30 Impressive First Date Ideas That Will Get Her Interested In You

Finding an interesting idea for a first date is a challenge everyone faces. Try one of these first date ideas to get started on the right track.

By Annabeth
30 Impressive First Date Ideas That Will Get Her Interested In You

Traditional First Date Ideas

Traditional Dinner Idea

Taking your special someone to her favorite restaurant for her favorite cuisine is a classic first date idea. If her top choice is not an option either because of distance or it's out of your budget, try to something similar either in cuisine or ambiance. If she leaves it up to you, decide what mood you want to set. Fine dining will be more romantic, but a casual setting may be more relaxed and fun. Try to steer clear of places with messy foods like ribs or wings. Dirty hands and face could be a turn off to some ladies. Still need ideas? Make her dinner! Even better if you can make her favorite meal. Practice a few times before she comes over to make sure you've mastered it.

See A Movie

Another classic date idea is watching a movie. Feel out her preferences beforehand. If she leaves it open, a scary movie is a great idea to get her to cuddle up. A romantic comedy will lighten the mood of your first date. Unless she says she enjoys the genre, it may be a good idea to steer clear of gory or heavy films. If the weather is nice, try an outdoor movie or drive-in. Teens be warned: drive-ins are usually double features and you'll need to make sure you'll be home in time for curfew. No drive-ins in your area? Make your own outdoor cinema in your backyard!

Go Bowling

Bowling is a first date activity that never loses its appeal! Check out any special events at the lanes near you like bowling with black lights or themed nights. Keep in mind that most lanes can stay occupied for hours so if you may have to wait a while for your turn. Adults can hit the bar while waiting for a lane to open up. Teens can just snag from food from the snack bar. One great idea is to pair up with your besties and make it into a group date. It will give you more downtime to get to know your lady! One last note: if you're hitting the lanes during the week, make sure it isn't a league night. Leagues can take up a good chunk of the lanes and could cause a long wait.

Play Mini Golf

This idea is just as fun for adults as it is for teens because mini-golf never gets old! Mini golf is perfect to show off your skills on your first date. But remember, it's not a competition! If you haven't played in a while you may want to try an easier course. Most mini golf courses have several levels available so pick one that suits both of you. An idea to spice it up a little is to make friendly bets for the best trick shot or how many obstacles you can hit and still make it in the hole. Maybe the prize could be a kiss or two...

Double Up on Your First Date

Try a double date with your favorite couple to get some quality time with your love interest. Having pals along is a fantastic idea to get to know your lady while minimizing the pressure on a first date. A double date can make restaurant choice more difficult though, so make sure you're all on the same page before heading out. If things are going well, you can always suggest to your lady an activity for just the two of you after dinner. Just make sure your pals don't distract you from your date!

Boozy First Date Ideas for Adults

Bottoms Up

Grabbing a drink is a classic first date idea. A drink meetup can be quick and simple if you're just getting to know each other, or it can be elegant and sophisticated if you pick an upscale setting. There's always the option of extending drinks out by grabbing a bite to eat or adding another activity like a mini golf or bowling if you're really hitting it off. A coffee shop or tea room is a great alternative if you prefer to go alcohol-free or are under the legal drinking age.

Attend a Wine Tasting

For an adult night out, a first date to a winery is a perfect idea! Wineries are popping up across the country so chances are you already live near one. Many offer food and entertainment on the weekends. Check out their website ahead of time to see if they have any upcoming events that can add an extra special touch to your first date. If she's not a wine drinker or there's no winery close by, try checking out a brewery or distillery instead!

Thrilling First Date Ideas

Spend Your First Date at an Amusement Park

For an exciting first date, try an amusement park! Amusement parks come in all varieties so check out what options are near you. Some parks will have her clinging to you as the roller coaster inches higher. Others may offer more shows that will wow both of you. Some parks have a water park attached to them so make sure you know what's included in the price of admission. It’s a good idea to make sure she likes roller coasters, or verify there are enough activities offered with both feet on the ground, before springing for park passes.

Go Skydiving

For a truly unforgettable first date, take the ultimate leap of faith! Go skydiving! There may be quite a bit of upfront safety precautions and paperwork so make sure both of you come with all documents needed. This can be a rather intimidating first date idea so make sure she’s down with the idea before arriving at the training facility. If you'd rather stay closer to the ground, try a facility that offers simulated skydiving. You'll still get the rush of the wind in your face, but without the free fall.

Drive Go-Karts

Go-karts are the perfect idea to get your first date on the right track! At most tracks, you'll have a specified amount of time in the cars so you may want to pair this idea with another suggestion from this list. Also, it might be a good idea to save dinner for after go-karts. Be mindful if she prefers slower paced karts or isn't eager to race to the finish. It’s not about first place, but spending time together!

