15 Different Relationship Games That Spice up Couplehood

Play These Love Games to Inject Some Fun into Your Relationship

By AcaciaJ
15 Different Relationship Games That Spice up Couplehood

There comes a point in time when our relationship may need a little spicing up. This, of course, isn’t a bad thing as the humdrum of daily routines can sometimes overtake our lives. However, this, unfortunately, can result in life in the bedroom becoming bland. Once the spark is gone this can further lead to other problems within the relationship.

This can be discouraging and sometimes lead to fear, which in turns causes more issues for our partners. Despite, it's never too late to get things back on track, as utilizing sex games or non-sexual games can strengthen your relationship in more ways than one. Now let's take a look at some amazing relationship games that are guaranteed to help you feel good.

These games are all ideal for igniting that spark again in your relationship. Some may be familiar while others you may have never heard of before. One thing is for certain, each involves lots of fun that you and your partner will love.

Introduction to Relationship Games

Not everyone is open to playing intimacy games to help awaken the hot parts of their relationships. In fact, sex games receive a bad rap sometimes. But as the saying goes, don't knock it till you try it. The idea of sex games has been around for quite some time and has helped lots of people mend their intimacy. Sex games can benefit your mental and physical health.
Implementing creative ways to be intimate with your partner often leads to even more intimacy. Studies have shown more sex can lead to improved mood, positive self-image, reduced stress, and increased positive attitude. More sex can also get you fit, as 30 minutes can help burn 200 calories (move over stair climber!) This greatly improves immune system function, heart health, and reduces pain within the body.

So it's safe to say sex games give you more than your spark back in the bedroom as they can help to provide lifelong wellness, who knew?  So without further ado, let's take a look at more spicy games you and your partner will absolutely love. 

Relationship Games for Couples to Play at Home

Sometimes the regular routine of intimacy can become a bit repetitive. This can lead to a decline in the amount of sex you and your partner engage thus creating distance within the relationship. However, there are some games you can play in the comfort of home to help keep the fire ignited in your romance. Here are some sexy options to get your juices flowing with your partner creatively.

1. Let’s Make Dinner

While it may not sound very exciting, a game of making dinner with your significant other is actually tons of fun. Instead of cooking with clothes on, do it with nothing on but your aprons. You can taste test the food or...each other (oh yeah!) and you end the night with some delectable wine and dessert before cleaning each other up. This makes for a very romantic time with your partner and will definitely draw you closer to one another over a tasty meal. 

2. Mirror Mirror

An intriguing and creative twist on foreplay, the game of mirror-mirror involves communicating without talking. Sit in front of your partner completely unclothed and facing one another. Then begin to sensually touch and kiss them passionately wherever you feel. Your partner will then try to mirror those same actions on you as close as possible to the way you did it.

This game is a perfect way to get close to your significant other while also discovering new ways to please them. It's also beneficial as you will learn to strengthen your connection deeper and beyond words which will help you feel much closer than ever before. 

3. Overpower Game

Choose between wrestling, a tickle or pillow fight or any game that will require you to physically compete against your partner. The rules are whoever loses must act out a sexual favor that is agreed upon by you both, on the winner.

You are guaranteed great laughs and lots of fun with the overpower game. It's perfect to play after a long stressful day at work or if you get some alone time for the weekend.  Although there can only be one winner but technically everybody wins in this awesome and stimulating game.

4. Sexy Hide N’ Seek

This is nothing like the game you know. Set up a trail of clues for your partner while they are away. Upon their arrival, they must follow the trail (of clothes, something sweet, or rose petals) to your location in the house. Once they have found you, you can then give them what they have been anticipating the most.

The element of surprise coupled with romance makes this game so great. It's ideal all around as it gives you a chance to sweetly show your partner how much they mean to you in a thrilling and unexpected way. 

5. Not so Fast

Test your partner's knowledge is the sexiest way with a game of not so fast. The objective of the game is to prize your partner if they correctly answer a series of questions. So upon sitting on your bed in something sexy or naked, begin to ask your partner some questions.

The questions can be about you and can be personal, playful or both. If they answer the given question correctly they can take a step closer to you. However, if they answer incorrectly they have to take one step back. This game is the ultimate tease but totally worth it, in the end, allowing you both to get to know and deeply connect with each other all over again. 

