15 coolest and fun toddler playhouse you'll ever find

Here are the most popular and recommended toddler playhouse

By Rebecca jones
15 coolest and fun toddler playhouse you'll ever find

Having kids it’s fun, not because you get to do all the fun things and travel the world together, but you get to see them grow into their own beautiful individuals with their own big personalities. Kids love to play, it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl, they all play differently and enjoy different things at their own time. Playing is a significant phase in every child’s life, it builds their level of thinking and the mental ability to socialize and develop a problem-solving skill and ability.

One of my favorite memory as a child is playing and spending so much time in my playhouse. Even though every inch of the house felt cozy and warm, that one space where you get to claim and do as you wish without consequences was epic. My playhouse was my favorite place to get some alone time from my other siblings, play pretend with my toys and overall just have fun. As my own kid becomes older now, coming up with their little different personalities, it was exciting to pass down those long-lasting tradition by getting them their own playhouse.

What are toddler playhouse?

L.O.L. Surprise! Indoor & Outdoor Cottage Playhouse with glitters

A toddler playhouse is a place, space where a kid gets to play, seat, have fun and preserve all their favorite toys. It is designed with a lot of house like features. Kids will play for hours and learn to get away from boring mom and dad. There are a lot of benefits a playhouse contributes to a child and they are as follows;

It encourages imaginative play, helping to develop creative skills. That's an area that can start in children at a young age, and keeping that sense of play is vital as they get older too. Playhouses also encourage collaborative play, helping to develop social skills. Get 2 or more children in a playhouse and watch how quickly their team building skills start.

According to a number of studies, and even the Wall Street Journal, playhouses encourage autonomous play. This helps children independently develop interests and passions. Helps kids to stay active and fit, it’s another accessory you can invest in your child that is worthwhile and long-lasting.

Best toddler playhouse made of plastic

Toddler playhouse can be made from a lot of different variety of materials starting from wood, plastic, metals and other luxurious materials. It’s all about finding one that matches your child’s personality and what works best for your house decor.

Let’s take a look at some of the toddler playhouses that are made from durable plastic;

1. The WonderFold – Keter Easy to Fold Children’s Folding Playhouse

The WonderFold Children’s Folding Playhouse for Portable Indoor and Outdoor Fun

This is a Revolutionary playhouse, it easily folds into a compact and portable suitcase. Features working doors and big open windows. It is a lightweight, compact design, makes it easy to store, easily fits under a bed, closet or in the trunk of a car. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The best part of this playhouse is its simplicity, easily cleanable and it’s versatile color. The space-saving nature of this design makes it possible to give children a full, sturdy playhouse without taking up valuable space. It also makes it simple to make playtime portable, With the WonderFold, you can take the playhouse to friends houses or on your next family vacation.

2. Palplay Colorful Fun House, Medium, Green/Red/Blue

Palplay Colorful Fun House, Medium, Green/Red/Blue

Stimulate kid’s imagination with the House of Fun from Palplay. It is a detailed spacious and sturdy playhouse resembling a real house for pretend play and backyard fun. The best part of this playhouse is that there is enough room for several kids to play at the same time. So roomy you can even fit a table and some chairs inside. The vibrant colors make it suitable for boys and girls. Every detail sculpted for a real-house feel: open design with clear views, door mail slot, balcony, hinged windows, and working doors that open and close soundly.

3. Palplay Dream Play House

Palplay Dream Play House

This adorable playhouse is colorful and perfect for both genders. It is flexible, foldable and durable. It is water repellent and takes up little space to set up. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor setting. When the sun is shining and it’s warm outside, this cozy house will offer your children enjoyable playtime and fun games in the comfort of your backyard.

4. Step2 893199 Seaside Villa Playhouse Kids

Step2 893199 Seaside Villa Playhouse Kids

This playhouse has an easy-open Dutch door, which allows little ones to enjoy the open and close play. With a charming front porch, design features a porch bench for tots to relax. This kids playhouse also features a kitchenette play set with molded-in sink and faucet, with a pass-through mailbox that adds to the pretend play fun. It is spacious, the open concept playhouse design allows for parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones as they play. It can be set in the playroom or backyard. Perfect for both genders.

5. Little tikes builds a house

Little tikes build a house

Build it your way! Create your very own playhouse with Little Tikes Build-a-House! Kids can customize the look of the house with interchangeable panels and easy-to-use tools. They can build it, take it apart, and rebuild it to create endless variations. The frame is designed with high-quality materials that are built to last. Kids will feel empowered to build with the power drill and screwdriver specially designed to fit little hands. 

Innovative trap screws lock into Build-a-House panels so you’ll never lose them. That makes Build-a-House easy to clean up and your tike will always have everything they need to play. Slide mail and newspapers through the mailbox opening for fun imaginative roleplay.

Best toddler playhouse made of wood

Even though most wood playhouse is ideal and free from harmful chemicals, It is long lasting and durable compare to most building materials. The following are some durable and classy toddler playhouse for your mini-me:

6. Backyard Discovery Spring Cottage Cedar Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Spring Cottage Cedar Playhouse

It is made of 100% Cedar Wood, Attached Wooden Bench Working Door with Doorbell, Deluxe Play Kitchen with Sink, Stove, & Cutting Board Assembled. It has dimensions of 110" L x 67" W x 87” H. Wonderfully crafted to give your little one a sense of home and fun. It is colorful and made to be enjoyed by both genders.

7. Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

This toddler playhouse features a 47-inch slide from deck to ground that kids will love to ride again and again. Bold pre-stained wood for a fun and unique look, wooden roof with windows for additional indoor light, all pre-cut, pre-stained lumber and hardware included along with fully illustrated instructions.  This playhouse meets and/or exceeds ASTM safety standards for backyard residential use only. It is not approved for public settings, therefore most be enjoyed by your child within the comfort of your home. Designed for both boy and girl.

8. KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse

This cute playhouse comes with a little espresso picnic table and two benches attached to the side for two kids to entertain and have fun. The front door is designed to open and close, giving you the actual feeling of being in a house. It even goes as far as having a mailbox with flag, an outdoor grill with removable lid, and a reinforced wooden panel which prevent warping and weathering, the wood is water-resistant too.

9. All wood playhouse scout

All wood playhouse scout

Western styled Scout is built for adventures. The elevated design also provides ample storage space under the structure. Safety features of the model Scout include Plexiglas windows and factory sanded wood surfaces. The floor, wall and roof material is 5/8" thick chemical-free solid Tongue and Groove wood. Your little one is definitely going to have a thrill in this adorable playhouse. It is all wood with no coloring or artificial flavor. It is nice and open, giving parents a total complete view of their kids as they play and have fun.

10. Bosmere PHLODGE Rowlinson Little Lodge Kids Wooden Play House

Bosmere Little Lodge Kids Wooden Play House

This is an ideal playhouse for your children, regularly reviewed for safety. It looks superb in your garden and also provides a safe environment in which your youngsters and their friends can play for hours. A generous amount of styrene glazing allows plenty of light in and you'll find it easy to keep an eye on your youngsters while they enjoy their freedom. It is designed for easy home assembly using ordinary DIY tools and equipment.

Best luxury and modern toddler playhouse with slide

11. The oakmont all cedar swing set

The oakmont cedar swing set

The Oakmont swing set is certainly one of the mightiest in fun! Its raised fort with colorful slides and front white-trimmed windows which can be transformed into a cool clubhouse like any other. Down below is just as awesome as the other part of the playhouse, with a real swinging door, side window and plenty of space to serve up some clubhouse gossip or refreshments in the snack stand area. And it is user-friendly and serves both genders. It is suitable for kids from the age of (3-8). Since it is made of 100% cedar wood, you can be rest assured that the swing is going to be safely mounted, and strong enough to securely protect your child during play.

12. Ridgeview club house wooden playhouse

Ridgeview club house

This playhouse has it all, It’s a playset, It’s a swing set and a clubhouse. Built to handle up to nine active kids at once, the over-achieving Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse Playset by KidKraft offers a wealth of features like an extra-deep, extra-bumpy (extra-fun) high-rail wave slide and a rock wall/access ladder to the large upper clubhouse. Small primates can swing their way across the solid wood monkey bars, or drop over to the two high-flying belt swings and premium glider. On the lower level, a pretend café is open for business 24/7, complete with order window, two stools, serving ledge and colorful canopy. There’s even a place for mom and dad to seat and enjoy watching and supervising your child as they have fun with friends.

13. Double Down Swing Set

Double Down Swing Set

This playhouse swing set includes 2 wave slides for maximum excitement! And the fun doesn't stop there, it has a rock wall, Tic-Tac-Toe panel, and many other accessories that take the imagination of a child to the extreme. It includes a Ladder, Slide, Climber/ Climbing Frame, Rooftop, Sand Box/ Sand Pit, Picnic Table, Trapeze Rings and finally Swing(s). Even though some of its features and body are made with solid rubber, the frames and body of the playhouse are made of string solid cedar wood. Ensuring to support the activity of your child and to keep them safe.

14. Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set

The Lifetime A-Frame Playset is the perfect way to get your kids having fun and involved in physical, healthy activities. This playset features a clubhouse, swing set, 3-D climbing wall, 9' wavy slide, and plenty of activities to keep your kids and all of their friends entertained and having fun. You’ll have a hard time getting the kids off of this one. It fits perfectly into your backyard and little time to assemble and get it fitted into your backyard. 

15. Winchester wood complete Playhouse

Winchester Wood Play House

Your family will love the Winchester Wooden Swing Set by Swing-N-Slide. Featuring an adorable playhouse facade with windows and awnings, this wood complete swing set brings a pleasing aesthetic to your backyard while providing hours of fun for friends and family. The Winchester play set comes complete with loads of activities including three large decks totaling 32 square feet. The three position swing beam contains two swing seats and a single child Wind Rider Glider for soaring fun. Easily access the top decks with the climbing rock wall and ladder entry. The playhouse facade is adorned with green awnings, and two windows for charming appeal. The activity table is perfect for activities, snacks, and socializing with friends. This kit includes all lumber, wood roof, hardware, and fully-illustrated plans. This playhouse is a dream come true for you and your child.

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The best part of having a playhouse in your home, either in the backyard or in the living room is watching your child grow and have fun right from the comfort of your home. It is like passing the torch and the long-lasting tradition to your child. Watch your child have fun and be thrilled you’ve provided him or her with this mini playhouse where they can spend quality time with friends and have space for themselves where they can chill and have privacy away from mom and dad.