First Date Ideas for Sports Fans

Go to a Sporting Event

Get your game on while supporting your favorite team! A sporting event lets you be playful while connecting to your new lady. Doesn't matter what the sport is as long as you both like it! You don't have to cheer for the same team either as long as you can keep it friendly. If there's no professional team in your town, try minor league baseball or arena football. But if professional sports are out of your price range or are too far to travel, a local school event is a good idea instead.

Get Your Game On

A fun idea for a first date is a little friendly competition! Pick a sport where your skills would be evenly matched and go for it! Tennis or golf are great options or one-on-one basketball. Remember, it's a friendly competition! You're already winning because you're in awesome company. Rainy day? Try shooting pool or playing racquetball. Many cities have underage pool halls that would be perfect for teens. Check out local health clubs for racquetball courts. If you have plans after a friendly game, make sure she's okay heading out a little sweaty or plan enough time for her to shower and get ready for the next part of your date.

First Date Ideas for Lovers of the Great Outdoors

Take a Hike

A nature hike will connect you with your new lady and get you moving! Check for nearby hiking trails in parks or nature preserves to explore. Make sure you pack water bottles for each of you. Bug spray or sunscreen may also be necessary. If you don’t live near an area with hiking trails, an alternative idea is to take a walk around your neighborhood or city. Pick a historic area of town to stroll through or an area with shops that interest you.

First Date Picnic

Pick a scenic spot for a romantic meal to wow your date. If you can, find something easily accessible, but that will still allow you to have some privacy. If there is a park in your area with a gorgeous view, try planning the date so your meal will end with a sunset. If you have to hike to the spot, you may want to skip the sunset and aim for plenty of sunlight on your trek back. Other ideas would be to go a local park or a nearby rooftop deck.

Take a Bike Ride

Get some fresh air with a bike ride for your first date! Don’t fret if you don't have wheels or if you need an upgrade. Check out a rental shop. Give your bike a good once over before heading out if it's been a while since it's been used. Need ideas on where to go? Venture out into the country for a scenic tour or pedal through your city center. Many cities have bike trails available so do research in advance. Don't forget to bring locks too so you can stop and take in the sights!

First Date Ideas to Bring Out the Kid in You

Skate on this idea

Take a nostalgic route with a few laps around a rink! Doesn’t matter if it’s an ice skating rink or roller rink. Both will add a bit of whimsy to your first date. Make sure you check rental rates ahead of time so you're not shocked by prices when you arrive. Nothing is more embarrassing on a first date than not having money to pay for it. Don't worry if you have little experience skating. You can learn together! Or if she already has some skating skills, let her teach you. Want to take it up a notch? Find an outdoor ice rink or a fun themed night at a roller rink. Be warned that some seasonal ice rinks may have a limited supply of skates to rent. Pay attention to the weather too. If it's very cold or raining, head to a roller rink.

Go to a Carnival


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Tap into your youthful side by heading to a carnival or midway! Win your new lady a keepsake of your first date together or cling to each other in a funhouse or two. Fairs and city festivals are great options for carnivals during the warmer months. This is the perfect opportunity for adults to live it up and feel like kids again. Check rates for rides and games before getting there. No carnival nearby? Another great idea is an arcade.

Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is perfect for teens or adults for a first date! It's best played in a group so you can either bring your own team by inviting a few besties or let the facility pair you up with other players. Remember, this isn't about trying to take down your date, but spending time together! For more adventurous people, try playing paintball.

Go Dancing

For a fun first date idea, go get your groove on! Whether a school dance or a club, this idea will make you feel young at heart. Adults can try a dance club or a live band at a place with an ample dance floor. Teens don't have to wait for a school shindig! Try an underage club or an all ages band with a good beat to move too. If you’re shy about your dance style or need ideas on new moves, try taking dance classes together at a local dance studio. Most studios also plan dance parties to try out your new skills.

First Date Ideas for Animal Lovers

Go Horseback Riding

Gallop into her heart with a horseback ride! No worries if you’re new to riding, most stables offer options for newcomers. If you're more experienced, seek out a ride that allows cantering and will take you into more difficult trails. Be honest about your skill level! It will lead to a much better date. It’s a good idea to check out the stable beforehand to make sure teens won’t need an adult to supervise.

Go Wild on Your First Date

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Get in touch with your wild side at your local zoo! See if there are any special exhibits or attractions open for your visit. Some large animal rescue sanctuaries offer different prices for feeding times and some zoos offer rides. Check out your options before arriving and know what your honey is interested in. Then head to those exhibits first. Rainy day? Don't fret! An aquarium is another great idea and will keep you dry.

First Date Ideas that Will Make You Smarter

Go to an Art Gallery

Show your artsy side with a trip to an art gallery or museum. If you know she likes a certain artist, try finding a show featuring their work. If not, stroll through the galleries and find your new favorite artist. Many museums in larger cities have works from more well-known artists so try and map out a path that will take you to them if you're new to the art world.

