Best toddler toilet seat that works for parents and child

Toddler toilet seat that works best in a family common toilet

By Rebecca jones
Best toddler toilet seat that works for parents and child

I was extremely happy when my toddler showed all the necessary signs that he was ready to start potty training - I was going to be free from all the diaper changes and accidental spills! It’s not that I don’t love my child, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be happy when their child has finally decided to use the adult toilet. Since potty training isn’t easy and takes time, it is important to find the right toilet seat (to your toddler's liking) and one with good functionality. The right toilet seat can help ease your toddler’s challenges and make the transitioning process a little easier, and the built-in toddler toilet seats are great for that. 

Built in toddler toilet seat with covers

I knew I needed a toddler toilet seat that will fit perfectly into the family common toilet and the built-in toddler toilet seats with covers were perfect for that. The toddler toilet seat is designed to instantly fit perfectly into your common family toilets. This makes the potty training process a little easier since you need not go extra length to make your toddler comfortable in his or her new potty. Let’s take a look at the available and different types of the built-in toddler toilet seats available in the market; 

1. TOPSEAT 6TSTR9999CP 000 TinyHiney Round Toilet Seat

TOPSEAT 6TSTR9999CP 000 TinyHiney Round Toilet Seat

What is better than having an adult size toilet seat that converts to a toddler toilet seat with the flip of the toilet ring and embedded magnets. The seat is absolutely safe and secure because the toddler ring doesn't pull off. There is a bumper under the toddler seat to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. It is sturdy and holds up with stylish chromed metal hinges. It is durable as well, and can probably last till your second or third kid.

2. ManQi MQOO43R Duroplastic Adult/Baby Toilet Seat

ManQi MQOO43R Duroplastic Adult/Baby Toilet Seat

The ManQi toilet seat is designed for dual purpose; to serve both adults and toddlers. It is made with an eco-friendly duroplastic material that is user-friendly and easy to clean. It is easily installable and can be easily removed. It opens and closes gently without clattering, with soft bumpers under the toddler seats. The toilet seat is ideal for parents who wants a clean look of the toilet seat, one similar to those without a child seat option. This series doesn't affect your toilet decor if that's something that is extremely important to you and you need not worry about your toddler falling, because it comes with a screw that tightly attaches to your main toilet seat frame. 

3. Mayfair NextStep Slow Close Toilet Seat

Mayfair NextStep Slow Close Toilet Seat

This toddler built-in toilet seat is designed to be clutter free and has magnetic secures to the toilet seat cover for a clean overall look when not in use. The toilet seat, built with soft close function, closes slowly and quietly with a tap to prevent pinched fingers. The seats are tightly attached to the toilet frame, therefore making it hard to be loose or for a child to fall off. It is durable and design to last. 

Folding Toddler toilet seat with step

The fact that toddler toilet seats now comes with a step is life saving, moms you no longer need to rush into the toilet to lift and assist your toddler on to the toilet seat, the steps attached to the seat comfortably lifts and elevates your toddler into the level where he or she can seat on the toilet comfortably. A foldable toddler toilet seat is great for travel and easy to move around places. The Toddler seat tends to be bulky or space consuming; a foldable seat makes toilet less messy. 

The following are some great foldable toddler toilet seats with steps:

4. Children Potty Training Seat with Ladder

Children Potty Training Seat with Ladder

This training seat with ladder seat is heaven sent, suitable for toddlers and big kids too (1-7 years to be precise). It has a double handrail for your toddler to grab and hold on to for support, making it safer for babies to go up and down on their own. It adopts non-slip foot pads and 6 pieces non-slip rubber mat at the bottom of the seat. The foot can be rotated to a different height that is suitable for your toddler. The height can be adjustable to your toilet's height. The seats are really comfortable and portable too and prevent your child from being achy on the bowl for too long. With a folding function, it does not clutter nor take up much space in your toilet as you get to neatly keep it away after each use. Yeah I know what you are thinking, it doesn't get better than this.

5. Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladder

Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladder

The bright colors on this toddler toilet seat grab the attention of a toddler positively, it makes potty time exciting. It is extremely comfortable to use and seat on. It has an anti-slip pad beneath. The toilet seat fits perfectly in most standard size toilets. It has adjustable legs that accommodate different toilet's heights. It is foldable and easy to assemble. It is waterproof and easy to clean. Your toddler will enjoy taking a potty on this adorable toddler toilet seat with a ladder.

