16 Trending And Cool Hair Colors To Try In 2019

Stay ahead on the hair trend with these popular cool hair colors

By Diana Nadim
16 Trending And Cool Hair Colors To Try In 2019

What Is The Hair Color Trend In 2019?

When people look at you and admire your beauty; your hair is usually the first thing they take notice of. Your hair also plays a very crucial role in your individuality as how you wear your hair helps to set you apart from the other women and to create your own unique identity. The following are some of the trending cool hair colors for 2019 that will make you look and feel beautiful. 

Cool Hair Colors For Short Hair

Having short hair is a breath of fresh air as it is light and it usually takes less time to style, wash, and to dry it. Also, there are plenty of dazzling styles for short hair and below are some of the tones you can use on your short hair to stand out in 2019!

1. Toasted Coconut

Source: candybomb1/ instagram

This is another hair color you can turn to if you want a tone that’s fashionable and trendy in 2019.  Toasted coconut shade is especially perfect for brunettes who would like to try out blonde hues as its dark rooted. It starts with a rich dark tone and then softly transitions into blonder ends.

2. Living Coral

Source: maridevogeski / instagram

This is another exquisite hair color you can try in 2019 that is guaranteed to make you look like a superstar! This shade is not only drop dead gorgeous but it’s also made for makeup, giving you a lot of options. Living coral is flattering and also easy to wear and will give you that bold look you have been looking for.

3. Dirty Brunette

Source: coloristkaylamartel / Instagram

This amazing color works perfectly for those who are usually warm or super cool as it’s a balance of both. Dirty brunette will also help to brighten up your complexion making sure that you will get noticed easily anywhere you will go in 2019!

4. Caramel Balayage

Source: akmermaid90 / Instagram

One of the reasons why this hair color is perfect and cool is that it’s natural looking. Caramel toes are a big thing in 2019 and if you are a blonde, you can use a shadowed root together with brown lowlights and if you have black or even dark brown hair, you can add soft caramel balayage.

Cool Hair Colors For Long Hair

Different cultures have different definitions of long hair but in general, long hair refers to hair that is from shoulder length going downwards. It’s good to note that hair length is usually categorized according to the part of your body where the longest hair ends. This is the reason why the length is described in terms such as waist-length, shoulder-length, and so on. The following are some of the cool and trendy tones for long hair.

5. Faded Pastel

Source:  kyntara / Instagram

This pale pink tone is one of the coolest things you can wear in 2019! Faded pastel is not only beautiful but it’s also easy to maintain and to create as it’s not a saturated pastel. Its simplicity and nature is part of its beauty as the faded look will make you look dazzling and also stand out from the crowd.

6. Gem Roots

Source: pepestylephilosophyhairfelino / Instagram

This color effect is breathtaking and will help you begin the New Year in style. The colors that make gem roots can be applied either at the ends or all over the hair. Another option is to focus the colors just on your roots recreating the color effects seen in crystals.

7. Honey Bronde

Source: michaelboychucklv / Instagram

A bronde infusion such as this is an amazing tone to try out in 2019 as it will give you that sun-kissed shade you have been longing for. Honey bronde is not only gorgeous and stylish but also gives an illusion of a restful season without giving too much summer vibe. Once you have this dazzling look, the only thing you need to do is to maintain it and you can do that by using hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners which are safe for color treated hair.

8. Mushroom brown

Source: hai.stylist / Instagram

This gorgeous earthy shade of brown is stylish and multidimensional and offers the best transition from winter to spring. Another huge advantage of this amazing color is that it’s customizable. This means that you get a chance to be creative and try out other colors for the finish. You can add a buttery tone or even an ashy blonde tone to offer you a more homologous finish.

Cool Hair Colors For Fair Skin

Before we take a look at some of the trendy hair colors for those with fair skin, it’s important to ask ourselves; what does fair skin really stand for? Fair skin is defined as having a pale complexion. Some of the coolest hair colors for fair skin in 2019 are as follows:

9. Strawberry Blonde

Source: nora_martinezhairartist / Instagram

This color usually has some shades of orange which makes it perfect for people with fair skin. If you have light eye colors such as gray, blue, and hazel you are in luck as this hair color blends perfectly with those colors.

10. Golden Brown

Source: harcompaniet_ / Instagram

If you have pale skin and either hazel or even brown eyes then this elegant brown color is for you as it will compliment your features. The color is also beautiful and will make you stand out from the crowd.  

11. Ash Bronde

Source: samanthacusicklondon / Instagram

This is another cool and trendy hair color for 2019! This tone usually somewhere between ash blonde and dark brown making it seem dreamy and exquisite. One of the reasons why this shade is a must-have for 2019 is that it will help you to keep them guessing all the times. Another advantage of using this tone is that it goes well with almost every skin tone which is a ve4ry important factor to consider when choosing a hair color.

12. Plum

Source: spectralisis / instagram

This purple-based shade looks dazzling, making it one of the coolest hair colors of 2019! The good thing about this hair color is that it compliments all eye colors.

Cool Hair Colors For Dark Skin

If you have beautiful dark skin, you can also flaunt your breathtaking beauty and boldness using some of the following hair colors in 2019.

13. Dark Cherry

Source: moyo_ijoma / Instagram

This is the type of red tone that is darker and richer compared to the others. You can never go wrong with this shade of red. If you have tanned skin, you can go for lighter shades and they will also make you look dazzling.  

14. Black and Purple

Source:  hairbymollyshannon / Instagram

The fact that you have dark beautiful skin does not mean that you cannot experiment with hair colors. This is why applying purple highlights on your black hair is fun and creates a magnificent look.

15. Light Brown

Source: hair_by_pk / Instagram

This is another exquisite 2019 look for those with dark skins. The front is normally added a light touch of brown leaving the strands at the back of your head black. This helps to highlight your beauty and to bring you lots of attention.

16. Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

Source: wardrobingwithhair / Instagram

For this look to work, you should avoid using too much blonde color as it does not usually go well with dark skin. Instead, only highlight your black hair with blonde and it will look dazzling.


Apart from enhancing your beauty, your hair also helps to increase your confidence and to compliment your unique features. This means that choosing a hair color that not only compliments the color of your skin but also the shape of your face can make a huge difference. Usher in 2019 with some of the above trendy and cool hair colors and you will be guaranteed to feel amazing and to have a lasting impression on all those you will come into contact with.