8 top virtual boyfriend apps on Android and iOS

Try these virtual boyfriend apps for some tongue-in-cheek humor

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8 top virtual boyfriend apps on Android and iOS

The meaning of virtual boyfriend

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Do you want the warmth and affection from someone, yet not ready to deal with all the fuss in a relationship? Are you simply just too shy around the opposite sex? Whatever the reason is, a virtual boyfriend may just be the solution for you. As its name suggests, a virtual boyfriend gives you the sensation a real boyfriend does, only on the virtual network.

Having a virtual boyfriend is easy, as you don’t have to deal with all the drama and can just enjoy the love and the care. But a virtual boyfriend isn’t a loyal puppy that’s 100% obedient. They might still argue with you. It’s a good way to train your social skills and to learn how to deal with people in real life.

8 Virtual Boyfriend Apps

Virtual boyfriend apps are popular for one reason, you can literally have whatever it is that you are looking for. Whether you want a caring, loving gentleman with a successful career or a sarcastic derpy boy in the high school basketball team, the apps will never disappoint.

You can even customize your virtual boyfriend's face. From his height, hair color, to something as small as the thickness of his eyebrows are all controlled by you.

It’s tiring to search for the perfect guy on the street. Sometimes, you just want to have a nice chat on the internet with someone that matches your idea of perfection. That’s something the virtual boyfriend apps provide.

In this section, we introduce the 8 virtual boyfriend apps based on the type of gameplay you can have with your virtual boyfriend(s). wink

Create your own Virtual Boyfriend

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1. My Virtual Boyfriend

As literal as the name, you can get your own 3D virtual boyfriend with this app! The amount of features that comes with it will definitely keep you as busy as having a real boyfriend. You can choose from over a hundred boys to pick the boy of your dreams.

After getting to know each other, you can take him out on a movie date, dress him up, have a good debate on politics or simply just chill around at home. You can have the perfect boyfriend anytime you want - no strings attached!

Just keep in mind that your boyfriend can also be quite a character of his own, that means you might upset him and will need to find a solution to make him smile again! This can be a good way to train your social skills to increase your confidence in dealing with the opposite sex in real life.

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2. Animal Boyfriend

Ever fancied a cute boy with long fluffy white rabbit ears? Or someone as calm as an elegant black cat? Your dreams just came true with this app! There’re over a dozen characters and personalities to choose from and new events like overnight school trip everyday. Taking your kitty boyfriend to a fancy pajama party is always a good idea.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

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3. Dream Boyfriend

It’s time to show off your virtual boyfriend! Dream Boyfriend allows you to show off your boys in-game or on Twitter to other users, or just anyone on the internet, really. You can change your boy’s face, height, personality and their style everyday. Now you don’t have to worry about desiring something new too often, this game has it covered. Collaboration is key to success in this game as you can work with friends to earn extra bonus and level up faster and get more boys. There are also social events where you can meet other users and enjoy a great hang-out together.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Virtual Boyfriend Simulator Games

Having a virtual boyfriend doesn’t mean you are isolated from the real world. Many of the virtual apps nowadays offer real-time interaction, chats and social events with fellow users online. You can take your virtual boyfriend on double dates with another user to earn experience points or attend the lantern festival to socialize with new friends!

There’re usually a few levels in the apps and you have to earn the points to enter the next level. You may have to collaborate with other users in a game to be able to level up. These apps have grown popularity for their fun mix of human and AI interaction. You talk to your boyfriend and also other real-life friends to solve tasks and level up. The games are more than just virtual!

4. Pocket Boyfriend GO

Probably inspired by Pokemon GO, Pocket Boyfriend GO allows you to run around in the real world to catch the most beautiful boy in town. There’s a built-in radar in the app for you to search for young guys off the street, read their description, throw a red ball at them and add them to your collection!

This game requires you to actually get out of the house to hunt down the dream boy. Being on the phone all the time no longer means you don’t get out of the house. This app will make sure you meet your daily exercise requirement!

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5. My Candy Love

They call it a game of love and flirting, My Candy Love might just be the virtual love story for you. Targeted at school-aged teens, this is a game you have to work for. Boys don’t just come chasing after you like you are the centre of the world. In this game, you actually have to chase after the boy of your dream instead.

You can personalise your own character to make her as charming as possible with different hairstyles and clothings. Then, you will just have to go hard after the boy you love and win their hearts!

Available on iTunes and Google Play

Virtual Boyfriend Text

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The most important part of any virtual boyfriend app is probably the texting part. It’s how you truly feel connected to your virtual boyfriend. Most apps serve as a caring, loving Siri that solves all your emotional problems. They are programmed to show you more love than just any regular AI. Instead of just answering your questions, they will also check up on you and ask you questions on random topics, just like how a boyfriend would.

For some apps, you can choose the temperament of your boyfriend to match with yours. He can be soft and a great listener or he can be funny and sarcastic. Other apps like Virtual Boyfriend Joke, you can only accept your boyfriend as he is - just a derpy guy that can never be serious.

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6. Talking Boyfriend

If you’re an intellect that just wants to have a meaningful and quality conversation with someone, Talking Boyfriend is your go to. You don’t have to think about which boy to choose as there’s only one option - a 22-year-old Bradley from the UK. He is smart and always willing to share his thoughts and knowledge on just about everything with you.

Get started on the weather today, next thing you know, you’re discussing alien conspiracy theories on exoplanets. Bradley will never get tired talking to you and is always ready to learn something new!

Available on Google Play

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7. Virtual Boyfriend Joke

Sometimes a good laugh is better than a good hug. You can talk to your virtual boyfriend however you want, but most of the time, he will only answer you in a sarcastic and comic way. He certainly knows which joke to crack when you are upset and just wants to make you happy again, even though he can’t physically be there for you. This app will certainly give you a good laugh if you just want to kick back after a long day.

Available on iTunes and Google Play

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8. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

This is also an app that allows you to chat with your virtual boyfriend but this time, you can customize their name, age and appearance of your boyfriend! Not only will your boyfriend be available 24/7 and answer all your questions, he is also caring and curious about you and your whereabouts. Be ready to commit to him as it might feel like you are in an actual relationship. He might get upset if you don’t give timely replies. So, you better take the time to care for his feelings too!

Available on iTunes and Google Play


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Having a virtual boyfriend app on your phone doesn’t make you a socially-awkward nerd. Quite the contrary, a lot of people are having these apps to just relax and to meet new friends through the apps to have a good laugh. These apps can also train your social skills in dealing with different people.

On top of all that, isn’t it just fun to create a boy closest to your idea of perfection and let him get you through the cold, dark winter ahead? Get your virtual boyfriend app today to enjoy yourself and have some fun on the internet!