Guide and tips on choosing a baby co-sleeper

Learn how to choose the best baby co-sleeper with these tips

By Caren M
Guide and tips on choosing a baby co-sleeper

Best baby bedside co-sleeper

Dear mommy, you just brought your new bundle of joy home for the first time and you can't wait for all that time you're gonna spend together. To be honest, you can't physically stay away from your baby because they are your little baby and you want them with you, so sleeping at night will be a major problem because the crib feels like worlds away and the bassinet, which you keep in your room still isn't close enough. No worries. Introducing the baby co-sleeper, a wonderful sleeping option to keep your baby super close to you while you enjoy a good night's sleep. 

Tips and guidelines to choosing the perfect co-sleeper

Choosing a co-sleeper for your baby can a daunting task especially if you are new at it so here are some tips and guidelines on how to go about this very important task.

1. Safety regulations are met

The first rule of thumb when purchasing a co-sleeper is ensuring that it follows CPSC' Federal safety standards and has the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. These saftey standards will ensure that the co-sleeper is safe for your baby and greatly reduce risk of accidents.

2. Quality

Never ever compromise quality over price. A high-quality co-sleeper will go a long way in its usefulness. Whether new or second-hand, make sure that the crib has not recalled and that there are no scratches and dents. Cheap can be expensive sometimes, and high-quality products are good for your baby's safety.

in-bed co-sleeper, source: @whatiscosleeping/ Instagram

3. Weight and age limits

Co-sleepers, like many baby items, are made for specific ages and weight. Always get one that is up to your baby's age and growth standards. Otherwise, you'll find yourself running back to the baby shop very soon.

4. Mattress considerations

Another important note is the mattress. It should be firm and fit the bed perfectly without leaving any spaces to avoid the baby suffocating and getting stuck in the spaces left between the mattress and the co-sleeper, which could be very dangerous for the little infant.

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5. Portability and multi-functionality

Some of the best co-sleepers are multi-functional cribs that can suit several of your needs in one crib such as a full-on crib, a bedside-crib, a rail-protected baby bed as well as a full-on bed for when they get older. Some co-sleepers are foldable too in case you are planning to be on the road.

The best bedside co-sleepers

a) SnuzPod Bedside Crib

SnuzPod Bedside Crib

The snuzpod is beautiful and practical, with curved rails that enable you to gently rock your baby and a mesh wall to keep baby safe without preventing easy access. It’s designed as a 3-in-1 solution, so it can be used as a standalone crib, moses crib or a bedside co-sleeper cot-bed. The height of the co-sleeper is adjustable to suit your needs and it comes with a mattress.

b) Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & co-sleeper

Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

This co-sleeper is a favorite for parents because of its lightweight and 2-in-1 features. You can easily switch between bassinet and co-sleeper mode for your newborn by simply zipping or unzipping the side panel closest to your bed. The attached straps safely secures the bedside Sleeper to your adult bed, ensuring it stays snug and in place. Easily lean over to nurse, comfort or just check on your baby during the night, knowing she is right there beside you.

c) babybay Bedside Sleeper - Natural Beechwood

babybay bedside baby crib

The babybay  bedside sleeper is a baby crib that attaches securely and easily to your bed so you can soothe and nurse your baby without leaving the comfort of your covers. With a modular design, you can transform your babybay into a portable baby crib using a roller kit and bassinet conversion kit. 

d) Swaddle me by your side co-sleeper

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

Swaddle me is designed to share the bed with your newborn and is ideal for traveling. It is designed to provide maximum security and comfort to the parents as well as the infant. The metal structured including the soft mattress aims to make this product comfortable yet firm and portable.

Best baby co-sleeper pillow

A co-sleeper pillow is a great way to provide your baby the comfort and safety they need while sleeping. for A pillow will provide the support needed while also establishing boundaries within which your baby is completely safe from any rolling humans and they themselves cannot roll out of the little fortress of protection the pillow provides.

Tips and guidelines when choosing a co-sleeper pillow

1. Comfortable and breathable

Make sure that the outer covering of the pillow is comfortable and breathable for the baby such as natural soft cotton. The filling or foam should also be breathable and light in case the baby can turn over at night.  This will make the sleeping environment stress-free and also reduce risk of suffocating at night.

2. Functionality

Infant pillows should be highly functional, like the Aurelius baby head- shaping pillow. A badly constructed pillow could cause your baby to have a mishappen head or cause balding at the back of the head. Choose co-sleeper pillows that promote high levels of functionality while retaining comfort.

