Get these toddler 4 wheeler for the perfect outdoor activity

Exciting and fun family day out with these toddler 4 wheelers

By eronsalexander
Get these toddler 4 wheeler for the perfect outdoor activity

Kids just love to play at every opportunity they get and when they have a fun gadget that meets their needs for fun and games, the world suddenly feels like an El Dorado and nothing less. Motorized 4 wheelers are suitable for almost any kind of surface. If you planning to go to the beach, for example, bringing along toys mostly used indoors will not stimulate your toddler as much as you would like. The best outdoor toys are actually the ones that help kids explore the world around them, taking full advantage of the time and space at their disposal to engage the social elements both physically and on an emotional level.

4 wheelers have strong low-pressure tires that can move freely on sandy, snowy, rocky and uneven surfaces. Regardless of how bumpy the surface is, they come with shock absorbers that protect the little rider from tumbling over. They also have remote controls which help parents control speed when in use. When it comes to safety, the special needs of the children are also taken into considerations. Most manufacturers equip their products with back racks on which the child can rest easy from time to time and as far as the brake engineering is concerned, they are perfectly fitted for use by children.

If you intend buying a 4wheeler for your toddler for your next outdoor trip, you have the option of picking either a battery powered wheeler or a gasoline-fueled version of the vehicle.  Here are a few fantastic 4 wheelers of both types that kids just can’t get enough of.

Gas Powered 4 Whelers with Remote

There are different models of gas powered 4 wheelers sold in stores and they represent a perfect alternative to the battery powered ones. In cases of power failures or when there isn’t access to a power source to charge the batteries, your toddler can still enjoy exciting rides using gas powered 4 wheelers. They are suitable for children from the ages 4 and above but close supervision by an adult is highly recommended whenever they are in use.

Here are three very good gasoline powered 4 wheelers available in stores.

Mount Topz 110cc Four Wheelers ‘’6 tyres’’

This ATV is a minimized and streamlined vehicle that is powered by a dependable 4 stroke motor. The Mount topz is a very practical vehicle because it incorporates all the essential features of what a modern child play gadget should have and should be. It is lightweight and of a very low maintenance. The embedded safety features of the Mount topz makes it a very safe ATV for children above the age of 4. It has a remote control for speed regulation which parents can regulate to help control speed. It also has foot brakes and an automatic transmission system. The Mount topz possesses an electric start and a single cylinder engine. If you are looking for a low budget toddler ATV, this is a device you may want to go for.


Buy the TaoTao ATA-125 D ATV | Kids 120cc Four Wheelers

This 4 wheelers vehicle is the perfect definition of style and ruggedness specially suited for rough and bumpy terrains. You don’t have to worry about your young speedster moving too fast at a stretch as it has a speed limitor that you, as a parent can set for your child. Maximum speed is 10 - 32 mph based on the limit setting. IThis vehicle is suited for children age 4 to 10 years old.

TAO KIDS GAS 110cc UTILITY ATV – BLUE ATA-110D TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Utility ATV - Blue: Automotive

Toddlers deserve to have their own sport utility vehicles just like adults do albeit for a different purpose. This ATV by TAO has an elegant design with an automatic transmission system. It has an air cooling system, front drum and rear disc brakes and a rear rack. If your toddler has a tall frame, I would recommend this model because it has sufficient leg room for tall kids. The ATA – 110B1 is automatic and fully assembled so you don’t have to bother about assembling them yourself once you take delivery.

Now let’s review a few battery powered 4 wheelers that can serve the same purpose as a gas fueled ATV.

Battery Powered Toddler 4 Wheelers with Remote

If you are not too keen about buying a gas powered ATV, you can opt for one of these as they are also equally as good as the gas powered ATV’s.

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX ATV Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX: Toys & Games

The Kawasaki tops our list of battery-powered fun 4 wheelers for its finesse, elegance, poise and traction. This wheel system is suitable for toddlers between the ages of 2-7 years. The Kawasaki KFX has a power capacity of 12 volts and a maximum speed of 6mph. It has a top speed of 5mph and a secondary speed of 2.5mph. Its power brakes are tough on its 4 monster traction tires for smooth rides over mud, dirt and gravel. To broaden the options available to buyers, the manufacturer has designed 4 different variations of this ATV. The Hotwheels, The Barbie (for girls), Paw Patrol and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Razor Dirt Quad : Razor Dirt Quad - Black : Sports & Outdoors

The Razor Quad is suited for children of 8 years and above and has a 120 pounds weight. Its advanced technology gives it a shock coil for extra safety so riding it over rough and rocky terrain isn’t a problem. For ease of use, the Razor Quad possesses hand brakes and a high torque motor gearing system. When fully charged, the Razor Quad can run for 40 minutes.

Sonora 24V Mini Quad for Kids Outdoor Kids Children Sonora 24V Pink Mini Quad ATV Dirt Motor Bike Electric Battery Powered: Toys & Games

Suitable for kids of 4 years and above, the Sonora Mini Quad has a 24-volt power capacity and a maximum speed of 10 mph depending on the age and experience of the young rider. Why I recommend the Sonora is for its age flexibility. As your child grows older, this gadget will still be useful for a few more years. The Sonora has 2 further wheels behind with back suspensions for added shock absorption. Furthermore, the tires are made of rubber for ease of use when outdoors.

Safety Riding and Helmets : Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet, Geo Helmet : Sports & Outdoors

In as much as ATV manufacturers place a lot of emphasis on safety when producing these fun utility vehicles like I prefer to call them, it is also essential that toddlers are not left on their own when playing with these outdoor gadgets. It is important that an adult is present at all times when kids engage with ATV’s for safety reasons.  ATV’s can be hard to control when at high speeds which is why the installation of speed governors by manufacturers to reduce speed potential is very necessary.

If your toddler must ride an ATV, here are a few safety tips to imbibe

  • Always wear the child an approved helmet and eye protective googles
  • The child should always wear long sleeves and pants to cover elbows and ankles
  • Hand gloves are a necessity
  • ATV’s should only be ridden during the day
  • Ensure that you reduce speed as much as possible with the remote control
  • Never place toddler on a 3 wheel vehicle
  • Riding on public routes is A BIG NO
  • Only one child should be placed on an ATV at a time.

Buying your kids fun and exciting toys for both indoor and outdoor purposes help in building their physical and mental capacity and a 4 wheeler is a good play gadget for outdoor engagements. With an ATV, your kid will also get to enjoy a perfect family outdoor experience just as much as adults do.