What is the 'ibaby' baby monitor rave all about

Everything about the 'ibaby' baby monitor and why parents want it

By Caren M
What is the 'ibaby' baby monitor rave all about

iBaby Baby Monitor Reviews

Baby monitors are all the rave in the parenting world. Why? Because they allow you to keep an eye on your baby even when you're not around or near them.   

Many parents find this technology extremely helpful and many companies have come up to try to beat each other at making the most functional and techno-savvy baby monitoring gadgets out there, but one of the overall leader in this industry is definitely the iBaby monitors. 

iBaby monitor, source: iBabylabs

iBaby has revolutionalized the whole baby monitoring industry by adding some very helpful features to their baby monitors, making them the number one go-to brand for parents from all walks of life. If you love fast-paced technology that is sleek enough to fit into your home decor seamlessly while also keeping up with the life that you live, then you've landed in the right place. iBaby is an all-rounder and provides a variety of options for baby monitoring at the tap of a button.

Here are some next-level genius features that ibaby has come up with that you never knew you needed until now.

Easily track your baby with the iBaby monitor/ iBaby labs

1. Super Video monitor with night vision

They are not kidding when they call it a video monitor. The iBaby monitors come with a Full HD 1080p camera so viewing your baby so you won't be that grainy, really annoying picture quality that barely allows you to see anything. With the iBaby monitor, you see everything and you see it in full HD, even at night, you can still keep an eye on your little one with the high-quality night vision.

2. Full coverage wide angles pan and tilt

The iBaby monitors come with full coverage of angles that come with a maximum area coverage with 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt. Lens F4.2 millimeter and F2.0 Fixed Iris (2 megapixels). 
What this means basically is that you can view your baby's surroundings at any angle - Front, back, sideways, up, down, you name it. This view allows you to continue about your other stuff in peace knowing that iBaby has got yours and your baby's back fully.

3. Two-way speakers to talk and listen

The monitor allows you to not only listen to your baby but you can talk and soothe them through the two-way speaker system. This way, when your baby wakes up from their nap whiny, you can just soothe them right back to sleep right away without being there physically.

Features of the monitor, source: iBabylabs

4. Sensors on everything

The iBaby monitors feature superior sensors that can sense sound and motion as well as changes in temperature and humidity for the comfort of your little munchkin. Immediately when a change is sensed, an alert is made to you so you can be notified of every little thing happening, even the invisible ones. 

temperature and humidity sensors on the iBaby, source: iBabylabs

5. Early childhood education incorporated

These monitors come with a smart feature that plays early childhood material for your baby including lullabies and bedtime stories, soothing music and white noise. This audible material comes pre-loaded to the monitor so you don't have to worry if you don't know a good bedtime story or a really nice lullaby. 

Remote viewing, source: ibabylabs

6. Remote viewing

Many parents will nod their heads in agreement when we say that most parents find it almost impossible to leave their babies, even for just 10 minutes. For some, it's the guilt of thinking that your baby might make a milestone in the time that you are away from them or they might need you in one way or another. 

With the iBaby monitor, you can keep track of your baby's progress throughout the day or during the time you're away from them by remote viewing using your phone's data.

What parents are saying

A majority of ibaby users are really enjoying the services offered by this baby monitor. Here are some comments for the ibaby monitor.

I’m glad I went ahead with the purchase because it works perfectly! The image is fairly clear, you can play music from the app, listen or speak with your baby, and take pictures. You also have options to invite family to watch.

Kelly from Long Island NY

This is greatly exciting! We love our little iBaby Labs robot babysitter and are now looking forward to the air sense!!! Here’s hoping!

robot baby sitter by Cassandra D

ibaby care m7

The ibaby care m7 is one of the latest products in their line of brilliant baby monitors and they have not held anything back with this design. 

iBaby Care M7 is the smartest Wi-Fi enabled iBaby Monitor created to suit the needs of all parents. With wonderful features that promote child safety and early education, the iBaby care m7 is revolutionalizing the way parents monitor their kids worldwide.

Some of the features in overview include:

  • Full HD 1080p Video Resolution with Night Vision
  • Built-in Moonlight Soother
  • Dual band router support (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • TVOC air quality sensor
  • Diaper and Feeding Alerts

The iBaby Care M7 is packed with all the smart qualities of the iBaby products we've already discussed and some new additions to help make parenting even smoother for you.

The iBaby care M7/ iBaby labs

a. Moonlight Soother

As a parent, you want to please your child in every way - even in impossible feats like bringing the moon and the stars to them... iBaby hears you and have added a really useful feature to the care M7 that will allow you to project the soothing light of the moon and stars all over your little one's nursery. You can combine this with a lullaby that's inbuilt to really kick in that calm effect and watching the stars and moon will be visually stimulating for them.

b. Diaper change and feeding alert

I don't care if you've won mom of the millennium award, every parent has forgotten at least once in their life to make a diaper change or feed their baby a bit late. If you did, we still love you. The iBaby care M7 sends with diaper changing and feeding alerts to your phone so you don't have to keep track of all those times. Isn't that just easy and hassle-free?

Source: iBaby

c. Faster than fast installation

Imagine being able to install a piece of equipment in 60 seconds! That's how long it takes to install the iBaby care M7 monitor so you can enjoy their baby monitoring services as quickly as possible. The package comes with installation guidelines so you don't need genius brains for this part, just how fast can you be with your hands.

Also, iBaby’s expandable system allows users to toggle between multiple cameras right on the iBaby Care App.

iBaby App

‎iBaby Care App
iBaby Care

The iBaby app allows you to fully integrate the iBaby monitor to all the functions mentioned above. With the app, you can comfortably view your baby's surroundings even in remote access. It allows you to switch up the music, lullabies, and stories and also allows you to record and save new material for them. The two-way speaker is activated using the app installed from Apple store or google apps ios and Android respectively. You can add users to your account so they can see the baby and take part in the baby's growth milestones and funny moments no matter how far away they are.
Currently, the app is only available to Android phones and iPhones and iPads but hopefully, they will soon find a way for us to use the app on other devices such as laptops and TVs.

iBaby app for ios and android, soure: iBaby labs

iBaby over wi-fi

One of the most unique and best-loved features about the iBaby monitors is that they send live feeds over Wifi or mobile data. The most important thing to note is that you must have a Wifi connection for the monitor to work.

The iBaby monitor only connects over WiFi that has direct router access to the monitor. WiFi that requires a process to use including several authentication-page processes such as hotel, restaurants and other public WiFi will not work on the iBaby monitor for security purposes.

Also, note that every time you move you will have to reboot the monitor to reset the WiFi because of the change. Remember to save any camera roll pics you have stored on your phone to avoid losing data during a hard reset.

The best part about the iBaby WiFi monitors is that they allow you to interact with your baby in real-time with a faster live-feed and transfer rate so that no matter where in this world you are, you can still keep an eye on your little munchkin stress-free.


Awards won by iBaby/ ibaby labs

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Like the testimonial says, you are going to love your iBaby little robot baby sitterIt's highly functional and looks really chic and cute too. We know you'll love it as much as we do.