Best 10 children tablets for learning and playing

What are the best children tablets sought after by parents

By Rebecca jones
Best 10 children tablets for learning and playing

I have been having a hard time trying to convince my child to stay quiet and still, especially when in public places. I love going to the malls, stores, and saloon with my son but whenever he is around people, he acts out or exhibits certain behavior that isn't like him. A friend of mine who was more experienced with kids suggested I get a mini children tablet for him. At first, I was apprehensive because I didn't want my child glued to a gadget all the time, especially when I needed to spend quality time with him. But with so many tantrums and unpleasant experience, I decided to get the children tablet, and I can tell you how glad I am. You can't imagine how good it feels to have a minute of peace and tranquility while grocery shopping. 

Reviews on children tablets with wifi

nabi Jr. - 4GB Kids Tablet

Well, it is true that gadgets and tablets are addictive, they are available to make life easy and simple but if not managed well, it can be harmful to our health and lifestyle. Everything in life should be done in moderation since gadgets are here to stay and not going anywhere anytime soon, its best we take good advantage of it by using it to entertain and educate our kids. Tablets have made learning easy for kids, your kid can enjoy his favorite rhyme, song or learn alphabets all through his or her mini children tablet. But the question is how do you know and decide on the best children tablet for your little one? Don't worry, we've got you covered. let's look at a review of some of our favorite children tablet with WiFi:

1. Fire 7 kids edition tablet

Fire 7 kids edition tablet

This tablet gives your kid unlimited access to over 15000 popular apps and games, video, books, Audible books and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. The subscription is about $3 a month plus applicable tax, and you may cancel the subscription at any time by contacting customer care. It has a 2-year guarantee where the company will fix and replace any breakage from your kid. The wonderful thing about this particular tablet is the Auto-read feature, where it can read and narrate your child's favorite story and rhyme. 

You can also add your own content on the tablet to give your child selected access to apps. It also has parental control features which allow the parent to set and personalize screen time limit, set an educational goal, manage web browsing, and filter-out age-appropriate content.

2. Leapfrog Epic Android tablet

Leapfrog epic android tablet

This tablet is the most advanced Android-based tablet from leapfrog. The tablet is designed to grow with your kid, and ignite endless learning and creative play. It has up to 20 free Android applications and world-class kid-safe web with the leap search browser. It is a durable design with a shatter safe LCD screen and protective bumper for every day droop and bumps.

3. Samsung galaxy kids tablet 7.0

Samsung galaxy kids tablets 7.0

This Samsung children tablet is made of soft, durable bumper case featuring characters from THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE. It probably and brings your kids the educational content you trust from DreamWorks Animation, Sesame Street, National Geographic and more. Your kids can also explore a variety of engaging content that aligns with STEM and common core curriculum. it has 2.0MP rear camera, Quad-core processor, 7" screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, 8GB internal storage plus microSD slot to personalize content and entertaining your child.

4. Dragon Touch K8 Kids Tablet, 8"

Dragon Touch K8 Kids Tablet, 8"

This tablet allows kids to have their own personal playground with child friendly Interface making it easy to use. They can also get access to fun and educational games and videos which you choose for them. they can also access educational and entertaining apps and websites without any risk of coming across anything inappropriate. it has a large storage 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage that enables you to download lots of popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content on the tablet. With Micro SD card slot that allows expanding extra space up to 32GB.

Best child-friendly children tablets for toddlers

Just because your toddler is still learning his or her words doesn't mean they don't understand and get entertained by their favorite cartoon characters and songs. Your toddler is in a stage where he or she is curious about things, they are attracted by colors, sounds, music, and so much more. The children mini tablet helps a lot in encouraging and educating your toddler on a different variety of content like alphabets, animals, number e.t.c making it convenient for your child to continue to learn even on the go.

Below is a list of some of the best children tablets for your toddler:

5. Contixo kids tablet K2

Contixo kids tablet k2

This is an easy to use tablet. Give it to a child and he will start playing with the pre-installed games. It comes with a bundle of games, apps and a protective cover to handle ruggedness. However, do take note of some parents reviews that the tablet performance may be slow, battery life is short and at times, the screen will crack due to mishandling. Thus, the mixed reviews from buyers.

