Automatic Baby Rocker: Your Baby's Naptime Best Friend

Free your hands for other chores with automatic baby rockers

By Susie Brooks
Automatic Baby Rocker: Your Baby's Naptime Best Friend

Why an Automatic Baby Rocker


This year, technology made strides in producing and introducing new products for babies and parents. Innovations in preexisting products for babies and infants now make parenting a breeze.  

One such product made readily available is the automatic baby rocker. Free your hands and buy yourself some “me time” with this amazing gadget that is beneficial to both mom (and dad) and baby!

Basic Technology Functions of an Automatic Baby Rocker


1. Swing Mode

The swing mode has three positions which allow the baby to swing back and forth or from side to side while a five-point harness to keep the baby safe and secure.

2. Vibration Setting

The vibration setting has two speed setting that will soothe baby to sleep.

3. Swinging Speeds

Find baby’s perfect pace with the six swinging speeds feature.

The sound component of an automatic baby rocker has a mixture of melodies and nature sounds that parents can pick from to keep baby relaxed and happy.

4. Sound Component

The sound component of an automatic baby rocker has a mixture of melodies and nature sounds for parents can pick from to keep baby relaxed and happy.

5. Power Options

Decide how you would like to power up your automatic baby rocker with either battery or cord lug in options.

Using the plug is a great way to save money on batteries.  Use the battery option when you’re away from a power source or save money on batteries by using the plug-in option.

Best Automatic Baby Rocker with Swing


DuetSoothe: Swing + Rocker

You no longer have to choose between a swing or a rocker with Graco’s DuetSoothe: Swing + Rocker. This 2 in 1 product is perfect for parents who are on a budget or are looking for a little “me time”. The soothing swing and gentle rocker will be sure to keep baby comfortable and happy during the day.  A built-in carry handle makes moving baby from room to room easy and pain-free.


Baby swings and automatic rockers are must have, lifesaving products for any parent. Especially those who are busy or have fussy babies.

With so many products to choose from, it can make shopping a nightmare for parents. We have done the work and research for you and present you with the best automatic baby rocker with a swing.

Our choice is Graco’s DuetSoothe. It offers a wide range of motions, features and settings that will calm and soothe our baby. The deep roomy seat has a comfortable body support and several recline positions, so you can find the perfect position for your baby.

Age and Weight Recommendations

The swing will hold newborns and infants up to 30 pounds and the rocker will hold a baby up to 25 pounds.

Price Comparison


We have taken the guesswork out of shopping by putting together this comprehensive price comparison guide.


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Price as of October 2018


With so many baby rockers and swings on the market, deciding for yourself which one is best may seem an impossible task.

In our opinion, the Graco Duetsoothe Swing & Rocker is the best because it provides all features that necessary to keep baby calm and happy while providing you with some free time.