The cutest baby girl tights we wished they made in our sizes

Even moms lust after these cute and adorable baby girl tights

By Caren M
The cutest baby girl tights we wished they made in our sizes

Colourful baby girl tights

Tights and leggings for little girls have, and always will, be the perfect finishing look for your little girl’s dress. They add that element of class to your daughter’s stylish outfit or simply on their own, giving them that young-fashionista edge that is so cute you can’t help but fall in love with her over and over again.

Here’s a list of the best colorful tights in the market for your little hatchling.

1. Cute Toddler Infant Baby Kids Girls Pantyhouse Long Stockings Child Tights Socks

These wonderful tights and pantyhose for kids are relatively more expensive than the rest in this category but they are certainly no less when it comes to overall cuteness and make. They come in a variety of patterns, designs and colors so you have such a wide range to choose from.

Cute Toddler Infant Baby Kids Girls Pantyhouse Long Stockings Child Tights Socks | eBay

2. Magic Tadpole Spring/Autumn tights for girls

Magic Tadpole Spring collection, soource: magic tadpole@

Looking for extremely cute tights to match anything? The Magic tadpole tights are just the choice for you. The tights are made from light cotton material and can be worn with a short cute dress and long t-shirt. The best part about these tights however is the colorful flower designs that come in a variety of colors and have we mentioned that they are super affordable?

Spring autumn baby flower pants leggings for girls

3. Shu Embroidery Fashion Heart Printed baby tights

Fashion heart printed baby legging,

Fashion Heart Printed Baby Legging Children Girls Candy Color Pantyhose Velvet Stockings

When you talk of cute baby girls’ tights, Shu baby tights cannot miss in the conversation. They come in seven different colors so you can choose what you want for your daughter and they can also work with any kind of dress of upper dressing you choose. It also has a cute design that is both adorable and cute and fits perfectly according to the size you want.

4. KODKIEDN Spring/Autumn Candy Color baby girl tights

KODKIEDN tights,

Spring/autumn candy color children tights for baby girls kids cute velvet pantyhose tights

This Spring/Autumn come in solid colors and there’s a variety of colors to choose from if you prefer buying your baby tights in bulk. The tights are cheap and work with every little dress skirt you want to dress your girl in.

5. KACAKID 2018 Spring Candy Color Kids Ballet Dance

KACAKID 2018 spring collection tights, source:

These are the tights that an up-to-date fashionista mom should get their adorable little baby girl. The 2018 spring tights come in fun colors that your daughter will fall in love with and also comes in a variety of cute solid colors and different sizes to fit girls up to 18 years old.

2018 Spring Candy Color Kids Pantyhose Ballet Dance Tights for Girls

Infant leggings with printed shoes

If you are looking for the cutest leggings for your infant baby, look no further. Here are some of our top picks with printed shoes. 

6. YK&Loving Non slip warm Infant tights for girls

YK&Loving infant tights, source:

These tights look so adorable and would look even better on your baby. They are made from high-quality cotton and the bottom is a non-slip printed shoe so your baby is safe to walk in them without tumbling on the cumbersome floor. The YK&Loving tights come in three bright colors with different patterns to go with whatever you or your baby is feeling.

Non Slip Cotton Warm Infant Tights Baby Clothing Girls Fashion

7. E&BAINEL Cotton lace infant tights with printed shoe

E&BAINEL stripe infant tights, source:

The E&BAINEL tights for infants are made from a combination of polyester and cotton making them a bit more lightweight in case you want to dress your child down a bit but still have them looking nice. They mostly come in a red stripe color with little bow heart shapes on it but we promise you they’ll be worth the totally cheap price when everyone is cooing over your little one.

Cotton Lace Infant Tights Baby Clothing Girls

8. Jazzy Toes Mary Jane Lacy Baby Tights

Jazzy Toes Mary Jane tights, source:

Have your baby girl turn heads with these cute, lace-ruffled tights. The jazzy toes are made from stretchy cotton material so they are really comfortable on your baby and the bottom is fitted with cute anti-skid printed Mary Jane shoes for that wonderful overall look you want for your crawler.

