Top 10 Baby and Toddler Helmets for Riding Safety

Keep Baby safe while riding with these cute toddler helmets

By Tony Zorrilla
Top 10 Baby and Toddler Helmets for Riding Safety

Wearing a helmet should never be an option but a necessity when you ride. They are a valuable piece of safety equipment that can help prevent serious injuries to your little one. To make this a little easier, you can get your infant or toddler in the habit of wearing their helmet at an early age. Therefore, as they get older it will not be a challenge. Most companies who design helmets are designing them with your little one in mind. They offer helmets in a variety of colors and styles that work for both boys and girls. They come with sizing options that they can continue to fit your toddler as they get bigger. But no matter how a helmet looks, it is important to be informed about the safety features that they offer. You must make sure that you are getting the best equipment with the highest safety measures available. 

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Toddler Helmets for Boys

Here are some popular toddler helmets for the boys that your boy will be keen to try on:

1. Lazer BOB Chick Infant Helmet

Lazer BOB Chick Infant Helmet, (46-52cm): Toys & Games

The Lazer BOB (Baby-on-Board) helmet is perfect for your little one when they are riding in their baby seat. This helmet comes with the patented Lazer Comfit3 Retention System, that allows for easy adjustment to make it a perfect fit. Flat back allows for your child to rest their head comfortably on the back of their baby seat. There are six vents to help keep your child's head cool.  The Lazore is also highly visible due to the reflective material that is used to cover it and is available in a variety of colors and designs.  It is CE- AS-CPSC safety certified and fits (46-52 cm).

2. Giro Scamp Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Bike Helmet : Sports & Outdoors

The Giro Scamp Toddler Helmet is lightweight and works not only for kids riding in trailers but also who ride bikes as well. It's In-Mold Polycarbonate shell with EPS liner, just like the adult version, offers a snug and protective fit. Comes in two sizes S and XS. The XS will fit a child's head that is 45-49 cm while the S will fit a child's head that is 49-53 cm in circumference.* Vents are available to allow for air flow to keep your toddlers head cool. MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is optional. Comes in a variety of colors and designs. 

3. Nutcase-Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers

Nutcase - Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers, Go Green Go

Nutcase - Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers, Go Green Go : Sports & Outdoors

Nutcase's Baby Nutty Helmet features an ergo-design that allows for optimal seat posture with front, top, and back venting keeping your little one's head cool. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protective foam and an in-mold shell that is lightweight and comfy to fit your toddlers head. The Fidlock Magnetic Buckle allows for a no pinch no tears security. Available in different colors and styles. Comes in one size XX-Small, fitting head sizes 47-50 cm. CPSC certified. 

4. Bell Youth's Sidetrack MIPS Helmet

Bell Youth's Sidetrack MIPS Helmet: Sports & Outdoors

This helmet is awesome!! With the eye-catching graphics and cool snap-on visor, this helmet will get your little rider in the mood to ride. Available in two sizes, Child (47-54) and Youth (50-57), this helmet may not be suitable for infants but should work with a young toddler.  Equipt with MIPS and an Ergo-Fit system makes this a safe bet.

Toddler Helmets for Girls

With the selection for boys done, let's move on to these colorful bright options that can capture the hearts of your little strong ladies!

5. Kiddiemoto Kids Helmet

Kiddimoto Kids Helmet - Pastel Dotty Small : Sports & Outdoors

The Kiddimoto blends style and safety with their helmets. Features 11 vents and made out of lightweight ABS plastic that is not only comfy but super durable. Features a rear adjustment wheel and straps that make for easy sizing. They are available in two sizes: Small (48- 53 cm) and Medium (53- 58 cm).

6. KaZAM Kids Multi-Sport Helmet

KaZAM Kids Multi-Sport Helmet, Acid Yellow : Sports & Outdoors

Protect your little one with the KaZAM Multi-Sport Helmet. Available in a variety of colors this helmet has an ABS shell and an air vent cooling system. Retention dial-fit system that allows for a customized fit. Also has a quick release buckle. One size: XS (48-52 cm). 

7. Schwinns Toddler Carnival Helmet

Schwinn Toddler's Carnival Girl Helmet : Childrens Bike Helmets : Sports & Outdoors

This light helmet features a dial-fit retention system that makes for easy adjusting. It is available in a number of different colors and styles. It has eight flow vents to allow air to circulate, keeping their heads cool. It is CPSC approved and is designed for children 3-5 yrs old. 

8. Micro Helmet Elephant

Micro Helmet Elephant Small (18-20.5 inches) : Sports & Outdoors

This helmet is a perfect blend of color and spunk for your little one. This particular helmet is perfect for toddlers with sizes that range from 18-20.5 inches. It has a rugged and tough ABS Outer Shell. The Micro Helmet comes with fully adjustable straps with a quick release buckle and its aerodynamic design comes with air flow vents. This helmet is in compliance with ASTM standards for Bicycle Helmets, per the CPSC. Your little one will love this helmet and you will appreciate the peace of mind it brings because nothing says tough like an elephant. 

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Toddler Helmet Size

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Source: Amazon Toddler Helmet Size Chart

Your toddler's helmet should fit their head perfectly. The chart above is a good reference to use when selecting your child's helmet. Prior to purchasing one be sure to get an accurate measurement of your child's head using a soft tape measure. Place the tape one inch above the eyebrows and wrap around the head. It should fit nice and snug on their head so that there is not a risk of the helmet shifting (especially during those unexpected tantrums). Make sure there is nothing underneath the helmet, no hats, hair bands, etc.  

Specialized Toddler Helmet

9. Giro Me2 Infant Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet (Blue Airplanes, Universal Infant Fit) : Sports & Outdoors

The Giro Me2 bike helmet for infants and toddlers is a great option for a safe and fun ride. Choose from several colorful designs, including aviator pigs, pink bunnies, and yellow chicksjust to name a few. It features 20 vents that are protected by a built-in bug net. The Mini-Loc system allows your child to secure the helmet without pinching the skin and the Interior has a soft padding with a built-in visor for shade. This helmet is adjustable and is sized for infants and toddlers (18.75-20.5 inches) in diameter.

10. Baby Adjustable Helmet

Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet Children Headguard Infant Protective Harnesses Cap Colorful

Bike riding is not the only activity that may require a helmet. Some parents feel that the extra protection is necessary when learning to walk or crawl. The Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet is just that, a safety helmet.
Made of a special mesh IXPE is a soft lightweight material that is odorless and non-toxic and acts as a shock absorber. Perfect for children ranging from the age of 8-60 months and fits a circumference of 16.93" to 22.05". The movable visor protects an infants face if they were to fall forward. This is not to be used as a bike helmet.

Safety Riding with Toddler Helmets

Bike riding is a fun activity that can be even more exciting with your little one. Strap them into the attached bike seat or trailer and ride away. But it still has its risks. That is why it is always important to ride safely and with proper ride protection especially with your partner, who is one of the most important people in your life. Bike accidents are fairly common and sometimes not at the fault of the bike rider. Bike injuries can be serious and even life-threatening with head injuries. All helmets must comply safety requirements that are imposed by the CPSC ( Consumer Protection Safety Commision) before reaching the market. One thing to remember is if you happen to fall on your helmet, make sure to replace it before using it again. 

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To conclude

First thing first, you want to make sure both you and your child have their properly fitted helmets on. Next, make sure your tires are properly inflated for safe travel. Try to stick to private roads and avoid heavy traffic. Tell someone your planned route in case of emergency. Make sure brakes are working properly, then hop on your bike and go for a ride.