Relationship Games for Groups

If you want to add an extra spark to intimacy between you and your partner, group games can help add lots of adventure to your relationship. Here are some hot games you can play with other couples too.

6. Truth or Dare Couples Version

Get ready for an adventure with couples Truth or Dare. The number of couples involved should be equal and much like the regular version, you have to choose between truth or dare. You can tweak the game to make it more competitive but altogether this is tons of fun for couples looking to compete in a steamy way.

7. Group Seven Minutes in Heaven

We all love the classic game of seven minutes in heaven which involves being locked in a room for 7 minutes with someone else, determined by the game spin the bottle. However, this version involves couples being locked in a space together for seven minutes instead. 

You must first spin a bottle to determine which two lucky pairs will go in. After, the couples head to a small space (such as a closet) and spend 7 minutes in total darkness. What happens during this time is completely up to the couples involved. You can also choose to play with a single should there be an odd number of couples. While this game is a little on the wild side, it gives you an opportunity to blow off steam, get comfy and have an amazing time with friends.  

8. Group Role Play

Slightly differing from just two partners, group roleplay consists of couples all dressed up. They can be dressed in character theme or just anything that shows off lots of skin. You can include sexy games or even get together and have a small dance party. It doesn’t matter how you start as long as you look your sexiest, everyone can look forward to being dressed up, or down ;) and having a good time.

9. Drinking Games: Dares in a Hat

Lower your inhibitions and relax with a night of couples drinking games. Dares in a hat requires a group of couples to write down an act and place the paper in the hat. Each person takes turn choosing a paper from the hat and must perform the act they pick up. If someone decides they don’t want to do the act, they must take a shot. The only catch is no one can take a drink twice in a row. Also, each act can only be chosen once, so after all the papers are gone gear up for another round of daring fun.

10. Strip Poker

The classic game of strip poker really brings the excitement out in a party. The rules in the game of poker remain except your currency is your clothes instead of money. However, if a partner decides they would rather not strip their partner can step in and do so instead. Also whenever someone takes off a piece of their clothes, everybody else must take a drink. If you're not quite sure how to play poker, any other card game will suffice. Just apply those rules to strip poker. 

Online Relationship Games for Long Distance Couples

Long distance relationships can be very hard to deal with when your partner is gone away for long periods of time. However, this does not mean you can’t keep the sparks flying even when they aren’t close. Here are some steamy virtual ways you can keep the fire burning in long distance relationships.

11. Virtual Scrabble Dates

Don’t let distance stop your adventure. Sure you’re not together physically but virtually can be just as effective. You can set online “dates” by deciding to video each other at a certain time. 

Scrabble is just one of many games you can play with your partner online. Up the ante by playing for forfeits or loser takes a drink. Pure fun can be good fun too! 

12. The Surprise Call

Sometimes surprises really are the best. A normal conversation of good old' 'Guess what've been up to', 'What am I doing now?' 'What am I wearing now?' can be great guessing games to make your partner think about you the whole day long. Keep him interested by making him anticipate that this is definitely leading to more hot and steamy questions later that night.

13. Movie Night Strip Poker

Who says you can't do strip poker when your boyfriend/ girlfriend is miles away?

Try a game where you pick images from different movie titles and make him guess about the show. You set the rules and if its wrong, you get to decide what form of forfeit he has to do, in this case, which piece of clothing is coming off first! 

14. Picture Guessing Game

We all love racy pics, especially when taking them for our significant other. You can post in sexy lingerie and take hot snaps of different parts of your body. However, the fun comes when you make your partner guess which parts of your body are in the pictures. If they guess them all correctly, send them a steamy set of winning photos. This is sure to get their blood pumping and the sexy fun flowing. 

15. Fill-In-the-Blank

Who doesn't love a great game of fill in the blank? The intriguing game becomes more exciting when there's steamy vocabulary involved. You can write on cards or vocalize sexy questions to your partner. Questions like when I (blank) you can't resist or, my favorite position is the (blank). You can have a set number of questions to ask each other and whoever gets the most right will have a sexy prize waiting for the other. This is a really great way to quickly heat things up despite your distance from one another. 


It's okay to step outside of your routine and try something new. Although there are some things we wouldn't try, keeping an open mind can sometimes bring about the best moments of our lives. So set some time aside tonight for you and your partner and let the sexy games begin!