6. Tagital 7" T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

Tagital 7" T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

This is the best tablet both for kids and parents, with Kid Mode pre-installed, there's no need to worry about unfriendly content on the Internet. it has a Quad Core CPU, which delivers the perfect mix of power, portability, and performance. It allow kids to have their own personal playground and the Child Friendly Interface makes it easy to use. They can get access to fun and educational games and videos which you choose for them. All the content in Zoodles adapts to your child's age and skill level. So they are always playing and learning at the highest level. Once again, do take note of the ruggedness, with many cracked screen complaints being shown in the review!

7. Learning Pad / Fun Phone with 6 Toddler Learning Games

Learning Pad / Fun Phone with 6 Toddler Learning Games

This education tablet is filled with toddler learning games that are fun and teach critical thinking skills, including letters, words, spelling, and numbers. It has 6 unique toddler education functions designed to help children learn languages and promote a love of learning, and also entertain your kids and keep them occupied with education. designed with great quality, therefore won't break like cheap toys, this is a high-quality kids learning tablet that is sturdy and engineered to withstand daily use throughout your child's developmental years. This portable preschool learning tablet is packed with dozens of activities and easy to move around places.

8. Learning tablets for kids toddler education ABC toys

Learning Tablet for Kids, Toddler Educational ABC Toy

the colorful keypads provide hours of learning fun! Three levels of play teaches letters, objects, shapes, spelling and music. Light-up fingerprint with fun sound effects and melodies with just the touch of the finger. Adjust the volume to your liking. It has a fun educational touchpad that promotes early development, builds your child's educational skills, and gives them a love for learning in a fun interactive learning way. Touch pad teaches children ABC, shapes, words, and plays 10 different nursery melodies.

Children tablets with parental control

even though a lot of children tablets out there have given parents a great amount of access and control over what they view, access and learn. Filtering web browsing to a much more age appropriate content will not only protect your child from spending time on contents that are not going to be beneficial to them, but will also set your child on the right part of learning and having fun. 

9. BENEVE M755 Kids Tablet

BENEVE M755 Kids Tablet, 7 Inc

iWawa is a Kids application, easy operation, with rich games content. Parental control is available to limit the time spent on the tablet and access to suitable content, Parents can select all of the content your kids can see, without any risk of coming across anything inappropriate. It has a quad Core CPU,7 inch 1024x600 Display,Google Android 7.1 System, WiFi, Bluetooth, Dual Camera, 8GB ROM+1GB RAM,Touchscreen. It comes with pre-Installed Google Play Store, which gives you thousands of free apps. supports Skype video calling, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and so on.

10. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

Dragon touch Y88X

This tablet has a free Disney book Included with 20 Disney story books and 4 audio books, such as Zootopia, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Moana and so on. When you spend time reading to kids, your child will get a lot of fun and gain valuable communication. It also enables kids access to millions of videos clips paintings and educational games for unlimited exploration play and learning In Kidoz every kid gets new and recommended content offered based on usage history. Giving parents a parental control over what content their kid can access. 

Extra: Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7

This tablet brings your kids the educational content you trust from DreamWorks Animation, Sesame Street, National Geographic and more. Your kids can explore a variety of engaging Samsung Kids content that aligns with STEM and common core curriculum, with a parental control feature.


At the end of the day, gadgets are beneficial if used and managed the right way, engaging your child into a physical form of communication and interactions is probably the best, but children tablets help in engaging kids in activities that are educative and beneficial. Always go for children tablets with a WiFI and parental control feature. Tablets that grow with your kids are probably best and money saving.

Lastly do check on the reviews from parents and evaluate based on your needs. Perhaps a short battery life is good so that your kid does not spend too much time with the tablet and you can forgo the "flaw" of short battery life? Or perhaps your playroom is all carpeted or cushioned, dropping a tablet is not so much of a concern? Do read through and make the best choice for your child!