20 must-knows love relationship advice for women

The only relationship advices for women you'll ever need

20 must-knows love relationship advice for women

There is a common notion about the relationship that is believed by many: “Relationships are hard," But is it true? For me, this isn’t true at all, why? This is because we are the designer of our relationships regardless of the external challenges we may be facing. People involved in a relationship are the main cause of those challenges.  

A relationship cannot be magically run by love and this is where many people fail to understand thus making them lazy. When it comes to a relationship, you need to be ready at all time to fulfill your obligations, and that is real life situation.

This article will give you the best 20 relationships advice made for the women. The advice are divided into three that is:

  • Relationship Advice on New Boyfriend
  • General Advice on Love and Relationships and
  • Advice on Long Term Relationships

Without further ado, lets jump into the 20 best relationship advice made for women:

Best 20 relationships made for the women

Relationship Advice on New Boyfriend

1. You Should Both be in “Good Working Order”

To be in a mutually healthy relationship, both of you should be in "good working order." This means that both of you should not be having unresolved issues for example drug problems, mental health problems or financial problems.  If one has these problems, then it means the other person will have to deal with the burden which in turn will affect a relationship. 

2. Don’t be Overly Jealous or Date a Person Who is Overly Possessive or Jealous

Being overly possessive do annoy, therefore, dating an over jealous boyfriend will drive you nuts and destroy your trust in him. If your new boyfriend doesn't trust you, then don't change to appease him. Make him love the way you are if not then run.

3. Be Present

This is one of the vital virtue to have in the early stages of a relationship. It might sound simple but very important, giving yourself to your new boyfriend when he needs you is essential. "Giving yourself" doesn't necessarily mean bed stuff but any other stuff that he may need your help. Being present involves much stuff that helps in pulling you together.  

4. Don't Abandon "Your Future"

Some ladies tend to neglect the rest of their life when they get into a new relationship. Doing this can change the perception of your new boyfriend. It can make him see you as if you are not serious with your life and you got no future no matter how much you show him love. If he loves you, he will accept and support your goals. Remember don't change for him but do it for him and with lot of love. 

5. Have no Rush

Don't rush yourself or your boyfriend into getting to the next level of your relationship, instead enjoy every moment of the new relationship. Don rush him before you, or he is ready to take that next step. Remember that every step in a relationship is essential in building a long-lasting and healthy relationship so take it with patience and love. 

6. Get Over Your Past Relationship

The best way of dealing with new relationship external forces or challenges is by getting over your past relationship. Your new boyfriend won't trust you if you keep flashbacking your former relationships. This action makes him feel insecure or unworthy hence chasing him away.

NOTE: First love may not die, but true love can bury it.

7. Don’t Chase Him

Many women do chase their lover without knowing. "Chasing" your new boyfriend come in all forms like being a stalker. Don't show that you are interested in him more than he is to you because it will make her relax and he will never show his real self. Avoid initiating contact frequently let him do so too at times to bring balance within your relationship.

General Advice on Love and Relationships

8. Always Listen

A young relationship needs better and healthy communication, and better communication requires good listening. Allow yourself to listen, understand your partner and ask questions to have a better conversation and a better relationship. 

9. Always Love Yourself

The better way to building a good relationship is loving yourself the way you are. We all know that no relationship will flourish without you feeling good of yourself. Always take care of yourself for unconditional love to grow within both of you. Loving yourself makes you be a person you want to attract, that means you will find the right person to love you the way you want.

NOTE: “A lady's beautiful heart attracts a lover while a lady’s beautiful face attracts a flirt". 

10. Don’t be People's Pleasure

Avoid the concept that if you please, other people, you will make them love you. This might go against you and may lead to other people taking advantage of you. Remember relationship goes two ways and so you should please your partner as she pleases you too. Always strive for a healthy balance to achieve a better relationship. 

11. Always Speak Your Mind no Matter What

You want to build a better and a long-lasting relationship? Then you better speak up for your partner to understand you and to love you the way you are. Keep in mind in that it should be a mutual relationship, so you don't have to speak to please. Expressing yourself eases your burden and reduces misunderstanding in a relationship. 

12. Demand and Give Respect

Respect gives your relationship a smooth path to roll on. Teach him to treat you the way you deserve to be treated at all times. Make him understand you don't force it, respect is earned, and it builds with time. Remember that treat your partner the way you want to be treated, give respect to earn respect. Always be the first to set the respect scene to receive the kind treatment in turn.

13. Divide Your Gender Roles

The old days that a man should be a breadwinner is now gone, and thus you should divide the roles to avoid overreliance on one person. Overlying on your partner or the other way round means increasing the burden on one person hence killing your relationship. You will always argue about this and that; you will lose peace, you will lose respect within your relationship. When this state arrives going back will be back reviving the relationship will be almost to impossible. So divide the roles to avoid the fight. 

Advice on Long Term Relationship

14. Show Empathy to Your Partner

A relationship is a team or "us-thing" not "me vs. you," and that should be the first step towards a long term relationship. Perception is the reality so don't always disregard his opinion whether you are right or wrong. You should always try to understand your partner's different idea to bring healthy communication. Taking his perception under consideration will make him take yours too.  

15. Take a Few Days Off With Friends

Have a getaway weekend once after a few months with your friend because it acts as a healthy break for your relationship. These getaways bring the misses back to your life were your miss your partner for a day or two. Missing your partner or spouse is one of the most significant ways to reconnect. 

16. Solve Problems Don’t Avoid Them

Do you want to have a long lasting healthy relationship? You better deal with your relationship problem at that time they appear. Piling your problems will create a wound on your relationship that will take time to heal. Find efficient ways to solve your problem and to reach into a mutual benefit with your partner to have a better love story to tell. 

17. Both of You Should Accept Your Differences and Imperfections

No one is perfect and 100% alike no matter who they are. If your partner has too many imperfections or differences, then you better learn to accept them or try to work them out before they become too difficult to bear with. These difference can strengthen or destroy your emotions, so it is better to choose the right thing to do before you start the journey together. In this case, accepting the differences goes both ways that mean he must accept yours too. 

18. Teach Each Other on How you Should Treat Each Other

We all know that how your partner treats you will determine how you will treat him back. Therefore, it is important to let him know how he should do it if you want to get the best out of it.

The fact is the behavior you allow him to do at early stages of your relationship will persist. So it is an essential thing to correct him when he does so to avoid future fracas. Take for an instant where he avoids or yells at you when you make a mistake, just simply correct him by asking politely that "I am wrong, but I do deserve to be confronted with respect not avoiding it or yelling at me." 

19. Learn to Show Appreciation

Appreciating any kind gesture that he does for you is a good thing to live with. Happiness comes from small stuff like when you feel appreciated for what you have archived in life or done to your fiancée. And remember to teach him to do so too. 

20. Try to Avoid Any Kind of Abuse

Physical pain and wound might heal, but emotional pain and the wound will not wear out that easily. Therefore, it is good to avoid it at all times no matter what your partner has done. Even though you might feel insecure, it is better to try and feel secure yourself. Show him not by words but feelings. Whatever you might try to say to hurt her feelings remember you won’t be able to take it back again. Treat him the way you want to be treated.

NOTE: Don’t you ever lie to satisfy your partner because the pain you will cause to them may last for their lifetime. The one thing we fail is that you may say "I love you" a million times, but if you don't mean it and show it then it is worth nothing. Remember to always strive for equal effort because a relationship is made up of two, not one.  


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