10 good and sturdy toddler kitchen stool for your toddler

Best toddler kitchen stool for your little helpers in the kitchen

By Rebecca jones
10 good and sturdy toddler kitchen stool for your toddler

I know having a toddler participate in the kitchen is a little frightening, especially because a kitchen isn’t designed to be a place where kids can have fun, accidents do and can occur in kitchens even with adults, that’s why safety kitchen use needs to be in place. With that said, with great supervision, and care, parents can introduce and have their toddler help and participate in a few kitchen activities like grating a cheese, peeling the garlic, offloading the dishwasher or picking cutlery, this is all small but big efforts towards infusing cooking and kitchen interest in your child.

Eating healthy is important and introducing this habits to our kids from an early stage is the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle. The rate of child obesity in America is high, therefore making our kid’s eating habits a healthy one is a priority. If your toddler shows interest in participating in the kitchen, don’t be scared, encourage them by getting them their own safety toddler kitchen equipment, and toddler stools to support their height and give them the balance they require.

Best toddler kitchen helper stool

A child’s helper stool gives your toddler the security that is required for a child to safely stand and be in the kitchen to help mom and dad in preparing meals. 

1. Little partner toddler and adult step up stool.

Amazon.com: Little Partners Toddler & Adult Step Up Stool | 3-in-1 Adjustable Height Stepstool Kitchen, Bathroom Nursery (Natural): Kitchen & Dining

This Toddler stepping stool is made of solid wood, Adjustable 3-step step stool. It is perfect for helping kids of all ages and their parents reach kitchen and bathroom sinks, high up nursery shelves. The wood is of high quality with a safe, non-toxic, Durable, natural wood finish. this sturdy stool is design to support up to 250lbs (on first step only) without wobbling or tipping over. It comes with a built-in safety handrails grips give your little one confidence and independence to safely explore their environment and express their independence. This stool was designed specifically for parents that don’t want to spend so much money on a kitchen helper stool. It is affordable and has an extra function like converting into a toddler eating table after helping mom or dad prepare the food, so you see, it’s kind of a complete package.

2. SDADI kitchen step stool with safety rail

Amazon.com: SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail CPSC Certified - for Toddlers 12 Months and Older, Black: Kitchen & Dining

This toddler stool elevates your baby to counter heights, teach them cooking skills to get a helper in near future. It is made from solid wood that is high lasting, carefully coated with durable,non-toxic, lead-free coating. The four sided railings provide perfect support and safety when your child is inside. A child from age 18 months to 4 years can comfortably enjoy the stool and it has a 150lbs load bearing capacity. This product will be a support for your child to safely stand on in the kitchen, great for small living places as well.

3. Guide craft kitchen helper tower set-up stool

Amazon.com: Guidecraft Kitchen Helper - Limited Edition Blue: Kitchen & Dining

This toddler stool provides a safe, fun environment for kids who are interested and excited to participate in the kitchen. The Guidecraft kitchen helper stool is readily available in different great styles, it is extremely lightweight and easy to move around and change positions. It is a foldable sturdy wooden structure, and safely elevates children to countertop heights. It features a fun educative cutouts. This toddler kitchen stool encourages family togetherness and bonding. It is the perfect product for your toddler and you in the kitchen.

4. Naomi home kids on the rise step stool

Amazon.com: Naomi Home Kids On The Rise Step Stool White: Kitchen & Dining

The Naomi Home Kids On the Rise Step Stool is constructed to assist in those hard to reach areas in the house. It can be utilized in the kitchen, bedroom, or any other room throughout your home to let your little one rise high. Handles on each side aide in climbing up and down the steps, and they help with moving this lightweight stepping stool. This handy little stepping stool safely supports up to 125 lbs. For Ages 3

5. Kidzwerk child standing stool

Amazon.com: Kidzwerks Child Standing Tower - Child Kitchen Helper Step Stool with Adjustable Standing Platform - Wooden Montessori Standing Tower - Kid's Step Stool: Kitchen & Dining

This stylish child standing tower is made of birchwood plywood and is very safe and durable! Kidzwerks is dedicated to providing great products for all families and each standing tower was inspected to ensure that the quality is of the highest level. The stool is designed for 1 child between the age of 1-3.  It is made from birchwood plywood, which makes it extremely durable. 

