What Does It Means To Dream About Fish? 10 Weird Pregnancy Dreams

Are you pregnant or know someone who is pregnant and having fish related dreams? If so, check out this article for fish dream meanings during pregnancy.

By Katherine P. Haley
What Does It Means To Dream About Fish? 10 Weird Pregnancy Dreams

Dreams about fish during your pregnancy?

When you're pregnant, you have all sorts of wacky dreams. It's very common to have ones about water, giving birth, the sex of the baby, and yes, even fish. Fish dreams during pregnancy can come in many different forms, all of the fish dreams seeming a bit odd.
Do not worry about these fish dreams, as they usually don't mean anything is wrong with you, your baby or anyone else. However, it is fun to see what these fish dreams could mean, right?
Because of that, here is a compiled list of ten different fish pregnancy dreams that pregnant women experience and what exactly the dreams can mean. Some of these fish dream meanings are more positive than others, but if you don't think the interpretation listed and detailed below is correct, feel free to search for another source or come up with it on your own of what the dreams mean.
That's the thing about dreams, especially odd ones such as fish dreams; they can have so many different meanings that it can be difficult to hone in on one dream meaning that may seem totally and completely correct. 

So, check out the ten detailed meanings of different fish dreams below. Have fun with this because the dream meanings are very interesting.

Fish dream meaning: Salty fish dream

The first fish dream on this list is one about a fish with salt on it. This fish dream often occurs as a way to represent the lasting richness and gaining of knowledge. However, this fish dream can also represent lasting burdens or traveling or lack thereof.

Regarding pregnancy and relating this fish dream to a future baby, this fish dream can come from a fear that your child will be a burden to you, or will in the future see itself as a burden to you. When connecting the dream to traveling, it can represent how having a baby limits not only your ability to travel but your ability to go out without having to worry about the child.

On the flip side of that dream meaning, seeing these salty fish in your fish dream can also represent about the richness you are looking forward to gaining when your child enters the world and knowledge of parenthood you will get to experience. This salty fish dream can show your excitement and eagerness for your life to change for the better when your child arrives.

These two interpretations of the dream are very opposite, so it is up to you on how you want to interpret this dream.

Fish dream meaning: Large fish dream

The next dream on this pregnancy fish dream list sees a large fish in your dream. In fish dreams, a large fish is representative of positive benefits. However, a large fish can also represent evil lurking in your life in the dream.

Regarding having this fish dream during pregnancy, it can be representative of your baby bringing you positive benefits, such as happiness and growth of love. However, on the other hand of the meanings of this fish dream, it can also represent the fear of a threat towards your baby, or even the baby itself. If the baby was conceived through violent circumstances or with a father that you no longer trust, this dream could be the manifestation of your worry that the child will turn out like its father. Or even if you have a not so positive past, it can be the worry that the child will end up much like your past self.

However, remember the note above on these dream interpretations. Everyone has had a different life, meaning every dream can be seen through a different lens.

Fish dream meaning: Human looking fish dream

Dreams about fish with human-looking faces or fish that look human entirely (think "The Shape of Water"), is an interesting one. These fish dreams have many different meanings associated with them. These human fish can represent people of good character or those who work in business or specific trades in the dreams. The human fish dream can also mean different things depending on the look of the human face in the dream. If it is a face a beauty, it represents goodness, and if it is ugly, it represents evil.

These fish dreams while had during pregnancy can mean many things. Since the fish represent people of good character, it can mean that your baby will be one of good character themselves. Also, since they represent those of business or a certain trade, it can also represent your dream for your child to be in the family business or trade, such as if you own a bakery or were a lawyer, you want that for your child as well.

When looking at the faces of the fish in these dreams, the beautiful face can represent the positive energy you are receiving from your baby. The ugly face can represent negative energy you are receiving from those around you. 

Fish dream meaning: Large fish in a small pond dream

Fish dreams that involve attempting to catch a large fish in a small pond (and often being unable to accomplish this feat) are representative of money that you are fighting for, but struggling to get your grasp on.

These fish dreams during pregnancy can often manifest in dreams when you are worrying about your finances after the baby is born. Babies are expensive, and if you are worried that you won't be able to meet their needs, these fish dreams are often ones that pregnant women can have. 

If you are worried about money, trying to have a solid plan for when the baby arrives is a good idea. The baby does not need stress and having stressful fish dreams such as these can stress the baby as well. Aim for happy, positive dreams.

