Top 10 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Better Vibe To Your Home

Clean your soul energy via Feng Shui- use remodeling or adding decor to parts of your house. Plan calculations to make the elements work for you.

By M Wellman
Top 10 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Better Vibe To Your Home

Top 10 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Better Vibe To Your Home

If your house is feeling stogy it may be time to refresh the vibe of architecture and designs with the art of Feng Shui.  There are many aspects to this art and it ranges from common practices like never having your back facing a door to more complex adjustments involving measurements and calculations and the changing of designs and architecture. Whether you live in a house or apartment you can easily tailor your space with these ten tips. 

Clear Your Clutter

Whether you have a small apartment or a large house sometimes cleaning can be a daunting task. Though it seems like a common practice some fail to realize the clogging effects of messy rooms. Extra clutter within a house weighs on a person's soul, and a lot of people feel that it's something always in the back of their mind. This makes it very hard to truely relax and feel free of aura burdens.  If you are not a focused person or find that cleaning the clutter up is too big a task to get motivated for, try something smaller. Instead of thinking about de-cluttering your whole house, try one room at a time. If doing one room at a time is still too much for you, try a corner of a room, or something small like choosing to organize all of your clothes or photos. Though this is a small step it will make you feel like you really accomplished something. This will modivate you to clean more and soon your house will be clean and un-cluttered. Honestly, you will not regreat it having an organized house really does help the soul. 

Quality Air and Light

Now that your house is clean and garbage-free, try opening up the place. If you have dark heavy curtians try moving them to the side to allow some fresh light and air into teh house. Opening windows and curtains every so often is a great way to refresh the dank stagnant smells within the walls and will give you a spring vibe no matter the season. Make sure you have anough light fixtures to properly light your house. Living in the dark like a troll will get depressing very quickly.  Make sure you let the air flow through your house and create a streamlined path for it. This doesn't only rejuvinate your senses, but it also can rejuvinate your energy too. 

Know Your House Bagua

Figure out your home's bagua. The bagua is the energy map that is specialized for your home. It is a measurememnt involving the space in the room against the people who live in the house. 

Learn the Elements

There are five elements that Feng Shui pulls from. Each element gives helpful advice. You need to use all of them in order to create a harmonious balance at home. 

Acquire Wood

The best way to ensure spiritual health is to learn and invoke the elements. Wood is used for finding things out. Wood helps a person who doesn't know where they are going. The wood is used to strengthen your health, so the best thing to do is either build off of the wood you already have or incorporate new peices. Wood can be easily inserted into a home via floors or furniture. It's a good idea to pair those items with some abstract wood art.  The most important piece of information to know about the wood element is that it should be located within the Eastern parts of the home. 

The wood element doesn't just refer to wooden objects, but it also invokes the natural colors of green and brown.  The easiest way to bring the wood element into your home is through plants. Whether they are fake or real, it breathes fresh life into your home. 


Cultivate Water

The next element you need to aquire is water. The representation of water within a home should be placed in the north, east, or southeast. This element is supposed to infuse your career and help with money issues. 
Now there are many options to display this element. You can use the colors blue and black, water features of photographs and mirrors. Personally, I like the idea of photographs of water along with a nice sound scape of running water. 


Insert Fire

Find something that represents the first element and place it with in your house or apartment. Fire is helpful for when you are in the dark and you are cold and lifeless. It's a muse for the creative minds with an artistic block. If you are looking for this sort of help specifically, try placing the objects in the south, southwest and northeast directional areas.  The colors the fire element invokes are red, yellow, and pink, and you can use anything shaped like a triangle and anything from an actual fire. 



Obtain Metal

Another element to aquire is metal. Metal is used for the clearing of air. It's use is mainly for creating clear energy within a room. It also helps if you are feeling lazy and can't get motivated. 
You should place your metal elements in the west, norhtwest and north corners of your home or bedroom.  Here is how you bring metal into your home: try it with the colors white and gray, and anything metallic obviously.  You don't have to have a huge statue made out of metal, little trinkets are just fine. 


Grab Earth

The last element you need to have enter your home is earth. Earth helps a person become centered, if you are looking for a goood foundation emptionally or for busuness ventures earth features are what you need. 
The best places to feature the earth elements are in the southwest, northeast and center of your home or bedroom.  Some great examaples of the earth element in objects are pieces of pottery, photographs of dirt browned themed scenery. You can also collect handfuls of stones and crystals. 


Create Balance.

I know there are a lot of pieces to the Feng Shui puzzle and it can seem overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Think about objects or designs that bring in every element used in one place. Perhaps a collage of photographs featuring all of the elements secretly is the right choice or maybe you want something different. Make sure that your house or room flows properly. There should be a clear path way to walk to and from the door to wherever you have seats located. You should not have to walk around anything or slip passed a small space to get to where you need to be, that creates bad and frustrating energy. A clear path way physically means a clear path way spiritually and mentally. 

Hopefully learning about the intricate details regarding Feng Shui and the Bagua will help you center your life in the direction you want. Whether it's romantically or emotionally, this advice will help you keep your house or bedroom clean and clear of negative energy.