6. Costzon Toddler Toilet Potty Training Seat With Ladder

Costzon Toddler Toilet Potty Training Seat With Ladder

The potty seat is made of solid, non-toxic, eco-friendly and is waterproof. The seat is sturdy and strong enough for when your toddler climbs up and down. The footrest is adjustable. The toilet training seat is equipped with an anti-slip pad on the feet and pedal. It is safe and comfortable, easy to grib no-slip handles even for small hands. It can be easily assembled, foldable and stored.  

7. Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer Ladder for Kid and Babies

Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer Ladder for Kid and Babies

This toddler toilet seat is good for your little princess. Your toddler can conveniently rest on top of the toilet and has a soft padded cushion for maximum toddler comfort. The seat has an anti-skid ladder base for additional security and safety. The legs are anti-slippery, and the best part is the seat is FDA approved and certified. Overall your toddler is going to have a great time pottying on this toilet seat.

8. ALXD FoldableToddler Toilet Seat Toilet Kid

ALXD Toddler Toilet Seat Toilet Ladder Chair Toilet Seat Kid PottyTraining

This toddler toilet seat is non-toxic, non-faded and durable. It is foldable and portable which is convenient for storing. It has an anti-slip toilet seat and foot mat. It has a double non-slip pedal and you can choose pedals according to your baby's height. It is anti-splash design at the front end of the toilet seat, which meets the human body engineering. The safety rails design protects baby from falling when Pottying.

Portable toddler toilet seat

I love traveling with my toddler to enjoy and explore new things, creating and making memories when they're young is very important, and that's where having a portable toddler toilet seat come into play. It will be nice to have a nice foldable and portable toddler toilet seat that can accommodate all of our daily travels and schedules. Here are some of the amazing ones in the stores:

9. Portable Foldable Potty Seat

Portable Potty Seat on Toilet Foldable Travel Potty Training Seat

This toddler potty seat is portable, foldable and easy to carry around. It can be folded into a carrying bag, and you would not need to worry about potty training your child in a strange or new environment when you travel. It is made with non-toxic and odorless PP material. This toddler seat is unique and lived by most parents, especially the one always on the move. It is designed is different animals like owl, cat and so much more. It is durable and easily washable, a child between the age of 1-6 years will be able to use it conveniently.

10. OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel - Gray

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel - Gray

This toddler potty seat is the best for on the go potty emergencies. It is portable, light and fits perfectly into a standard toilet, to give a toddler the security and comfort required to go potty either at home or on a trip. It can be ready for use in a minute, cause it opens quickly and easily, with a foldable features. If you need a stand-alone potty to use with a disposable bag or a potty seat to use in a public toilet, this little toddler toilet seat got you. It has adjustable legs to securely lock in place at the ideal height for your growing toddler. It has a soft, flexible flaps to hold the disposable bag securely. It is also easily washable, with handles for a non-slip grip.

11. Potty Training Seat for Boys and Girls

Potty Training Seat for Boys and Girls

This toilet training seat fits most standard toilets securely. The stylish aqua color can be used both for boys and girls, specially designed to prevent urine from spilling out of the toilet and keep your bathroom neat. Because it is made with a non-slip material, it allows your child to gain confidence when using the bathroom as a beginner. It is lightweight so your child can place the potty on the toilet seat on their own. When your child is done, he or she can simply place it back on the hook. It’s also great for travel as well. 

12. Sesame Street "Framed Friends" Folding Potty Seat

Sesame Street"Framed Friends" Travel/Folding Potty Seat

The Sesame Street friends folding Potty Seat is a no hassle fix to help your child use the restroom in any situation. It’s easy to use, simply place it on top of the adult toilet seat and pack it up when you're done. Plus, the single-piece plastic body makes cleaning a breeze and fits perfectly in most regular toilets.


The toddler toilet seat makes potty less complicated and a little easier. The main goal of a toddler toilet seat is to help train and assist your child while he or she transitions from regular diapers to the toilet seat eventually. The options of installing one is endless. So choose wisely, and take it from us to definitely choose a design that your child likes. Afterall, that's one less struggle to get them to go. Also, always remember to give the toilet seat a good wash down after each use to prevent bacteria from breeding. Enjoy watching your toddler potty in his or her toddler toilet seat and always assist when needed and put a watchful eye if required.