin. As per the eyes color, burgundy is super cute on icy blue and brown eyes as it complements it perfectly.

2. Rose Gold Hair Color

Just like Burgundy, rose gold hair color enjoys a significant acceptance from women of various backgrounds today. The red hair shade is coppery pink, and many have submitted that it probably arrives at its name from its jewelry which also flaunts the same name.

Depending on your choice, rose gold hair color can either be intense or light, and its compatibility with olive, porcelain, or tan skin complexion is second to none. And good enough, this red hair shade is great on all eye colors.

3. Cherry Hair Color

This hair color has a very deep red punctuated by some cool brown or blue shades. If you are dark or chocolate skinned with brown eyes, the cherry hair color is one of the best dark red-brown shades you can rock with your hair.

4. Black Cherry Hair Color

As the name implies, black cherry hair color has a blue-black shade that is a bit deep with a blend of dark red. The best people to rock this red hair color are those with dark or chocolate skin who also are brown-eyed.

5. Ruby Red Hair Color

The redness of this hair color is clear and deep just the same way the gemstone that shares the same name as it is. It is best on people with porcelain or plain skin tone as well as eyes that are either light green or light blue. Not to be worn by a brown-eyed.

6. Red Velvet Hair Color

You know the red velvet cupcakes? Then, you wouldn't have many issues relating to this hair shade. It is cool with its redness very deep and rich. Only folks whose skin complexion is any of olive, chocolate, or cool-toned and whose eyes are either emerald, blue, or brown would find it most suitable.

7. Red Black Hair Color

The colors in this shade are dramatically dark and deep. Only a small portion of it is red, and going by the nature of its mix, skin tones that are not olive or dark and whose eyes aren't green or blue cannot look well on it.

8. Magenta Hair Color

This hair color parades a mix of purple and red shades to create a lasting impression. Many celebs and music stars love to rock this red hair shade. To dye your hair magenta, be sure your skin's tone is either chocolate or dark. Similarly, this hair color also supports dark and brown eyes.

9. Aubergine Red Hair Color

Aubergine is significantly exotic among the hair shades. Best described as an eggplant hue that is very deep, Aubergine red hair color is best worn by folks with a cool golden or warm complexion. For the eyes color, Aubergine is neutral.

10. Red Violet Hair Color

This red hair shade blends purple and blue together, and for this reason, if your choice of dark red hair shade is such that you still want to appear natural, you shouldn't consider dyeing your hair red-violet. It is not natural, but on people with dark eyes and dark skin, the hair color is not only dramatic but sometimes fashionable.

11. Intense Red Hair Color

Its name describes it best. The hair color is indeed intensely red and bright. Rihanna once dyed her hair intense red and she did turn a lot of tables with it. The shade is somehow great on folks with brown eyes and golden complexion, just like Rihanna herself.

12. Red Mahogany Hair Color

If you are looking for a red hair color that is deep and cool with some blends of brown color with it, red mahogany is perhaps what you are looking for. It's such a great red hair shade for anyone with fair skin and any of brown, blue, or green eyes.

13. Cherry Brown Hair Color

This is a creative blend of rich brown and rosy red colors, just like Cherry Cola. This is a red hair shade you should choose only if skin tone is cool and deep and you have brown eyes.

Warm Dark Red Brown Hair Color

14. Auburn Lights Hair color

Auburn hair shade is a bright red hair color for the summer. It blends the red color with black to give a shiny reflection of the sun and as such looks great on folks with blue or brown eyes and who are fair in complexion.

15. Bold Red Hair Color

This hair color just like Auburn warms up the look of fair-skinned individuals with blue or green eyes. The red isn't as deep as the Auburn but perfectly okay especially on the right skin tone.

16. Bright Copper Hair Color

The redness of this hair shade is quite obvious and intense. Howbeit, it shines just like a brand new penny. If your skin's tone is either golden or peach and your eyes are hazel, it is a powerful hair shade that can set you apart and get many eyes fixed at you.

17. Copper Highlights

This is often mixed with red shades that are very dark to make the dimension quite realistic and the redness a bit brighter and energized than it is actually. For a natural modern effect, you may even want to try the balayage hair highlights. Bear in mind that this color favors fair skins and eyes that are either brown, green, or hazel.

18. Ginger Red Hair Color

The redness of this shade isn't that deep, but it adds a lot of spices to your overall hair beauty. Ginger red hair color is best on a green or brown-eyed individual with a freckled complexion.

19. Light Auburn Hair Color

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This blends golden red with light brown and just like Emma Stone once wore it, the shade is best on folks with peach tone, golden complexion, or creamy skin and the eyes must also be any of these colors - brown, blue, or green.

20. Medium Auburn Hair Color

Both the brown and golden red mixed together in medium auburn are actually of a medium amount. It is the ideal hair shade for a woman with blue eyes and porcelain complexion. Howbeit, those with green or brown eyes that are warm can also use it.

21. Red Copper Hair Color

This hair color is undeniably a rich and bright blend of orange or brown with red. If your skin complexion is in the range of peach to gold, this color shade would flatter your outlook greatly, especially if you're blessed with hazel, green, or blue eyes.

22. Golden Copper Hair Color

This is another warm hue that is incredibly spicy. It combines golden blonde with red that is bright and light. You this amazing shade on the likes of Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams, and if you with any of these three complexions - neutral, peach, porcelain, or golden, you are good to rock it.

23. Dark Auburn Hair Color

This hair color mixes golden red that is deep with warm brown. The outcome is a classy red hair shade that looks great on a neutral or warm skin tone as well as any of hazel, green, brown, blue, or green eyes.

24. Voluptuous Red Hair color

Although susceptible to fading, this red hair color is very fashionable and gorgeous. It is great on a blue-eyed and fair-skinned individual.

25. Deep Red Hair Color

Although called deep red, you hardly can see any difference between it and your natural hair color. It is a perfect mix of black with deep red, and it's great with any hairstyle.

26. Deep Purple Hair Color

Another red hair shade you would want is the deep purple. It makes your hair bold, and you don't get to significantly alter your hair's look because the redness is not too pronounced.

27. All Over Plum

Plum is one such red hair shades. The red is blended with black and purple, and when rays from the sun fall on it, the reflection can be very great.

28. Bright Burst Of Red Hair Color

Of course, this hair shade would only be appropriate for you if you want unusual attention. The redness is highly pronounced and it is best worn by a fair-skinned individual.

29. Fire Engine Red Hair Color

It is exactly what its name says. Imagine a girl rocking what indeed looks like a fire engine red! It's a warm red shade compatible with fair skin and blue eyes.

30. Burgundy Ombre Hair Color

Burgundy combines red, black and in some cases brown to arrive at a shade that leaves you looking elegant. It's good on golden or fair skin with blue or hazel eyes.


There you have the various dark red-brown hair color shades that you can try out. Red is no doubt, a special color on its own and before you dye your hair any of the dark red-brown hair color shades, check with your skin complexion and color of eyes as put forward in this article.



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