Trending nursery decor for girls and boys room in 2018

Decoration themes and ideas for a warm and inviting baby nursery

By Rosemary Zenith
Trending nursery decor for girls and boys room in 2018

Baby nursery room decor

Are you planning to design your baby’s room with a comfortable and stylish nursery to give them a world of their own? We have got you covered. 2018 is almost ending and but before it ends, let's recap with the favorite nursery trends that parents covet after. Just sit back and enjoy our top-rated decor list. As the winter is knocking at our doors, be sure to get some inspirations to design a cosy and stylish nursery for your little baby.

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Themes and Ideas for baby nursery

This year is all about the world of magic and fairy tales for the babies. You can encourage your baby’s creativity by designing a nursery for him/her with plush toys and bright colors. Here are some themes that can help you choose a suitable room décor for the little ones.

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1. Unicorn Theme

Unicorns are a girl’s best friend and a boy’s adventure buddy. It does not matter how old your child is, decorating your room with unicorn plush toys and stylish unicorn designer bedsheets and pillows will look amazing in your child’s nursery.

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2. Circus Theme

Who does not like to see a circus? Especially children who love carnival themes where there will be toys shaped like elephants, giraffes, monkeys etc. and bedsheet designed in carnival shades. 


3. Mountain Theme

Your child will be thrilled if he or she finds the room decorated with a frozen theme and a giant mountain bear plush toy sitting by side cradle. You can use the snowy concept from Frozen and add it to the mountain theme.

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4. Savanna Theme

Posh, classy and sober colors. That is the theme you should go for if you want to give your child a cosy feeling. Get him/her fluffy toys and cute, furry blankets. You can adjust the colors like pink, grey, white, baby blue and play with the design of the room.

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5. Adventure Theme

Give your child a time of his/her life with the adventure room. Get him jungle theme furniture and animal toys and see how s/he jumps into the Tarzan mode. This theme will surely make him/her more active and playful.

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6. Royal Theme

This theme is generally for girls, but hey let us not gender discriminate at these little children. You can choose baby pink or blue for the room and decorate it with a royal bed, classy furniture and maybe a tea-set or a horse to take them on majestic adventures.

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7. Harry Potter Theme

Most of us love Harry Potter since we were kids right? Why not give them the same feeling and introduce them to Hogwarts from their baby days? Who knows, maybe the magic and adventure will help your baby to be brave like Harry or smart like Hermione.  

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8. Astronaut Theme

Let your baby be the pilot of his/her own life with the astronaut theme room décor. Your child will have a good time exploring the universe. You can add up a wall map or puzzle games for them to learn about the universe. This will be knowledgeable plus fun for them.

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Nursery decor for girls

We know how much you adore your baby girl and how important it is to decorate it with beautiful colors and furniture for your little princess. We have brought 4 top decorating ideas for you.

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1. Floral Patterns

Imagine your child having the amazing feeling of entering a garden with the brightly decorated flower patterns and creatively planned out the interior. Matching the lights with the whole theme can bring a bright presence to it. Adding a plant or two in the room will make it look like a real garden.

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2. Minimalist Designer

Are you looking for something within your budget and still elegant? Go for the minimalistic design where you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars and still design an amazing room for your little girl.

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3. Luxury Baby Suit

Of course, you can go over the edge with your baby’s room design and make a posh room for her. Choosing classy royal pink or satin-silk bed cover, curtains will surely bring a royal touch to it. Plus adding engraved furniture along with a teacup set will create the perfect luxury nursery for the little princess.

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4. Twin Baby Room

If you have two beautiful daughters or twins of two genders then why not go for something they both will like? Grey and white are two soothing colors and bring calmness to your soul. Your children will love the room if it is designed for both of them. It will also give them a chance to create sibling love.

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Nursery decor for boys

Coming to the boys, here are top 4 designs that you can use for your boy’s room.

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1. Plain and Simple

Boys will be boys and they will be messy. So why not go for simple designs that look neutral and elegant? Black and white colors will look lovely on the room with a bunch of simple paintings and a plain crib in the room.

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2. Modern Nursery

A modern approach to a boy’s nursery would be to stylize it with less furniture and more free space. Give them space to play with their toys. You can add in baby books and puzzle games for them to compliment the room.

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3. Forest Explorer

Let your little boy be the next Tarzan or Bear Grills in his adventurous room. The little explorer will love the decoration if you add animal toys, plants and of course a brightly colored wall.

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4. Starry Night

A child needs a space of his own to dream of reaching new heights. Let him dream of exploring the moon or becoming the next Van Gogh while sleeping in his galaxy themed room.

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Pretty furniture sets worth looking out for

Now when it comes to decorating a classy nursery for your baby, the first thing that comes in mind is the furniture. There is no need to mention how essential furniture is in a baby’s room to make it look outstanding. You can also choose furniture theme-wise to create a balance among colors and furniture in the nursery.

Here are some of the nursery furniture chosen specially for your baby –

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1. Colby 4-in-1 Convertible 2 Piece Crib Set

This four-in-one convertible crib set in from Carter’s will cost you around $340 only. It is made of solid, manufactured pine wood and includes a convertible crib and a dresser. The set comes in grey and white colors which are soothing to the eye.

Source: Little West Street/Facebook

2. Palisades 4-in-1 Convertible 3 Piece Crib Set

This 4-in-1 convertible by Sorelle will cost you around $420 with the package of 1 crib, 1 dressing table with hamper pull out and a 4-drawer dresser. Designed from solid pine wood, this furniture will look classy in your baby’s modern room.

Source: Josephines Baby Boutique/Facebook

3. Lemonade Kids 3 Piece Square Table and Chair Set

This retro-modern table chair set is made of metal. It contains one play table and two backless tools. This set from Babyletto is finished in non-toxic multi-step staining and is lead and phthalate safe. The whole play set will cost you around $299 only.

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DIY your own decorations for a more personalized touch

Want to make your child's room unique and creative? Here are some ideas that your child will love and will make the room look amazing. Best part, they are inexpensive and easy to make!

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1. Story Book Prints

Design the walls of your child’s room with fables that are framed in the wall like paintings. Your child will grow up seeing them and learning new stories on the process.

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2. Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Here are a fun and creative way to decorate your baby’s room, add alphabets of various sizes on the wall which you can decorate with yarn-wrap. You can use colorful yarns to make it look stylish or follow a specific color pattern yet give your child something to learn.

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3. Frame-up the walls

Decorating walls with expensive paintings can be a nightmare for some parents. Well, you do not need classic artworks for your baby’s nursery. Play with your options among paper cutouts, patterns, fabric etc to make your very own creative wall arts.

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Now it is time for you to come up with a theme for your baby’s nursery from these 2018 designs and customize the designs with your favourite furniture set. We hope your baby loves the new room will design for him/her. Happy decorating!