Top 17 baby fences reviewed and recommended by parents

The different types of baby fences every household should have

By Ashley N. Johnson
Top 17 baby fences reviewed and recommended by parents

Basics of Gates and Fences: an overview

Keeping your baby safe is a huge part of your responsibility as a parent, and if you're parenting a mobile child, it might even seem like a full-time job!  You are well-versed on safe sleep practices and you still have the spreadsheet you made that compared and contrasted safest car seats on the market. And now, here you are at the stage of baby proofing your home to continue on the trend of safety. 

Baby gates and fences are important tools for keeping your baby safe.  They can block areas in your home where there are safety hazards, such as the top of the stairs or near the fireplace.  Some can confine your baby to one, safe space while you step away for a moment to switch over a load of laundry.  

How do they work?

Just as no two homes are alike, subsequently no two baby gates or fences are alike either.  Heck, no two babies are alike, even if you're raising identical twins! The choices out there for gates and fences reflect the uniqueness of every home and family.  There is a design for every need, but most gates and fences fall into one of these basic design categories:

Position and Lock

The name is self-explanatory: first, the gate is positioned, then it is locked, usually with some sort of apparatus that pushes the ends of the gate away from the center and more tightly against the walls on either side. This type is typically very portable, as you can easily release them and move them from one place to another.  The portability aspect, however, does not make this type of fence a good candidate for the tops of stairs. 

This gate is positioned in a doorway and locked into place by pushing down on the blue handle at the top. As the handle is pushed, the sides of the gates are tightened against the wood in the doorway. The blue dial is an additional lock, unique to this particular style of gate, as are the blue legs at the bottom to help keep it upright.

Pressure Mount

These gates and fences are similar to the Position and Lock design, with a key difference.  The tension comes from the sides of the gate rather than the center.  The gate is first positioned, then the screws on all 4 corners are expanded until they reach the wall.  Once the screws are tight against the wall, they push on springs within the gate that keep it steady and also ensure that the door (if applicable) stays closed. The advantage of this design is that it is a more permanent fixture than the position and lock style.  Another advantage is that it provides safety and security without putting additional holes in your walls or woodwork from anchoring. 

The gate is positioned and locked into place when the 4 screws put tension on the internal springs. If the gate were not tight enough, the door would swing open rather than latch and lock into place.

Multiple Configurations

Also called a 2 in 1 gate, this type of gate can fence off a particular area or create an enclosure for baby. To accomplish this versatility, this type of gate typically has sections that pivot on a fulcrum so that gate coverage can be customized.  Many have sections that will pivot in either direction for optimal customization of your unique space. 

This type of gate can be freestanding or mounted to a doorway or wall. Often that can create their own enclosure as well and double as a play pen.

Doorway, Walkway, and Stairs

This type of gate is designed to block doorways, walkways, and stairs.  Generally, there is a large piece, with or without a door, that either expands to fit an opening or has pieces that can be added or subtracted to customize the fit. These are available in a variety of styles, most commonly the aforementioned types: position and lock, pressure mount, and multiple configurations.  The type you need depends on your safety needs.

This gate is a pressure mount style that has been installed in a doorway/walkway. A position and lock gate could work in this place as well, as would a permanent fixture secured with screws and anchors, and also a multiple configurations gate.

Baby fences for the play yard

The type of fence that works best for the play yard is a multiple configurations style.  With sections that can be moved and positioned in various directions, and its a great tool to have if you want to make a safe play space in a variety of ways. 

1. North States Super Yard

I have this fence and in my humble opinion its one of the best designs on the market.  It falls into the multiple configurations style, featuring sections that move in either direction, a locking walk-through door, and a strap for carrying. It is intended for both indoor and outdoor use, is lightweight and inexpensive.  

The versatility of this play yard is what really won me over. Since it’s made of panels, you can actually switch the panels around and set them up to suit your needs.

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2. Regalo

This fence is similar to the North States gate except that it lacks the portability, and is intended to be anchored into the wall. It is also intended for indoor use only, since it is metal. Its a good option for a home that requires a more permanent fixture. 

Would give 10 stars if I could! Best deal and well made! I like that 95% of this is metal and the small plastic parts can be replaced if need be. Super easy to use. It does weight more than i had hoped for at 15-20lb and is taller than the descriptions.

Click here to buy Regalo

3. Summer Infant Playsafe Playard

This fence is similar to the North States gate, simply smaller, and without the door and strap features. 

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Baby fences around fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home having a fence to keep your baby away from hot surfaces is imperative.  The risk for a mobile baby being burned to be one of these heat sources is high.  It doesn't matter if you have a wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace, or a pellet stove.  These fixtures get very hot and simply telling baby "no-no" is not enough to keep him or her safe. Fortunately, there are many styles out there specifically for around the hearth.

4. KidCo Autoclose gate

This gate is metal and is affixed around the hearth by wall anchoring.  It features a locking door so that adults can easily pass through to tend to the fire, while keeping the baby away. 

This is a great baby gate! We searched all over looking for a baby gate that would fit our large area and that wasn't an eye sore. The gate is quality and very sturdy. Our 9 month old has been testing it day after day trying to tear it down, but it stays firmly in place and doesn't bow in the middle like some other baby gates. We are very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend this gate!

