15 baby pajamas that keeps baby warm, toasty and fabulous

The softest baby pajamas onesies that's perfect for summer

By Rosemary Zenith
15 baby pajamas that keeps baby warm, toasty and fabulous

Do babies really need pajamas?

Your baby needs some extra care during the summer. As the warm season is full of humidity and overheating, your baby can face problem while sleeping if his/her clothes are not comfortable enough. For this reason, baby pajamas can be an easy and budget-friendly option for you. 

If you are thinking that do toddlers need pajamas or not then let us tell you, they require more attention at summer nights when their diapers need to be changed or they feel overheated. Going for easy to unbutton pajama onesies make more sense to parents at that time to help them have a much relaxing experience than the pajama hassle. 

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Why go for pyjamas in summer?

First, one-piece pajamas save you time to dress the baby up than in two-part clothes. You can even find pajamas with open bottoms to help you change the diapers at any time.  During the warm season, it can also help your baby to stay comfortable and relaxed. It is also cheaper and easily available in the market.

We will go into details about where to find these pajamas and which ones are best for your baby in this article so stay tuned.

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Summer weather and temperature

Choosing the right baby pajamas according to weather and the baby’s comfort is very essential. It is very important to keep in mind that you should purchase a pajama which has no hoods or loose-fitting tops as they might suffocate the baby.

The weather is another crucial point to be noticed. During the summer, you should look for lighter pajamas that are airy and will not overheat your baby. Cotton pajamas can be a good option as the baby can sleep well in it and enjoy the whole day being active while wearing the pajamas.

Without further interruption, let us go straight to the baby pajamas that you should immediately purchase for your toddlers.  

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Baby pajamas onesies that zip from top to bottom

Pajamas in the summer might sound a little odd but it totally makes sense if the baby pajamas come with zippers and buttons. That way you do not have to go through the hassle of undressing the baby everytime you change his/her diapers. The zippers allow you to change them during the night without much trouble. 

Here are some pajamas with zippers for your baby - 

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1. Candy Fleece PJs

Who says summer nights cannot be a little chilly for your baby? For that chilly night, the candy designed pajama made out of fleece will keep your baby comfortable and help her sleep at night. It has built-in gripper footies, meaning you get the socks included in the pajamas! This whole-body zipper pajama comes in sizes up to 5T. It is flame resistant and perfect for a cosy sleep time.

Grab your one now at $12.00 from Oshkosh B’gosh.

2. 1-Piece Skeleton Cotton PJs

These cotton pajamas have zippers from ankle to chin. You can choose specific colours for your baby boy or girl as this comes in various colours for all toddlers. The best feature of this pajama is it glows in the dark. The skeleton designed on the pajama glows when it is dark, giving your baby to enjoy something on his/her clothes. It is available in sizes from 2T-5T.

You can find this pajama at a sale price from Oshkosh B’gosh at $12.99 only.

3. Space Cotton PJs

Let your little explorer get lost in space while sleeping with this space pajama. It is made of cotton and top to bottom zippers. It also has built-in footies and super soft ribbed neck and cuff. This unique pajama comes in sizes from 6M to 24M.

You can buy this for $24.00 from Oshkosh B’gosh.

4. Organic Bear One-Piece

This soft and comfortable one-piece pajama is made of 100% cotton. It has a snap-tab closure at zip front and ribbing at crewneck. It comes with full sleeves and a soothing grey colour. It also has banded cuffs that keep from riding up baby's legs. The pajama has sizes from 6-12M to 5 years to help you choose the best size for your toddler.

You can find this baby pajama at $34.95 from Gap.

5. Glitter Dot One-Piece

Let your baby enjoy the beauty of glitter with his/her new glittery pajamas. This soft knit design comes with long sleeves and banded cuffs. It has snap-tab closure at zip front for you to easily change the diaper at night. The design has sizes for up to 5 years.

You can get this cool baby pajama from Gap at $34.95 only.

6. Milkbarn organic zippered pajamas

Made from organic cotton, this comfortable pajama comes with cute zebra prints. You can choose from various colours for your baby. The pajama comes with elastic writs and leg openings. Having the size range of 3-6M to 12-18M, you can choose the right one for your baby.

This unique design by Milkbarn can be found in The Tot for $38.40.

7. Organic Stripe Footed One-Piece

This organic stripe one-piece pajama comes with built-in gripper footies. It is 100% cotton and perfect for the warm season. Your baby will find it very cosy and comfortable to move in at night with its crewneck and snap-tab closure at zip front.

You can find this at Gap for $39.95 only.

8. Night Night Sleeper in Organic Cotton

This easy to change pajama is perfect for toddlers. It comes with a neck-to-knee zipper and super smooth flatlock seams. It also has ready-to-grow cuffs that keep the lower part fitted to the legs. The pajama has unique block polka dot designs with zentangles. Your baby can wear it not for only summer nights but also for summer days.

This cute pajama is available in Hanna Anderson’s website for $40.00.

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Baby pajamas onesies with open bottom

Another type of pajamas you can purchase for your toddlers this summer can be the open bottom onesies or pajamas. These are designed in a way where you can easily unhook or unbutton the bottom part and change the baby’s diaper without any extra hassle. You do not even have to unzip the whole pajama; just unbutton the lower part and that is it!

Here are some open bottom baby pajamas for you to check -

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9. Piqué Polo Bodysuit

Here is another unique pajama that your baby can not only wear at night but can wear all day as well. This polo tee bodysuit has open bottom options with a variety of colours. This is made from 100% cotton and has the front button design.

Get this summer vibe polo onesie from Carter’s at $8.40.

10. Tree Organic Baby Bodysuits

Give your baby some cute nightwear onesies with pine forest print, classic stripes or solid with contrast binding. These are cotton-made with Nickel-free reinforced snaps at diaper line.

You can purchase these from Burt’s Bees Baby for $14.95 only.

11. Hudson Baby Cotton Bodysuits

This 100% cotton onesies come in a set of five. You can choose from a variety of designs for both boys and girls. All of them have snap-closure with cute patterns and colours.

Get this from Amazon for &14.99 or so.

12. Organic Kimono Bodysuit

This organic kimono onesie is made from cotton and is very comfortable for the baby to wear in summer. It features chrome/lead/nickel-free snaps with various colours schemes.

Get one for your baby from L’oved Baby for $19.00.

13. 7-Pack Short-Sleeve Original Bodysuits

Need new pajamas for your baby every week? Well, now your baby can have options from different onesies to wear each day! This bodysuit set comes with 7 onesies as one set. These have short sleeves and open bottom functions.

Get this cotton bodysuit sleepwear set for only $21.60 from Carter’s.

14. Marvel Baby Boys' 5 Pack Bodysuits

Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, these superhero onesies will surely make your child have marvellous dreams at night. These have three-snap closure for easy changing and dressing. Different designs for girls are available here as well.

Get your baby a set from Amazon for $29.99 only.

15. Short Sleeve Angel Wing Onesie

This half-sleeve onesie by Marie-Chantal is perfect for your baby’s summer days. It has angel wings at the back and comes in three different colours. This design has an inset opening with press stud fastening for easy diaper changing.

You can purchase it from The Tot for $77.00.


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As the warm season is troublesome for babies, it is essential to provide them with clothes that will let them get cosy and sleep peacefully. Let your baby enjoy the beauty of summer with these cute pajamas and have a good night’s sleep full of adventure and colours.

Happy shopping!