6. Simplay3 toddler tower

Amazon.com: Simplay3 Toddler Tower Childrens Step Stool with Three Adjustable Heights, Gray: Kitchen & Dining

This toddler tower is designed with total safety in mind. It is a completely enclosed step up platform for toddler with rounded edges and rubber anti-skid feet, and can be assembled in 5 minutes. It is constructed with a durable wall construction that is easy to clean. It can support toddler and children from 1-4yrs of age, with a weight of up to 150 pounds. It grows with your children and easily adjust into three different heights. It has a 34.5 inches height which allows easy storage under island kitchen counters when not in use.

7. Little partners learning stool step stool

Amazon.com : Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Step Stool | Chalkboard Limited Editon Adjustable Height Kitchen Helper (Earl Grey) : Baby

Little partner toddler stool is your child little kitchen helper. It is durable, sturdy, solid wood step up stool that brings them safely right up to counter height. The flat edges allow the tower to sit right up against the edges of your counter so your little one can work independently or help you cook, bake, and wash up. The four-sided frame has a safety rail, handholds and non-slip platform to allow your child to climb in and out of safety without toppling out. The adjustable platform has four heights and support up to 500lbs (226g) to grow with your little helper. The constructed of layered birch and popular with a non-toxic, safe, durable natural wood finishing.

8. Guidecraft contemporary kitchen helper stool

Guidecraft toddler kitchen helper stool

Guidecraft kitchen helper stool is one of parents favorites. It is made of wood and comes in different colors white, tan and black. It is a foldable sturdy wood that is easily moveable and light to handle. It gives a toddler the security you desire and easy to assemble. This stool is a perfect addition to the family, encourages family togetherness and bonding. Making mom and baby kitchen time a fun one. the Kitchen Helper stool has an additional layer of security for the littlest Kitchen Helper users. The Keeper is only meant for use with tots who need to use the tallest platform setting. Adjust the platform to 15” or 18” to keep your Kitchen Helper stool at the perfect height for your growing child.

9. Costszon folding step stool 3 tier wood ladder

Costzon Folding Step Stool 3 Tier Wood Ladder (Dark nut-Brown) - - Amazon.com

It is a premium Quality stool, Constructed by premium solid pine wood, this 3 tire Folding Step Stool is extraordinarily sturdy and durable for you and family to use for a long period of time. Folding Design - The 2 tiers can be easily hidden into the 3rd tier, so you can use it as a 1 tier high stool. Either for storage or put it aside is space-saving. Easy to Transfer - Even though it is sturdy and durable with heavy weight capacity of 300 lbs, it is light weighted for convenient transport, which can be taken up by kids or seniors without much efforts. Smooth and Safe - All the 3 steps are polished smoothly for great appearance, while there are sockets for increasing friction to keep secure when you stand on it. With this 3-step stool ladder, you can securely and safety do any chores such as reaching a high cabinet, changing the light bulb or washing the windows, our products make it easier to get any job done!

10. Little helper fun pod kitchen step stool with Adjustable height.

Amazon.com: Little Helper FunPod Kitchen Step Stool Tower with Adjustable Height, Grey: Toys & Games

This stool is a safe environment to get toddlers from 12 months up to six years. 5 height settings accommodating the average height of a 12 months old to 6 years. The kitchen stool is fully enclosed, and it is important that the child’s chest in line with the top of the funpod for safety. To be able to use this stool, the child mostly able to stand on his own in order to use It safely. for parents that want to spend time in the kitchen while keeping the child engaged and safe. This stools allows your child to participate in cooking/washing/craft activities. The only toddler kitchen step stool that is fully enclosed. Great for parent and child bonding

Foldable toddler kitchen helper stool

As much as we want a kitchen toddler stool that is strong, safe and accommodating to our child’s need, it’s also important to get one that is easily storable and collapsable so that it can be kept neatly after use without taking too much kitchen space, and it’s perfect for a small house. The following are some example(s) of foldable/collapsable toddler kitchen stools:

1. Guidecraft kitchen helper

The Guide craft classic kitchen helper stool ivory is first on our list of foldable toddler stools.

It comes with adjustable heights, folding step stools for safe kitchen cooking for the toddler. Chalk board and whiteboard message boards. The ultimate kid learning furniture.