Have a First Date Trivia Night

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Test your knowledge in this fun idea for a first date! Some bars and pubs offer trivia games while you dine and some restaurants make it available for all ages. Check their websites for details. Another great idea is to create your own game night! Dust off a trivia game from your closet or spring for a new one. But don't feel constrained by a game board. Pull the questions out and skip the tokens and dice. Or you can create your own trivia game from scratch. Quiz each other on pop culture or a topic you both have in common.

Learning Idea: Take a Class

As you're learning more about each other on your first date, why not learn a new skill too? Pick something fun that both of you can learn. Pottery classes are always a good idea. Others ideas could be cooking courses to sharpen your skills or crafting classes to create a keepsake from your first date. Try to pick something that both of you will like and only require one lesson. Save longer classes for future dates!

Off Beat First Date Ideas

A Spooky Idea: A Ghost Tour

Want a unique first date idea? Try a ghost tour for your first date! Check with your local visitor’s or tourist center for event details or create your own. Search the web for some scary places in your area to visit or find spooky spots and share your favorite bone-chilling story. Before you head out, make sure the haunted building is accessible to the public. The quickest way to ruin a date is with a ride in a police car or to the emergency room!

Get Your Fortune Told

See what your lifeline shows or what tarot has in store with this enchanting first date idea! Check out local places for psyshic readings for a memorable first date. It's your preference if you want tarot, tea leaves, crystal ball, or a palm reading. Some places combine different styles of readings into one sitting so know what services are provided before sitting down with your psychic. Also, it's a good idea to make an appointment ahead of time. Who knows! They may be able to tell you if your first date will lead to many more!

More Fun First Date Ideas

Stroll Through a Fesitval

The warmer months are full of festivals and streets fairs to check out. Options can range from browsing art vendors and shops to food sampling to live music. Stroll through all the fun with your new honey on a first date that will give you plenty of options to choose from! Festivals can start in early spring and last all the way into fall so check out your local visitor’s center for ideas or a schedule of upcoming events.

Go to a Concert

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For a rockin’ first date idea, try a concert! For teens or those on a budget, a band at an underage or free venue is ideal. Try a national act passing through if you have the funds to splurge on tickets. If not, check out a gig at a local bar. Many cities have listings of where bands are playing updated weekly, or head to a bar you like and be wowed by music's next big thing. Try to find something that interests both of you and get there early if you want to have a table for more popular bands.

Laugh it Up On Your First Date

Everyone is looking for a fun night out, but why not make it funny too? A comedy club is a fantastic first date idea to suss out her sense of humor. Many comedy clubs are adults only and can have drink or food minimums on top of your ticket price. Make sure you know what is expected ahead of time. Teens can check out all ages shows offered at family-friendly venues. Students can look for improv groups on or off campus as an alternative. Both of these ideas are great for adults too!

Garden Stroll Idea

Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? • How can we protect the environment and the COLORS around us? Take simple steps to improve the impact we leave here on planet earth: • 1. Save water! Turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers. • 2. Save energy! Unplug your devices and chargers when you're leaving the house. Turn off the lights. Turn of the AC/heat when you're not home. • 3. Buy local. Each week I visit Ramsey Farmers Market and Nyack Farmers Market to purchase produce and search for new vegan treats. Check out what's in your area. • 4. Stop using plastic. Purchase reusable shopping bags and reusable water bottles. 90% of plastic bottles wind up in landfills instead of being recycled. Over 300 species have been affected by plastic pollution in marine environments. Animals eat plastic and wind up dying. With mass production the statistics are only rising but YOU can make a difference. • 5. Don't purchase animal products! GO #VEGAN. We don't need to make animals suffer in order for us to live. Don't be one of the billions of people who consume animal products. Animals deserve to be on this planet just as much as we do. This is their HOME too. • Stay tuned for more easy steps on my blog and stay active because you CAN make a difference each day. #everythinggreen #endplastic #savetheanimals #fromthegroundup #plantsofinstagram #gogreen #wayoflife #planetearth #earthpix #naturehippys #gardeninfrance #plantstrong #greenplanet #tunnelvision #gardenlife #tunneloftrees #treestagram #plantstagram #gardenwalk #travelwithme #savetheplanet #savetheoceans #actnow #simplesteps #everydayconsciousness #animaladvocacy #reusablebag #actnowdreambig There is a light. And we can find it. TOGETHER.

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Find your inner nature lover with a stroll through a botanical garden for your first date! Whether indoor or outdoor, it’s a great first date idea to see some beauty while with your beauty. Don't worry about if you have a green thumb or not! It's unlikely your skills will be tested. This date idea is about taking in the scenery and having a place to chit chat rather than bragging about your gardening skills. Try going at a time of maximum bloom, like spring or early summer, to see the garden at its full beauty.


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