Newborn Baby Essentials: 30 Things Before Baby Arrival

30 essential newborn baby items that you will need on day one

By Merri
Newborn Baby Essentials: 30 Things Before Baby Arrival

Giving birth in a birthing center or hospital requires preparedness from the moment a pregnant mom is admitted. It can be tricky at first for first-time moms to get used to all the caregiving but don't get worked up because motherhood is a blessing.


Many new parents need to know the basic supplies for newborns, except it's not their first time of having a baby. These are 30 essential newborn baby items that you will need on day one. Read on to understand what to include in your baby checklist of essential items.

Preparing for baby arrival at home

Preparing for baby arrival at home should ensure the need for warmth and comfort in the first months. Apart from medications, every other need of your newborn child must be sorted as you prepare to take the baby home. Your hospital bag will contain all types of baby supplies; don't fail to arrange them according to their use.

The most important categories are the items for feeding; then, bathing, clothing, diapering, and traveling. The diaper-changing set is essential because there's no way to determine when it's time to poop. Keep them closely in a handy bag that's different from the hospital bag.

30 newborn baby essentials for a new baby first 3 months

Sometimes, smart moms create the baby checklist to guide them while shopping for these essentials.

  1. An infant car seat - a carrier seat that's detachable eases the safe transportation of your newborn. More so, it's illegal and not safe for parents to drive around without an infant car seat for your baby.


  1. 'Going-home' outfit - it needs to be something comfy, and photo-friendly to usher your baby home after leaving the maternity.


  1. One-piece outfits - it's ideal to have between 4 to 7 one-piece outfits for newborns. Get simple snap-crotch bodysuits that chest area and keep babies warm all-day.


  1. Undershirts don't have to be too thick because newborns still need to wear covering clothes. Get at least 4 units of undershirts that snap under the crotch with wide head openings.


  1. Sweater or jacket - Either of these must have front button designs (at least 3) that are essential for an extra layer of covering.


  1. Use cotton or polyester fabric socks for temperature regulation. Clothes for newborns are tiny, and their stockings are no exceptions.


  1. Feeding set - using the exclusive breastfeeding plan for at least 6 months is better than baby formula. Especially for career moms, a breast pump can ease the challenge of coping with this plan. The breast pump is a hand-held device that empties milk from the mammary glands into feeding bottles.


  1. Don't forget to add nursing bras, and pads to absorb leaks.


  1. Dishwasher basket


  1. Feeding bottles


  1. Burp napkins, bottle brush, and bibs.


  1. However, nursing mothers that had C-sections during delivery might need to use nursing pillows to eases discomfort while feeding their babies.


  1. The milk storage bag is a perfect feeding tool that preserves the temperature of breast milk in the absence of a nursing mom.


  1. Baby bath items - bathing starts after detaching your baby's umbilical cord. Here's a list of some bath items;


  1. Gentle baby wash (soap) formula, Lotion for newborns, Baby shampoo, Cotton balls, Baby bath tub,


  1. Towel and a soft washcloth, Baby hairbrush, and light receiving blankets.


  1. A baby dresser with drawers for sorting different clothing after laundry will helps mothers to become organized. 


  1. Use more body-friendly laundry detergent during the period of nursing. It's common to find similar irritations or rash on both moms and newborns bodies; avoid the use of harsh chemicals in laundry detergents.


If you plan to get newborn baby essentials on a budget, then start shopping early. You might need money for other basic supplies immediately after delivery. Check out these other items and make a checklist.

  1. Diapers and diaper bags- Disposable diapers are trendy because of their fragrance and ease of use. Unlike cloth diapers, you don't need to wash them regularly.  Disposable diapers come in a set of each piece having its adhesives that straps the waste for easy disposal. Don't forget that apart from sheets of wipes and diaper cream, a diaper bag holds other necessary baby items.


  1. Wipes with body-friendly antiseptic and soft napkins are preferable. However, if you are not sure of the solvent, use unscented wipes to avoid an irritation like nappy rash.


  1. Baby sleepwear - get one-piece footed pajamas the covers the entire body. The sleepwear must be at least three to make room for substitution after laundry.


  1. Wearable blanket - get a pair of blanket sleepers that is cozy. Wearable sleepers for colder climates create warmth.


  1. A cradle (or crib) that has firm support can hold a flat mattress. Setting up the nursery for infants requires care and attention. Make a room with child-friendly decorations, and fill the space with the baby essentials.
  2. Fitted sheets that are preferably made from fleece or soft polyester will make infants comfortable.


  1. Baby audio or video monitors are electronic devices (usually without radioactive properties) that indicate the movement of newborns when they rest in their cribs.  Nursing moms can track these movements from a distance.


  1. Nightlight - use a small lamp to check your baby at night instead of a bright ceiling light that distorts their sleep. It's essential for changing diapers at night.


  1. A winter coat (or fleece bodysuit/baby bunting) with thick layers.


  1. Use a wide-brimmed sunhat for protection against spring or summer heat and sunlight radiations.


  1. Dress-up outfit with matching colors for special occasions.


  1. Baby stroller - After few weeks of keeping newborns indoor, let the sun smile on them. Use your baby stroller while outdoor; until newborns can sit up, don't use a sit-and-stand double stroller. Get the essentials that are not needed will add more cost to your budget.

The growth of the baby is only slow in the womb of their mothers.  Once they are born, every aspect of their growth is amazing! When preparing for baby’s arrival, moms-to-be are excited about matching colors of blue or pink. This choice of color or combination reveals the sex of the unborn child. However, parents need to have more details about newborn baby essentials apart from the choice or shade of colors. Regardless of the sex, your unborn child deserves the best.

Newborn baby essentials on a budget

Ensure to have extra sanitary items for your baby. You don’t want to go beyond your tight budget. So, keep them healthy, and provide basic essentials. Their immune system is low unlike adults; so, be careful of habits that encourage respiratory tract infections. Personal hygiene and exposure to visitors are safety factors to consider. Ask visitors to wash their hands with disinfectants before grabbing your baby. Prevention is better than the cost to cure.

The 'good to have' baby checklist

Apart from making infant care easier, the checklist sheet helps to plan shopping items for your newborn. The 'good-to-have' baby checklist has essential items, and helps you remember to buy them. A paper checklist that hangs on the wall can be designed with your computer. Before your baby arrives, also make a list of occasionally grooming and monitoring tools. It's essential to have a digital thermometer and first aid kit for babies. A set of nail clippers, blunt scissors, and sterilizer will make the ideal grooming tool. More so, changes in weather condition are a reminder to keep a list of additional must-haves for winter.

Additional must-haves for winter

Plan for winter by getting thick clothing; socks, head gears and gloves for your tender child. Usually respiratory tract infection and cold are the common ailments during winter. There will be a need for outdoor bags with extra pockets to hold additional essentials like keys, phones, and water bottles. So, don't be caught off-guard; there should be early planning to have jackets, sweater, hoods, socks, and gloves.

Read up in our other article on how to prepare for your baby's first winter here.


Newborn baby essentials come in different textures, shapes, colors, and patterns. Normally, their sizes are small, except for strollers, and car seats. Regardless of the nature of these items, they should be kept clean and hygienically safe. After using each piece of clothing, wash and fold without pressing with an electric iron. Always remember, it's easy to transfer germs and communicable diseases to infants. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry!



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