Amazon.com: Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Green - Limited Edition: Toys & Games

2. Costzon folding step stool 3-tier wood ladder (nut brown)

Costzon folding step stool 3-tier wood ladder

This wooden step stool is constructed by premium solid pine wood, this 3-tier folding step stool is extraordinarily sturdy and durable for you and your child to use safely for a long period of time. Even though it is steady and durable with large capacity of 198lbs, it is light weight for convenient travel and reposition.

3. Shabby metal cosco step stool

Amazon.com: Cosco 11120RED1E Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool, Red: Home Improvement

Easy to clean, Quality vinyl upholstery that makes cleaning a breeze. With Non-marring Leg tips to keep the floor clean. Comfortable cushioned seat and back, Stylish chrome finish. Multi-purpose and counter height chair provides extra seating when needed or uses the 225 lb. capacity step stool to help safely reach to the tallest height.

4. Acko 16 inches folding step kitchen stool for kids and adults.

Amazon.com: Acko 16 Inches Super Strong Folding Step Stool for Adults and Kids, White Kitchen Stepping Stools, Garden Step Stool, Holds up to 330 LBS: Kitchen & Dining

Acko 16-inches super strong stepping stool is design for adults and kids. Easily foldable and light weight. Made of strong rubber, with multipurpose functions, it can be a stepping stool, kitchen stool and garden stool. Holds up to 330lbs and is easily washable and cleanable. 

DIY toddler kitchen helper stool

Having a sturdy toddler stool for your little one is very important. When kids show interest in being and participating in the kitchen, always encourage them by delegating small responsibilities like washing your cup, picking the cutlery or tasting meals. This little steps encourages a child into developing an interest in learning and exploring in the kitchen. A lot of online stores like Amazon, Alibaba and other stores have different and large variety of toddler kitchen stools for every family need, but it's important to always think and consider safety first instead of being carried away with the elaborate and fancy designs. The following youtube videos give you an idea of a DIY project of a toddler kitchen stool.

Infusing a personalize logo, shapes or images that mean a lot to you and your child is a great way to give a personal touch to your toddlers' kitchen stool. And you can also save a lot of money just by doing that. Doing a DIY project of your kid kitchen stool will give you time to bond and have fun with your baby either by selecting color and painting.

Safety with toddler kitchen helper stools

1. Do not place a safety stool on a wet or slippery floor

Most kitchen toddler stools are either made from wood or rubber, and being in contact with a wet ground can cause accidental slippery. Even though these days, the legs come with gears and fasteners, try avoiding putting your child in a compromising situation by making sure the floor surface where the stool is going to be placed on is completely dry and free from any form of liquid.

2. Keep the toddler kitchen stool away or near the cooking gas/stove

Please, we all know that most children are inquisitive and curious about learning, never allow your toddler kitchen chair placed in a close proximity to the cooker. We don’t want kids touching things that can potentially be hazardous to their health. Always keep the stool where you can clearly see what’s happening at every moment.  

3. Always ensure the safety rails are tightly fastened and locked

The rails are what gives your toddler the comfort of moving and standing freely on the stool without feeling scared or falling off. 

4. The kitchen helper stool should only be used as instructed

Be mindful of the weight capacity and the number of kids on the stool at a time. Do not abuse its terms and conditions in order to have it last longer, even though it is durable, cause most of the kitchen stools are made of wood

5. Replace any worn out parts

Replace any worn out parts especially the safety rails and grips when needed to avoid accidental injuries.

6. Clean adequately

Clean with wipes or hot towel after every use to give your child adequate protection against germs and disease.


In conclusion to picking the best sturdy toddler kitchen stool for your child, always make sure you make adequate about the product, make sure it meets both the requirements of your child and your home. Do not allow fancy or packaging overshadow your judgment.  The kitchen stool should be able to provide your baby with adequate support to stand and move safely without falling or sustaining injuries. Always keep the stool in close proximity to your sight, where you can supervise and make sure your child is safe. Replace or retighten any worn out parts that need to get fixed so as to rule out any possibility of your kid sustaining injuries. Apart from that, Have fun and enjoy monents with your kid in the kitchen learning and creating awesome memories.