Fish dream meaning: Fish treasure dream

Sometimes you may have fish dreams that involve the finding of treasure. If you do find an underwater treasure in a fish dream, it is common that a goldfish will be present in the dream.
These fish dreams can represent the struggle to or the recent gain of authority and power. However, these fish dreams are also representative of revelations of spiritual knowledge and a greater understanding of religion or the receiving of guidance.

Regarding having these dreams during pregnancy, it can mean that you are worried about the authority you will hold over your child in the future. Will they listen to you? Respect you? In these dreams, it can mean anything.

On the other hand, these fish dreams are also very representative of those who are religious but possibly worry about the religious upbringing of their child. Or maybe you have recently become religious yourself, but are struggling with the idea of guiding your child in the same direction. 

This fish dream can also represent the seeking of or gain guidance. So perhaps you are looking for help on handling your new role as a mother or have recently received some excellent advice about anything to do with your pregnancy, whether it be the right vitamins to take, music to listen to during birth, or even something to do with raising your child.

Fish dream meaning: Numbered fish dream

Seeing a certain number of fish in a dream is an interesting dream to have. These fish dreams can be representative of women, attainable or unattainable money, or even marriage.

When considering this fish dream in terms of your pregnancy, it can be representative of your child being a girl, whether this is something you want, do not want, or already have knowledge of. If you see two fish in the dream it can be representative of the fact that you are having twins. Or if you see a large number of fish in the dream it can be representative of the fact that you are worried that you will have twins or an even larger number of children.

When considering this numbered fish dream in correlation for money, it can also relate to worries surrounding twins. Twins are twice the cost of one baby, and something that no one ever plans on without a little shock involved. These numbered fish can also represent confidence that you do have enough money for the baby, whether it be one, twins, triplets or more.

And lastly, these numbered fish dreams can be representative of marriage, whether this pregnancy has put a strain on yours or even been a reason for a marriage.

Fish dream meaning: Fish eggs dream

Fish egg dreams are one of the most obvious occurring fish dreams during pregnancy because they are so closely related to being pregnant. Fish eggs are representative of potential, and new beginnings, such as ideas, a new direction, and yes, a new baby, so them appearing in a dream is understandable.

An interpretation of having dreams involving fish eggs during pregnancy can be seen as the mother's excitement for the new path she is taken, or even just the acknowledge of the fact that this will take her life in a new way.

Fish dream meaning: Eating & cooking fish dream


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Another very common fish dream is this one: dreams of eating or cooking fish. Eating or cooking fish in a dream can be representative of the nourishment of your soul, a search or finding spiritual guidance, the incorporation of new realizations, and preparation.

Looking at this fish dream through these eyes of a pregnant woman, there can be many different fish related dream meanings. A baby does a lot for you, and if it is something that you have seen as missing from your life for a long time, that means that it is nourishing your soul or even putting you on the path towards greater spiritual guidance.

These fish dreams can also have other pregnancy-related meanings. The dreams can be representative of a new realization, such as realizing that you are becoming a mom and that your life is going to change for the better. The dream can also be about preparation, and as pregnant women know, a lot of preparation goes into having a baby.

Fish dream meaning: Dead fish dream

Another sadder dream meaning to do with fish is seeing a dead fish in a dream. Seeing a dead fish in your dream can represent disappointment and loss, including loss of power, wealth, ideas, or children. This dream can represent past loss or the worry of future loss. All dreams are different.

When considering this fish dream for pregnant women, it is often a common one for women who have suffered miscarriages in the past and are worried about bringing their baby to full term often dream of a dead fish.
This fish dream is also representative of all the losses you will have once the baby arrives, including the loss of the power to go wherever you please without having to worry about another person and the loss of money as much if it will be spent on the child.

Remember not to worry too much about a dead fish dream, as it may also meaning nothing other than the fact that you were thinking about a dead goldfish you used to own as a child.

Fish dream meaning: Fishing dream

The last fish dream meaning I will discuss today is one that shows your or someone else engaging in the act of fishing. This fish dream occurs when you are trying to catch something in real life or even confronting repressed emotions. When ice fishing, it shows breaking through an emotional barrier. However, a less deep interpretation can also be the need for relaxation.

When considering this fish dream and pregnancy, it can mean that you are worried about emotionally connecting with your child or even being able to open up to them.

Regarding relaxation, this can also be a want to get off of your feet more if you have a busy life or the acknowledgment of the lack of relaxation you will experience once the baby is born.

One last thing about fish pregnancy dreams

I hope you enjoyed these ten dream interpretations of fish related dreams. However, do remember my note about these dreams. Dreams are different for everyone and can mean different things to everyone.

Not experiencing any fish dreams while pregnant? Look up some other pregnancy dreams and make sure to check them out.