Try These Comfortable 10 Baby Sling Wraps Of 2018

A review of the top 10 best baby sling wraps for newborns

By Michele
Try These Comfortable 10 Baby Sling Wraps Of 2018

What exactly are Baby Sling Wraps? : Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling - Slate - Medium : Child Carrier Slings : Baby

A baby sling wrap is a piece of cloth that supports a newborn or infant on the body of the person carrying the child. The act of using baby sling wraps to carry infants is known as “baby-wearing”.

Conventionally, sling wraps were used to carry anything that is bulky whilst giving the carrier time to indulge in other things. Apart from fabric, animal skin and baskets have been used to carry infants in past. The routine of using baby wraps and slings has been found to be effective and gives advantages to both the baby and the carrier. 

Sling wraps are of various types ranging from ring slings, pouch slings and even using a simple piece of cloth.

Why do we need a Baby Sling?


When you become a parent, we can all agree that getting things done becomes much more difficult because the newborn demands attention all the time – including when they are sleeping! Therefore, the need for baby wraps. The idea is to keep the baby with you always. They will be safe, sound and secured while making you free enough to do other things.

It has been medically proven that while using a baby wrap to carry your baby bring closeness between the baby wearer and the baby, this also provides the much-needed comfort to baby, who has stayed in the cozy womb for close to 9 months. Wearing your baby makes you hands-free where you can commit to doing other house chores and cook, at the same time you could burn an excess 300 calories for all that (baby) heavy lifting! 


In this review, we have made a wide collection of baby wraps that have different ways of using them depending on the wearer's requirements. But you can be assured that you will find some models that will interest you. Some are easy to harness, while some are quite intricate and requires some bit of mastery. The fabrics of the models selected are comfortable enough for the baby and there will be no irritations on baby's soft skin. There are instructions on how to use, so that this way, you can be sure that your baby is nestled securely to you and you are also free enough to do other things.

Below is a list of ten best baby sling wraps of 2018.

Reviews of Best 10 Baby Sling Wraps for Newborns

1. Vlokup Wrap

Soft Comfortable Baby Ring Sling Toddler Carriers and more.

This model is unique mostly because of its 100% cotton design. This fabric is known for its softness and elasticity. Due to these two factors, the comfort of your baby will be guaranteed. No form of irritation and is gentle on baby's skin. It can be used for a girl or boy child.

2. Babylonia Baby Wrap

Ring Slings, Wraps & Mei Tai Baby Carriers | Comfortable & Ergonomic – Babylonia USA: Baby Carriers, Organic & Fair Trade

This wrap is made of 100% organic cotton. Because of its soft nature, it is ideal for the skin of the baby. You will get your money’s worth for this wrap because of its organic material. Once you get the hang of knotting it at first, you will not have to knot again. However, in summer this is not the best baby sling wrap to use. The organic material tends to retain more heat than necessary. 

3. Moby Classic Scarf



This type of baby wrap is ideal for babies from birth to about 36 months of age. It can carry infants that weigh in excess of 14kg. With this baby sling wrap, there is absolutely no need to knot the sling. It has been done for you. So, if you are someone who is always in a hurry, this sling wrap is recommended. The material is soft and dense and does not deform as the baby grows. It can also be used during the summer. With this wrap, the baby can be carried from the front, at the back, and on the hip. Breast feeding is also possible!

4. JPMBB Original

Baby Wrap Carriers

This baby sling wrap allows you to tie the knot at a comfortable position before carrying the baby. It measures about 500cm by 70cm and is ideal for babies of larger sizes. The fabric is soft and elastic and really feels cool on the skin of the baby. 

5. Babylonia Sling Wrap with Ring


Organic Cotton Padded Baby Sling - Babylonia USA

This baby sling wrap is good for babies from when they are born until they are about 2 to 3 years of age. The aluminum adjustment rings allows you to adjust to fit baby growing size. The sling wrap is made of 100% organic fabric and measures about 220cm by 67cm. The wrap also has padding at the shoulders that help to bear the weight of the baby. The only downside to the wrap is the cost.

6. Babypeta Baby Wrap

Babypeta | High Quality Baby Products

This sling wrap is made of very soft baby friendly materials that help to relieve pressure off the carrier. Knotting the sling is quite easy and it even has a lifetime warranty. The material is made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex material which gives it a little stretch on the elasticity.

7. Mei Tai

Adjustable mei tai baby carrier | Ling Ling d'amour

As the name suggests, this is the Asian version of a baby sling wrap. It has a headrest that can be used to support the head of the baby. It is made up of 100% cotton and has straps that the carrier ties around the baby to give it the extra support, makes a double knot at the waist and the baby can be placed and removed easily. 

8. Tonga Hammock : Tonga Fit Hammock Black Baby Carrier Adjustable wrap Infant Backpack Sling Newborn : Baby

This wrap sling comes in form of a woven mesh. It can be used for babies from birth but this also makes the baby less secure than as to using a normal sling. The advantage however, is that in the summer, because of the mesh-like nature, the baby will still feel cool. With this product, the baby can only be worn from the side. 

9. Manduca Chocolate : Manduca Standard Edition Carrier (Black) : Baby

This is for the dads in the house. The toddler will feel safe and secure when the carrier uses this sling wrap. It is made of 100% organic material and it feels light and cool to the touch. It is ideal summer. It is also elastic and allows the carrier shift the weight of the baby from the hips to the back. The sides are marked with different colours to help you while knotting.

10. Hana BAMBOO Baby Wrap : Hana BAMBOO Baby Wrap Light, lush and breathable baby slings | BAMBOO-Org. Cotton-Elastane, Purple, Regular : Baby

Made of bamboo and organic cotton, this award winning brand in 2017 is a darling to new parents with it's breathable and hypo allergenic materials and heavy duty feature, taking up to the weight of 12.5kg.

Instructions on How to Wear

This babywearing wrap tutorial works for any knit wrap, including the Moby wrap, Solly baby, Boba, etc.

Wearing a baby sling wrap is quite easy. You just need to follow the instructions below:

  • Locate the label, which is the center of the wrap and hold it to your chest.
  • Cross the wrap under your right arm and over you left shoulder and vice versa.
  • Tie the loose ends under the part you held to your chest in the first place.
  • Keep wrapping around you and then make a double knot at the end.
  • Keep the baby on your shoulders and then place the legs between the first crosses you made.
  • Spread out the material at the back of the baby from one knee to the other.
  • Put the horizontal part of the wrap under your armpit and over the legs of the baby.
  • Spread it to the neck of the baby and then fold it under the buttocks.
  • Pull out the head of the baby, making sure he or she is breathing fine and fold the back of the baby with the fabric that runs over your shoulder.
  • Kiss the baby on the forehead to make sure that the baby is at the correct height.


Baby sling wraps can play an important part in bringing up baby. You can carry the baby for evening strolls or carry out chores in and around the home while the baby is nestled really close to you. Always take note of baby's safety while using baby slings and make sure that baby is secure and the knots are tight. With that, I hope this review has been beneficial and you got the information needed to make your next purchase.