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3. Other considerations

There aren't many considerations to consider while choosing a co-sleeper pillow but they are important because using a co-sleeper pillow for your baby could be fatal if you do not take the measures above. Other things to consider include, if the pillow is machine-washable and the aesthetics of it. It's really important that you purchase a co-sleeper pillow only after very careful thinking.

a. Aurelius Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Infant

Aurelius baby pillow, source:

Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Infant Latex Sleep Pillow

This is a detachable pillow sleeper that comes in two wedge-shaped pieces you can use on either side of your baby to provide a comfortable and safe place for your little one to sleep. The material is light breathable foam in a very soft cover for your baby's utmost comfort while playing a functional role.

b. Lappi Baby Unisex Newborn Nest

Lappi Baby Unisex Baby Nest Co sleeping Baby Bed

This co-sleeping pillow is so cute, you just cannot resist it! This sleeper is made from 100% cotton as well as a hypoallergenic filler that is sure to prevent your child from developing any skin or respiratory allergies. None of the materials are made with any toxic or harmful substances in the filler or the cover.

c. Snuggle Me Organic co-sleeping Lounger for Baby


Snuggle Me Organic Lounger for Baby

The snuggle me organics is among one of the favorites of co-sleeping pillows. It's completely organic and free of harmful chemicals and it snuggles your baby quite nicely. The cover is made from pure cotton that is safe for newborns and sensitive kids.

DIY baby co-sleeper

If you want to co-sleep your young one but find the commercial options a bit much for your tastes and pockets, you can go ahead and create one for yourself. The process might be a little technical and quite hands on but it is a good project to build with your spouse, and it's definitely made with love!

You are definitely going to need help on this one so don't be to shy to ask and enjoy the process. Below is one video which guides you in doing so.

Baby co-sleeper for older babies

co-sleeping, source: @whatiscosleeping / Instagram

When your baby outgrows the small bassinet co-sleeper you got for them when they were really small, you might have to go back to the store and find a bigger co-sleeping bed for them.

Tips when sleeping with older babies

As your baby gets older and they are past the infant stage, you can consider either a toddler co-sleeper or they can share the bed with you. Whatever you choose, here are some tips on co-sleeping your toddler.

1. Sleep while facing up

Many baby deaths have been associated with the baby lying prone or on their stomach. This is dangerous because it may block their air pathways and cause suffocation of irregular breathing. Laying the baby on their back while sleeping is recommended although you shouldn't do it all the time in order to promote healthy cranial development.

2. Always keep the temperature optimal

Many bodies in the same room will increase the temperature, especially if you're co-sleeping in your bed. Keep the temperature cool to keep your baby comfortable and avoid heat-rushes, difficulty in breathing and other problems.

co-sleeping, source: @whatiscosleeping / Instagram

3. Use bed rails

If your bed is raised off the floor, use mesh guardrails to prevent baby from rolling off the bed, and be sure that there is no space between the mattress and headboard or footboard. Ensure that your rail guards are safe for your baby and that they can't get trapped between them if they can't get free.

4. Get rid of the gaps

Get rid of any gaps between the bed, mattress, and wall or between furniture where the baby could become trapped. Push the bed to the wall and move furniture away from the bed completely.

co-sleeping, source: @whatiscosleeping/Instagram

5. Take care of loose bedding

One of the more immediate dangers to suffocating is your baby getting those loose sheets or bedding. Ensure that everything is fitted and tucked so it can't get in the way of your baby's breathing.

6. Check your sleep patterns

This is especially important if you co-sleep your baby in your bed. Studies have shown that many bed-sharing deaths have come about as a result of the adult sleeping with the baby falling into a deep sleep as they may trap the baby between them and sheets or may accidentally roll over the baby. If you are under the influence of any drugs, make different sleeping arrangements fpr your baby's safety.

a) Baby Relax Daybed Toddler Bed

Baby Relax Daybed Toddler Bed

This could probably be your best purchase yet. The bed is made of solid hardwood and it's not that hard to assemble, plus your baby is gonna love it! It features two side rails for their protection one of which is only a half-rail to allow your baby to learn how to get in and out of bed without running the risk of falling out during the night. The cute sleigh design will look so good in your bedroom and you can get in the color that matches your decor.

b) Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible Crib by Dream on me

Dream On Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible, Crib,

This baby co-sleeper can be converted into 5 different types of beds. This co-sleeping option for toddler use comes with four different mattress positions when used as a traditional crib, but you can also easily transform it into a toddler bed when the time comes. If your baby continues to use it for even longer, you can convert it into a full-size bed as well. This is a unique piece of furniture that can truly grow with your baby at every step of his or her development.

bedside co-sleeper, source: @whatiscosleeping/Instagram


Co-sleepers are the perfect solution to co-sleeping your baby without the adverse effects projected by the more traditional mode of the baby sharing the same bed with you. There are all kinds of co-sleepers in the market right now to suit all your co-sleeping needs, be it in your home or out and about, co-sleepers for really tiny babies or ones for much older ones. Get one that works for you and don't forget to enjoy the little milestones you make with your baby!