JazzyToes Mary Jane Lacy Baby Tights, : Infant And Toddler Tights

9. Epeius Baby Girls' Mary Jane Non-Skid Cotton Tights

EPIUS baby girl tights, source:

These are well-made and simply adorable. Made of a fabric blend for cozy softness and great fit. The tights will look great with a pair of Mary Jane's and a dress and will add a touch of playfulness to your little girl's outfit. They are perfect for indoors and outdoors activities and the non-skid bottom will ensure your baby remains safe if they are just starting to learn how to walk. They also come in a variety of colors and that you can choose from that would be just the right fit for your little princess. 

Epeius Baby Girls' Mary Jane Non-Skid Cotton Tights

10. Baby Emporio Baby Infant Toddler Shoe Look Tights

Baby Emporio baby tights with "shoe", source:

Emporio baby tights come in 16 basic colors so you have quite the variety to choose from and are made from materials that will keep the baby while keeping excess heat out. The tights are also made from a blend of cotton and nylon and spandex providing long-lasting wear and are stretchy enough so your baby feels comfortable wearing them. 

Baby Infant Toddler Shoe Look Tights - Mary Jane

Cute leggings for toddlers

11. Old Navy Cozy stretch leggings for girls

Old Navy stretch leggings, source: The GAP, Inc US

These Old Navy leggings for toddler girls are absolutely worth looking into. Lots of people already love them for their girls and there are four different colors to choose from. They are so soft and cozy and are perfect for outdoor playing and even taking that nap. The waist is elasticized for a perfect fit and the stretchy material allows your daughter to feel comfortable without being restained in stiff clothing.

Cozy Stretch Leggings for Toddler Girls | Old Navy

12. Toddler girls Printed leggings

Unicorn and rainbows printed leggings for girls,

If your daughter loves unicorns and rainbows and likes seeing them on everything, then you'll want to get her these leggings. They are made from cotton and spandex, making them long-lasting and comfortable as they stretch for a perfect fit. The waist is a pull-on elastic so you know it will fit to size and let's not forget how adorable little princess is going to look in them.

Toddler Girls Print Leggings

13. Old Navy printed leggings for girls

OLd Navy Printed leggings, source:The GAP, inc US

This line of printed leggings is another best-seller over at the Old Navy house and we see why. The material is soft cotton jersey and is stretchy to give your daughter that free feeling. They are warm yet not restricting due to heat and they fit true to size. They come in a variety of colors and patterns although we have a feeling you might end up buying the whole bunch.

Printed Leggings for Toddler Girls | Old Navy

14. Toddler Girls print leggings

Toddler Girls print leggings/ source:

They look good and they feel even better. these toddler print leggings are warm and comfy and super stylish too so they can go with that cute outfit you've been saving looking for just the perfect leggings to go with. Your daughter will love them and so will you. The elastic band ensures they stay on and their full length hits at the ankle so they are not cumbersome for walking. Check out their link below for some ideas you'll just love on how to pair up the leggings.

Toddler Girls Print Leggings

15. Toddler Girls glitter print leggings

Toddler girls glitter print leggings/source:

If you have a flair for the dramatics and want your child to stand out in the crowd, then get these leggings for them and your wish will come true. These leggings are so cute and shiny we don't see the little one ever wanting to take them off. What's more, they are really comfortable and will keep her warm and the stretchy feel to it makes them fit true to size. The link below will also give you some ideas and tips on how you can dress her up in these leggings and how to pair them up so your child looks absolutely gorgeous.

Toddler Girls Glitter Print Leggings



Tights and leggings complete any look for both young and old and they add that element of innocent that is just so cute. For your little girl no matter their age, the products we've listed above will get her looking like the little princess she is and will have heads turning at how simply beautiful the looks turn out. Try them and have fun playing dress-up with your little munchkin.laugh