15 Cutest Tiny Baby Clothes for Your Precious Preemie

Here are some adorable tiny newborn clothes for style references

By Chelsea Lane
15 Cutest Tiny Baby Clothes for Your Precious Preemie

Are you one of those moms who had found out later on that your due date has been moved to an earlier date? If you are, then you must have felt the same way as the rest of the other mommies with preemie babies. One of the greatest challenges that you might have faced is the fact that there are not a lot of clothes that would fit your baby’s size. Thus, to help you with choosing the right clothes for your baby, here’s a list that you can use as your guide:

A Tiny Baby Size

Cherry Dot Dress & Cardigan Set

Most stores sell baby clothes and only classify them depending on how old the baby is. For example, they sell baby clothes for 0 to 3 months or 3 to 6 months. While others sell it by classifying them according to the baby’s weight, such as preemie size, tiny baby size, and newborn size. 


So what exactly is a tiny baby size? It is a size which is ideal for babies that weigh around 4 to 7.5 pounds. This size is for babies who are born a little earlier than their due date but not as early as a very premature baby. Some stores label this size for premature babies. However, it creates confusion because the tiny baby size would in effect be too big for preemie babies.   


Is your baby’s size that of a tiny baby? If yes, then you should consider buying clothes for your baby in this specific size and not just rely on the preemie baby sizes generally sold in stores. Here are some cute and fashionable unisex designs for your baby which are available in tiny size:

Whale Jogger Set

Stunning, cute, and feminine, this cherry dot dress and cardigan set will not only look adorable on your little baby but will also make her feel snug. This is ideally worn during cold weather. It’s also excellent when you’re going to attend events or parties. With its brightly colored top, you’re sure that you’re baby is going to attract attention.

For little baby boys, this tiny whale jogger set is the perfect outfit whether you’re out or inside the house. Pair it with drawstring pants and a warm set of matching socks to complete the whole cute baby boy look. In addition, the color combination of this set is not only calming but also pleasing to the eyes.

A Newborn Size

On the other hand, a newborn size is an ideal size for babies that weigh around 7 to 10 pounds. In cases when your child is around this size, there will be no problem since this size is the easiest to find. Plus, the greatest thing that you will like about it is that it has a lot of fashionable and cute designs. A lot of stores offer this size and so picking your baby’s outfits will not be too difficult for you.

Here are 3 popular fashionable newborn size clothing designs that you might like too:

Robot Kimono Bodysuit

For newborn babies, this cozy bodysuit may look simple but it’s definitely pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to the touch. Designed with lovable robots in blue, this kimono bodysuit is easy and cozy to wear. Because it’s a long-sleeved kimono, you’re sure that your baby is going to be warm and protected from the harsh environment. Plus, it has buttons, making changing quick and with fewer hassles.      

Stripe Garter Sweater

This charming stripe garter sweater is pleasant to the touch as it’s made from high-quality cotton and certainly lovely to wear for your newborn baby as it’s designed cutely. This stripe sweater comes with two colors – dark blue and bubblegum pink, so it’s ideal for both genders. This sweater is perfect for cold or windy weathers because it’s made from thick layers of garter and cotton material.

Pull-On Pants

This pair of lovely and bright pull-on pants look playful and comfy to wear for newborn babies because of its cheerful yellow color and its materials made from high-quality cotton. With these pants, you can keep your baby looking stylish and protected from the cold or the heat. Because it’s made from quality cotton, it’s safe to use for newborn babies, especially one that have sensitive skin.

Tiny Baby Girl Clothes

For tiny baby girl clothes, these classic designs will never go out of style:

Heart Peplum Sweater

Sweet and utterly endearing, this warm and snuggly sweater has multiple hearts designed on it. This is the perfect clothes when it comes to keeping your baby girl cozy. It’s made from high-quality cotton so it’s pleasing to the feel and safe on the skin.

Leggings with Tulle Skirt Trim

This pair of incredibly soft leggings with a tulle skirt trim on it is the absolute feminine clothes for your baby princess. It comes in baby pink color and looks playful and charming. If you want a princess or ballerina themed clothes for your baby girl, then this one is for you.

First Favorite Knit Pants

This is a colorful and bubbly knit pants that your little girl can wear. The multi stripes on it make it fun and vibrant to wear in almost any time and moment of the day. It’s incredibly warm and snug to wear, especially when your baby girl is about to sleep.

Tiny Baby Boy Clothes

Here are some top fashion finds for tiny baby boy clothes:

Little Me | Boys Cardigans | Auto Hoodie Set

For your handsome baby boy, an auto hoodie set is what he needs to look like a little stunning man. This is a set – a hoodie and a pair of cozy cotton matching blue pants to complete it. This is the perfect set of clothes that you can buy for your baby boy as it’s not only adorable for him to wear but comfortable too.

Little Me | Boys Layette | Cool Sailing 3-Piece Jacket Set

For active and sporty little boys, this Little Me Sailing 3-Piece Jacket Set is charming and amazingly comfortable to wear as they’re made from high-quality cotton, making it safe to use and last longer than other brands. This set is excellent for outdoorsy baby boys who are always on the go, but they can also wear it inside while snuggling around.

Blue Plaid Pant Set

Adorable and sweet, this Blue Plaid Pant Set will definitely make your baby boy a little gentleman. The blue plaid, paired with a polka dot little bowtie, doesn’t only look perfect for semi-formal events but also comfortable enough to wear for a long day of play and running around. Plus, it’s dark blue pants complements the whole set, making your baby boy handsome and charming.

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Designer Clothes for Premature Babies

As a mother of a premature baby, you would want the best for your baby. Premature babies deserve nothing but the best. When it comes to fashion, they should not get left behind with the latest trends.


Here are some of the designer clothes for premature babies that made it to the list:

Naturapura Organic Cotton Knitted Babysuit

This dungaree is pure luxury. It is made out of organic cotton and can be fastened with pearl buttons on the shoulder and legs. The buttons in between the legs are made in such a way to make it easier for you to change diapers. This can be worn with a top and is meant for baby girls and boys to wear.

Naturapura Organic Cotton Ivory Babysuit

This baby suit is undeniably lovely and elegant. It is a two-piece baby suit with a frilled neckline. The cuffs and the hem of the top are stitched in detail which makes it look even more chic and classy. The back fastening is made out of pearl buttons and also has a footie to keep your baby warm.

Naturapura Organic Cotton 2-Piece Babygrow

This babygrow is just pure class. It is knitted with pure organic cotton and has pearl buttons at the back for fastening. The ankle cuffs can keep the chill out of your baby’s legs and the trousers have an elastic waistband. The color is, likewise, perfect for any event and is suitable for boys and girls alike.

Naturapura Organic Cotton Babysuit Set

This babysuit comes in a set of 3 – velour sleepsuit, cotton jersey body vest, and matching trousers with footies. This babysuit speaks for itself. It is made out of organic cotton and is free from harsh chemicals. You can be assured that your baby will love the feel of the cloth and will not cry out of discomfort.  

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A preemie baby is typically smaller in size than a full term baby and requires infant clothes with a smaller size.  While this article will offer ideas and reference for you for preemie baby wear, it is always good to gather information from books or from experienced mums with a preemie baby to get the best outfit for your preemie baby.