Keep kids dry during outdoor play with toddler water shoes

2019 best toddler water shoes that are quick drying for outdoors

By Gabriela Petit
Keep kids dry during outdoor play with toddler water shoes

As they are in their most active stage of life, toddlers can be hard to control when it comes to playing outdoors. So, to make sure they stay dry during their play in the yard or while you go out on the beach or park, you can give toddler water shoes a try.

They are synthetic shoes, resistant to water, comfortable and soft. They will keep your child's feet well protected while dealing with a more serious play routine. There is no doubt that this is the best solution for us, the parents. Water shoes for young children are here to stay!

I bet you always wondered what to buy before so small children keep their feet dry while playing outdoors. Since the arrival of these shoes, it has received thousands of reviews over the years. Without further ado, this article will surely bring to light on some of the best shoes for young children, both for our lovely princes and for our princesses.

Why do toddlers need water shoes?

You probably think that there isn’t much difference between these shoes and the common ones because "shoes are shoes". But no! Water resistant shoes for children have dozens of benefits, here are the few main ones:

  • They are the best protection for your toddler's tender soft feet.
  • They prevent sharp objects from causing harm to their feet.
  • Prevent them from slipping off because it has a rubber seal that grips the wet floor or surface.
  • They are soft and comfortable.
  • They are made to prevent dampness that might stink or smell.
  • Protect against foot diseases, germs, and harmful parasites and biting insects.

What types of toddler water shoes are available in the market place?

If I have managed to convince you that water-resistant shoes are the best for your little ones, then let me explain what kind of models you will find when you decide to buy them.

1. Water sandals

As the name suggests, sandals are open front and back. More like an advance slipper. They tend to protect the toes and allow sand and debris freely into the sandals and toddlers may find this uncomfortable as they will have to take time removing dirt instead of playing. It does have a thick sole and will protect the bottom feet.

2. Water shoes

As the name suggests, they are cover more like a real shoe but water-friendly. It protects all the feet and prevents dirt from invading the little space in the shoe.

3. Water socks

This is skintight and it sticks to the skin. It’s very good and water friendly for swimming but doesn’t offer any form of protection to the feet against harsh terrain.

Things to look out for when buying a water shoe

You are now aware of the importance of water shoes to your little ones, here are some things you need to consider before buying one for your toddlers:

1. Do it yourself

toddlers love trying out things themselves, if your little one is the eager type, you have to pick water shoes that will be easy for them to put on and remove without asking for your help. Sandals will do just okay.

2. Where to use it

wet footwear also has a specific outdoor purpose. If your toddler will be visiting the beach, then just get sandals or wet socks but if the area is rough, wet and rocky, look for a wet shoe that will offer more protection.

3. Material and sole thickness

The material should be rubber, that way it dries up fast and sole thickness will protect the feet in harsh conditions. 

Best toddler water shoes for boys and girls that are quick drying and comfortable for wide feet

There are a lot of shoes for girls and boys that are also water resistant, however, you have to give the importance they deserve to those who are quick drying since they will avoid problems at the feet of your baby.

Some of our little ones can also have big or wide feet, and this is nothing to worry about because when it comes to shoes with water, all the shapes and sizes of the feet are considered.

Below I’ll present you the best quick drying options and those that will protect your baby's wide feet, regardless of whether they are boys or girls:

1. Native Kid's Jefferson Slip-On

Native Kid's Jefferson Slip-On (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

This water shoe is made from 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It’s perforated and completely waterproof to keep the ventilation going and heat out in the summer. It’s also an absorbent for socks and when dirty, can be hand washed. With odor resistant capability so you don’t have to worry that the shoe stinks anymore. Sizes are available for toddlers and little kids, but there is always no larger size for big kids of 8years or older.

2. L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes

L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks, Shoes for Beach Pool Surfing Yoga

This product is made from polyester and has a rubber sole. It’s highly durable and resistant to give your toddler comfort. It’s also stretchy and adhesive so that slipping or fall is minimized. With a thick rubber sole, there is a sure protection against injury from rough surfaces. You can get all the various sizes available for all foot types.

3. Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes

Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip Water Skin Barefoot Sports Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys, Girls Toddler

This product is made from high-quality material and it overlays to cover the top of your toddler’s feet giving it a good grip. With top quality rubber sole to offer great protection to feet, it also has a smooth neck to make it very convenient for toddlers that love to do things themselves. It is just perfect for everything both wet, dry, indoors and outdoors.

4. DADAWEN Baby's Boy's Girl's Water Shoes

DADAWEN Baby's Boy's Girl's Water Shoes Lightweight Breathable Mesh Running Sneakers Sandals

These shoes are synthetic and rubber sole. An advantage they have is that they can be washed by machine, which makes them ideal for beach days or for any exit, without having to wash them by hand afterward. So you don't have to worry about it!

In addition, they dry quickly and their opening is elastic, ideal for your baby to put them on and remove them easily, but at the same time securing their feet.

5. Fresko Toddler and Little Kids Water Shoes for Boys and Girls

Fresko Toddler and Little Kids Water Shoes for Boys and Girls

Made with neoprene upper and a thick rubber sole, any wide feet toddler is sure to be well protected and comfortable in fresco. Parents will no longer have to worry about sharp rocks, jagged shells, stinging sea creatures, broken glass, slippery surfaces, and hot sand anymore. 

The upper of it has a mesh that will keep the shoes breathable space while on. With adjustable Velcro, this will be very easy to put on and take off. With all these features, fresco should be a must-have for toddlers during the summer.

6. Aquakiks Water Aqua Shoes for Boys & Girls

Aquakiks Water Aqua Shoes for Boys & Girls, Kids Waterproof Sandals

This product can be worn by your little ones anywhere, in the pool, ocean, lake or even while taking a shower. These shoes are waterproof and dry very fast. 

Its sturdy and durable rubber sole protects their soles from blazing hot sand and pavements, rocks and sharp seashells at the beach. Also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap offers a secure fit. They can run, jump, skip and their shoes will stay put on their feet. Offering complete comfort to wide feet toddlers because they are lightweight and breathable and your child will want to wear them all summer long. Comes in multiple colors to choose from, this way you can have your toddlers favorite color at all times.


You may be wondering if your child really needs these shoes for water. Moms, the answer is a great yes!

Statistics show that there has been a reduction in the accident rate and injury reports in outdoor activities that involve young children as a result of the protection offered by shoes and water socks. Therefore, for a better grip during all activities, get a water shoe for all your small children.

In addition, some of them come with amenities for us, mothers, such as openings that allow you to put them in and out with comfort, quick drying, and the best of all, you can clean them in the washing machine! You don't even have to worry about how tedious it can be to wash them by hand.

In conclusion, keeping your toddlers dry during any wet outdoor activity can be an easy task. With a lot of water shoes to choose from and sizes for wide and thin feet, you can never be happier with the little ones and with yourself.