10 Best hair care products by millennial men and women

Try these best hair care products that are raved by millenials

By Aey
10 Best hair care products by millennial men and women

In this age of the millennial, personal identity is all that matters and that plays an important role in shaping up an individuals’ personality. As outwardly looks become more important in expressing views and opinions, consumerism is at an all-time high. Whether skin care products or hair care products, Millennials care about their looks as it helps them stand out and create their own unique identity which not only sets them apart but is also a reflection of things they care about, people they idealize and a way to express their emotions. Hair care products are especially all the rage these days as more and more youngsters and teenagers opt to dye their hair and set themselves apart from their peers or sometimes just to follow a new trend. 

Who are millennials?

Millennial is a generation that falls between generation x and generation z. Most people born in and after the 1980s and in the 1990s are referred to as millennial. This was the time when the world was not only experiencing a population boom but also a technology shift. As innovation in technology, telecommunication and media were on its peak, the generation that grew up in this time while experiencing and witnessing this change is referred to as millennial. While this age range may vary from country to country due to varying socio and economic conditions, it is nonetheless the generation which grew up with cell phones and the internet. This makes the millennial, a generation which thrives on information and makes decisions based on the information provided on different forums. Whether it’s buying products or deciding what to wear, millennials are the trendsetting and the trend-following generation.

Best hair care products for frizzy hair

Here, let us touch on the best 10 hair care products that are popularised by Millenials!  

1. Free from frizz

Free From Frizz

This amazing hair care kit includes a shampoo, conditioner, smoothie serum, and a smoothie spray to smooth out the frizz in your hair. With its amazing smell, the product is a favorite amongst people who particularly struggle in humid weather in managing their hair. The products are all budget friendly and each product is about $5 which would round up to a $20 kit. The kit is also available in a travel size pack. You can use the products individually or together, the results will be satisfying either way.  

2. Moroccan Oil

Source: http://amazon.com

Moroccan Oil

This advance oil therapy solution is infused with Argan oil, linseed extracts and is versatile enough to be used as a conditioner and for styling purposes. The Moroccan Oil treatment is perfect for all hair types and promises to tame the frizz and make your hair silky smooth and strong. The scent of this oil is divine and it is very easy to apply. Unlike other oil treatments, this is a fast absorbing formula which works like a tonic for the hair. Ideal for dry and damaged hair, this treatment will leave your hair feeling soft and bring back its shine. You can grab a 50ml bottle for just $ 34 to gain back that soft silky hair.

Best hair care products for colored hair

3. Madison Reed Root Touch Up

Source: http://amazon.com

Madison Reed Root Touch Up

If you dye your hair often then you must know how frustrating it is when roots start to show those grays or strands of discolored hair. The Madison Reed Root Touch Up kit is a quick and easy solution to cover up the grays and the strays and saves you a trip to the salon. With four different color pallets, this product is a must-have for all colored hair beauties. The powder sets up really easily on the hair and stays on even on the rainiest of days. For just $30 the product offers a quick fix for the busy individual. 

4. Olaplex Hair Perfector

Source: http://amazon.com

Olaplex Hair Perfector

Another product that is especially known for its amazing results and its advanced technology is the Olaplex hair Perfector for all hair types. This product is as good as the professional Olaplex treatments and is actually designed to be used by the individual as a home treatment. The product is specially designed to re-strengthen weakened and damaged hair and works really well on treated hair. All the heat and color damage that makes your hair feel weak, this product promises to repair. For $28 you can buy a 100ml of this product. 

Best hair care products for natural hair

5. Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture

A very popular hair conditioner ideal for regular use is the Shea Moisture sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. There is an entire range of Shea Moisture hair care products and you can choose your favorite according to your hair type. The product is pretty much available in any drugstore and if you catch it on a sale then do try both shampoos and conditioners from different ranges. The products smell great and as the name suggests, they leave your hair soft and moisturized, all in under $10.

6. Briogeo Crystal Powers Hair Repair Vault

Source: briogeohair.com

Briogeo Crystal Powers Hair Repair Vault

If you love Briogeo’s products and want the best of the best then Briogeo Crystal Powers Hair Repair Vault is a combination of its finest and most raved hair care products. The pack comes with a deep conditioning shampoo, mask, leave in conditioning mask, a hair cap and an energy comb from its 'Don’t Despair Repair' collection. As the name suggests, all products in this kit are ideal to repair your natural hair and are a blend of hydrating oils and vitamins essential for hair health. The $148 kit is worth every penny.  

Best hair care products for gray hair

7. Redken Graydient

Redken Graydient

If you have naturally gray hair, it can often make your hair look dull and lackluster. The Redken Gradient hair range is specially designed to brighten up the gray in your hair without damaging the hair and without stripping it off nutrients. With its dual technology, the shampoo will get rid of the yellowish and brassy hues in your hair and will give you uniform looking hair. Your hair will look and feel healthier and the shampoo will also add volume to your hair. The shampoo cost around $10 and will last for months. 

8. Christophe Robin Temporary Hair Gel

Christophe Robin Temporary Hair Gel

If you have gray hair and a sensitive scalp then this temporary hair gel by Christophe Robin is the product for you. Gray hair can be a pain for any woman and gray hair coverage is always time-consuming. The temporary hair gel provides an easy application solution to cover your gray hair. Just get a shade similar to your base color and apply this temporary gel without the hassle of a mixer or a developer. The gel will glide through your hair easily and will cover every inch of the gray. For only $35 this product is a beauty award winner.  

Best hair care products for curly hair

9. Aussie Miracle Curls

Aussie Miracle Curls

While you may think that since the bottle has a Kangaroo on it that Aussie hair care products are Australian but they are in fact not and are actually quite popular in the US and Canada. Known for their luscious smell, the Aussie hair care shampoo and conditioner for curly hair are a must have. The conditioner is particularly popular due to its extra slippery effect that every curly haired beauty looks for in a hair product. The price is just $4 and you can find this amazing product in your nearest Walmart. 

10. Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush

Pantene is one of the biggest and most popular hair care brand in the world. Endorsed by many celebrities, the Pantene Pro-V Gold series is a customer favorite when it comes to detangling those hard curls. The detangling milk by Pantene will leave your hair visibly smooth and soft and will make it easy for you to comb through your hair without any frizz. It is also particularly useful before styling your curls and is, therefore, a must-have. In only $8 you can now have soft manageable curls.


With information so readily available online, consumers can easily turn to online media to find out exactly what product works for them, be it shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, serums or ointments. Hair care products are all the rage in this day and age as individuals understand that it is important to take care of yourself from top to bottom, as well as their overall well-being. A good hair care product will not only keep to its promise on the packaging but will also deliver in terms of results, making it a must-have for all.