A list of 15 Best Maternity Clothes for the New Mom

New moms can shop to her heart content while dressing the bump

By Evelyn
A list of 15 Best Maternity Clothes for the New Mom

2018 best maternity clothes

Congratulations on that baby bump! If it's your first baby you may be wondering how to dress yourself during this confusing and wonderful time because your body is going through some rapid changes and before you know it nothing fits. 

What jeans to wear? What shirts or dresses are the best fit? We'd like to help you sort through all that confusion and have compiled a list of maternity clothes from where you can choose. 

Maternity Clothes Brands, Stores and Websites

Women in the past had to suffer ugly maternity clothes because there weren't many choices, luckily things have changed. Now you'll find brands and stores (physical and online) that caters to pregnant women and offer fashionable maternity clothes that actually flatter your shape during the 9 months of your pregnancy.

Take a look. 

1. Gap Maternity Ribbed Henley Tank Top

Gap Maternity Ribbed Henley Tank Top

This maternity ribbed tank by Gap is a favorite among new moms because it's basically the same ribbed tank they used before pregnancy, it's just a bit longer so it can cover your bump. It feels normal because it doesn't have a maternity look. A good choice to wear when your other clothes don't fit anymore. The cotton is really soft and a plus is that you can use it while breastfeeding too.

2. ASOS Maternity Smock Top with Crochet Insert Sleeve

ASOS Maternity Nursing Smock Top

Don't you just love this top? It's super cute! You can wear your favorite jeans and dress them up a little with the top. You'll look fantastic. It's so stylish with the crew neck and the ruffle sleeves and the crochet insert. 

We are sure it'll fit just right and will accompany you through all the bump growing because the jersey stretches and has a little give.  

3. Off the Shoulder Maternity Sweater by A Pea in the Pond

Off The Shoulder Sweater

Back then, maternity clothes weren't flattering at all and the choices were few. Thankful for new designers and all the changes that maternity clothes have had and all the options. This maternity sweater by A Pea In The Pod is just a little example, it will definitely add a little sexy in the mix of your maternity wardrobe.

You can use the cowl neck of the shoulder or not, the sides are ruched and it has a slim fit, you can actually wear after your pregnancy and it'll fit just fine.   

4. Seraphine Vanessa Turtleneck Black Maternity Dress

Vanessa Turtleneck Black Dress

You want to look pretty and good during your pregnancy? Seraphine's got you covered, and this black dress if a favorite among moms to be because you can dress it up with jewelry or dress it down and use it during a cold day. 

This maternity dress is elegant, stylish and it features a curved empire line to define the waist. It's really a timeless staple in your wardrobe because you'll want to use it before, during and after your pregnancy.

5. AG Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

AG Secret Fit Belly Maternity Jeans

These jeans by AG are a little bit pricey but so worth it! If you are a fan of jeans and need a pair to navigate your pregnancy feeling good about them, then the splurge on this skinny leg maternity jeans is a must. 

These jeans will fit you nicely and are very comfortably, you can wear them with your favorite top or T-shirt and be set for your whole pregnancy. 

6. Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope

This brand offers pregnant women clothes and accessories that are fashionable and functional. Their clothes are upscale and very stylish. Take a look at the Mara Dress, for example, it's so simple in the design and yet super stylish, you can wear it before, during and after your pregnancy and look great.

You can shop online, but they also have stores in NYC, so if you're there or planning a trip to the Big Apple, drop by!

7. Hatch

The Hatch

Hatch offers simple and sophisticated maternity clothes. All the pieces are floaty and roomy, they have special touches like oversize bows. If you're a hipster or bohemian mom-to-be you'll like very much this brand, they're fun and unique and special. If you can afford them (they're pricey) you'll feel good through the whole 9 months.

They have stores in New York and Los Angeles, but you can shop online too. 

8. Old Navy

Old Navy Maternity Clothes

If you're a mom on a budget, then the best place to get all your maternity clothes is at Old Navy. You'll find everything you need for your bump. You can load up on scoop-neck tees, tunics, khakis, shorts PJ's, dresses. You'll look great and feel comfortable and you won't make a big hole in your purse. wink

9. Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver

The Isabella Oliver brand is a London-based company, but you can shop from their USA website. Some celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Gardner have been seen wearing this brand. 

They offer stylish maternity clothes with phenomenal fabrics that will fit and flatter your body as it grows. You'll find pieces like bump-hugging dresses, jeans, leggings... go check out the website, we're sure you'll find something you'll like.

10. Pink Blush

Pink Blush Maternity

PinkBlush is a brand you can go to if you're on a budget, their clothes are comfortable and flirty. You'll find some stylish pieces, like fitted florals and swinging maxidresses you'll love and the very flattering wrap dresses you can wear after you pregnant too. If you're looking for a plus size option, PinkBlush has you covered.

Check the website for more options.

Maternity Clothes Rental

Are you one of those moms-to-be that think that buying maternity clothes is not such a good idea? I mean you're just going to need and use them for a few months, it's true that many brands offer clothes that can be used after your pregnancy but still, it seems like a lot of money right?

What to do then? Fortunately, you have an option now, more and more moms are deciding to rent their pregnancy outfits instead of buying them and paying full price. So, where you can do this? Thanks to the internet, you can rent literary anything and maternity clothes are not the exception.

There are a lot of wonderful maternity clothing rental stores online. Whether you want to rent your whole maternity wardrobe or just a few items, these rental services got you covered and some of them even have personal stylists that can help you find just what you need.

Let's see some options. 

11. Mine for Nine

Mine for Nine

Mine for Nine offers a wide variety of styles for you to rent and there's a plus if you really like what you borrow, then you can buy it. You can borrow or rent more than one item at a time. You can borrow clothes by month but you can keep them longer if you like (they will charge you the extra month). Not sure of your size? don't worry they offer clothing measurements.

12. Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway is a great choice for maternity rental because they have items with impeccable style and they offer a vast selection. You can get the Unlimited membership ($159), it has some very nice perks: you can get 4 items at a time and unlimited swaps, you can get fit and styling appointments from maternity stylists, the shipping is free as well as the dry cleaning and the rental insurance

13. Borrow for Your Bump

Burrow for Your Bump

If you like subscription boxes then Borrow for Your Bump is for you. You need to fill out a style profile with the option "Borrow a Box" ($99/month), then a personal stylist will curate a box for you, this box will contain 4 items that you can keep as long as you like or can exchange too. You have the option of burrowing just a dress but with the box, you have unlimited outfits. The shipping and cleaning are free.

14. La Belle Bump

La Belle Bump

La Belle Bump is a service where you can rent maternity clothes with the option of buying. Once you fill out a questionnaire they will curate a box for you, this Everyday Box arrives with 4 to 5 items that you can keep for a month or as long as you want. You have the option of exchanging any items, they will replace and send you new items any time you want. The shipping is free.

15. Le Tote

Le Tote

Le Tote also offers a curated box or "tote". You have three subscription options for maternity clothes and each tote is styled based on your input, but you can make changes before the shipping. You can get as many totes as you like per month (just one at a time). If you love any item you have rent, then you can buy it with a 50% discount.


Now you have tons of options for dressing during that amazing bump time, there are lots of brands and stores out there waiting for you, we hope you'll find something amazing that will make you look fabulous and comfy.



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