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5. Dreambaby Adaptable

This fence is similar to the KidCo Autoclose, except it features a metal and mesh design. 

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Baby fences around pool

Having an at-home pool is a luxury that certainly has its benefits, including getting your baby to feel comfortable in the water and learning to swim.  A major risk of having a pool, however, is potential drowning.  Having a safety fence around a home swimming pool where any young children are living is critical for their safety and preventing drowing. 

6. Water Warden

This fence for around the pool comes in tall sections of screens with a top latch.  One screen is typically permanently affixed to a house or gate which keeps the structure upright. 

This is very easy to install, and the fence is good and sturdy. I bought 10 sections of fence (as well as the gate) and from first getting the product out the box to having the gate leveled and adjusted took about 8 hours. That included the time to actually read the instructions and plan out the fence route.

Buy the Water Warden 4' self closing gate here

7. Sentry Safety DIY Pool Fence

This fence is made of a thick mesh roll that is arranged around the water space as needed. Metal poles are secured into the concrete around the pool to keep the structure upright. 

Purchase the Sentry Pool fence here

Indoor baby fences

Do you often need a minute to start cooking dinner without your baby constantly under foot?  Do you need the dogs to stop jumping all over the baby but you don't have any way of separating them? Or, maybe you're just tired and would like to put your baby somewhere safe while you scroll through your social media feed for a bit (we ALL do it!) An indoor baby fence can help you accomplish this in a few different ways. 

8. Summer Infant Walk Thru Gate

This gate is a pressure mount gate providing the perfect way to keep your baby in or out of a particular area. It comes with sections that can be easily added or removed to customize the size of your gate. 

Y Spindles can be purchased separately and added to a pressure mount gate that will be secured to banister spindles on stairs. The Y shape acommodates the roundless of banister spindles whereas the factory grips are flat for wall surfaces.

I purchased this gate to keep my 16 month old son out of the kitchen. The entrance to my kitchen has a wide opening, 45 in, and this gate fit perfectly. It's very sturdy. My son hangs on it, grabs the bars and shakes them and it doesn't budge. I also removed the gate stopper so it can swing both ways. I used to have another wide gate, that cost about the same, but was very flimsy. That gate was good to keep the dogs out but not a strong toddler. Overall I'm very pleased with this gate and wish I would have bought it sooner.

Purchase Summer Infant Walk Thru gate here

9. Wonderspace Baby Playpen

This is an attractive multiple configurations gate that has pieces that can be removed completed.  The play space can be as large or as small as you need since this system is completely customizable. It is freestanding, and plastic with a locking walk-through door. 

Buy the Wonder Space Playpen here

10. Regalo 192 inch Super Wide Adjustable

This gate is intended for indoor use only and comes in a prefixed 192-inch gate that can either be a fence or an enclosure. 

Buy the Regalo gate here

11. Summer Infant Pop and Play

This little playpen is made of a breathable mesh and metal poles with pins.  It has a waterproof floor, and it folds and unfolds easily for a lightweight and portable fixture. There is also a removable canopy for outdoor use. 

Purchase the Summer Infant Pop and Play here

12. Evenflo Versatile Playspace

A multiple configurations fence system similar to others we have covered with its own unique locking system. 

Purchase Evenflo gates here

13. Costzon 3 in 1

Another multiple configurations fence system with many of the same benefits as other we have covered, but available in attractive and colorful options with built-in entertainment for your baby. 

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Portable baby fences

These fences have all of the versatility of indoor baby fences with an added benefit of being portable.  If you do any traveling with your baby, be it business trips, vacations, or even visiting relatives, a portable baby fence can be a life-saver in spaces that are not baby proofed like your home. 

14. Pack and Play

This is a classic baby registry item because of the versatility it offers.  It is part crib, part playpen, that folds into a relatively small bundle with a bag and carrying strap.  The space inside is somewhat limited as a playpen, and the gear can be quite heavy, at around 50 lb if everything is included in the carrying bag.  

Go here for more Pack and Play options or to buy

15. North States

This is a mesh gate that uses the position and lock method with the added benefit of folding like fabric when not in use. 

Click here to buy North States fabric travel gate

16. Brica Fold and Go

A portable and foldable mesh gate that is similar to the North States gate in design and function.  This mesh gate also features a locking walk-through door. 

Click here to buy the Brica travel gate

17. Lindam Flexiguard Travel Stair Gate

This is yet another portable mesh gate with position and lock installation and a walk-through door. It has an attractive and modern look which might be preferable to the clunkier gates for some families. 

Flexiguard is easy for storage and to install. Earlier I had a safety gate from Safety 1st but it was not easy to install and requires hardware.

Purchase Lindam gate here


Your baby's safety is a top priority to you as a parent.  Using baby fences and gates inside and outside of your home can help reduce the risk of some serious harm to your baby.  There are many different types of gates available on the market to suit your needs.  Remember that baby gates are specially designed with infant safety in mind, and while pet gates are similar in many ways, they are not an appropriate substitute for a baby specific brand or product.