The Baby Bouncer Chair That Grows With Your Baby

Maximize your $ with these newborn to toddler baby bouncer chairs

By Michele
The Baby Bouncer Chair That Grows With Your Baby

Baby bouncers are a perfect choice for having some peaceful time, while your baby remains secured. Imagine the pending things that you can easily do while you are free. It is without any doubt a good investment. There are hundreds of different baby bouncer chairs available that will also keep your baby entertained.

Baby bouncy chairs come with different benefits and features. Like you can adjust the seat or keep your baby busy with the toy bar or even a mobile. Prices vary according to the features available. Trust me, you will need a baby bouncy chair, for your baby, in order to keep yourself going.

Right after purchasing one, you will come to know of the amazing benefits. These bouncers not only bring peace and comfort in your baby’s life but also help you in having a sigh of relief.

Suitable Age Range for Baby Bouncer Chair

Newborn in Baby Bouncer

Source: William Nordmann / Flickr

Also known as bouncers, baby bouncy chairs, are meant for babies/newborns solely. Babies take about more than six months to sit upright and till that time these bouncers can be of great help. Made from flexible material these bouncers move even with a slight push and are totally safe and secure. The good thing is that you can also use these bouncers as a feeding chair for your newborn.

Electric Baby Bouncer Chair


Electric bouncers make use of electricity or a battery to run. By run I mean that these bouncers move in a rocking chair pattern and do not consume a lot of space. Most of the electric baby bouncer chairs come with multiple vibrating patterns that help soothe the baby. You can adjust the electric baby bouncer chair vibrating pattern depending on how old your baby is.

Let’s have a look at some electric baby bouncers that you can choose from.

1. Fisher - My Little Snugabunny™ Deluxe Bouncer : Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny : Infant Bouncers And Rockers : Baby

As per its name, this electric bouncer is extremely comfortable for your toddler. It actually cuddles your little one's body due to its well-designed mechanism. It comes with a toy arm which is detachable; just to keep your baby engaged.

It also includes an entertainment system through which, you can play: different songs, vibrations and sounds of nature. It is not expensive at all. It’s available for nearly $65, which I think is a great deal when it is about the comfort and well-being of your baby. Furthermore, it comes with a soft and comfortable fabric and it’s quite easy to use.

2. 4moms - rockaRoo® : 4moms rockaRoo - compact baby swing with front to back gliding motion : Baby

This electric bouncer is one of the most compact bouncers that you will ever come across. It comes with five different motion speed settings and also has an mp3. Made by 4moms, it is one of the most advanced bouncy chairs available in the market. Though it is somewhat expensive due to its exciting features, you will love this bouncer.

It also includes toy balls for your kid to play with - while you get done with the chores. The seat can be removed and washed in the machine and it comes in different attractive colors. Available for $160, its aesthetic look clearly speaks for its cost. And yeah it doesn’t run on a battery, you will need to keep it plugged in an electric switch – during use.

3. BabyBjörn – Bouncer Balance Soft : BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft - Dark Gray/Gray, Jersey Cotton : Baby

This bouncer has been designed specifically to support the body structure of your baby. With every moment made, this bouncer adjusts itself to relax the baby. It actually helps in teaching your baby to stay balanced with the help of motor adjustment method.

It comes with four different options: transport, sleep, rest and play. Means, you can use it whenever and wherever you want to. It is actually a great sigh of relief for the parents to see their baby resting or playing in this bouncer.  And the best thing is that it can be used by your baby until the age of two years. It starts at $200, but worth its distinct features.

Foldable and Portable Baby Bouncer Chair : Fisher-Price Kick 'n Play Musical Bouncer : Baby

Foldable and portable baby bouncer chairs come in quite handy if, you travel or move a lot. While choosing a foldable bouncer, you need to check its level of comfort and durability. There are different bouncers to choose from the options that, I have put forward for you.

Let’s have a look at some solid and reliable portable baby bouncers.

1. Tiny Love – Take Along Bouncer

Source: : Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer, Green : Baby

It is a perfect baby bouncer for carrying around without disturbing the sleep of your baby. This bouncer takes very minimal storage area and you don’t even need to assemble it again and again. It’s ideal for both – indoor and outdoor use. It is certainly one of the most lightweight and secure portable baby bouncers that you will ever come across.

It’s available for only $50. With its purchase you also get a bonus carry bag. It can be used to carry toys, food supplies and toiletries.

2. NMPA – Infant Bouncer Foldable Rocking Chair : NMPA- Infant Bouncers Balance Toddler Rocker Foldable Adjustable File Cradle Bed : Baby

When it comes to foldable baby bouncers this infant bouncer is certainly a hit. It’s lightweight, foldable and very easy to carry. Solid bottom allows you to fix the rocker without swinging the whole frame. The five-point seat belt adjustment keeps your baby totally secured.

There are three different levels for adjusting the bouncers’ backrest that allow your baby to play, feed and sleep on the bouncer. 

3. NMPA – Foldable Toddler Bouncer Rocking Chair : NMPA- Foldable Foldable Infant Bouncers Balance Toddler Rocker Electric Rocking Chair Newborn Cradle Bed Baby Swing Appease Recliner : Baby

To keep your baby absorbed, manufacturers of this bouncer have included sd card so that you can add in his or her favourite music. The customize sound will certainly calm your baby. 

You can even adjust the level of tilt for the bouncer with the help of side button. It can be operated with a power cord or a battery or treasure charging. With all these amazing functions this bouncer is available for $260 nearly.

Baby Bouncer Chairs That Are Comfortable For Baby Sleeping


What a sight it is to see - your baby sleeping peacefully in the bouncer. Meanwhile, you can work out, get a nap or do anything important that you have been thinking of since long. Comfort and motion sensor are the main things that you need to look for, while choosing a bouncer for baby sleeping.

Let’s have a look at some safe and comfy baby bouncers that can be used for putting your baby to sleep.

1. Fisher - Sweet Snugapuppy™ Dreams Cradle 'N Swing

Source: : Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing : Baby

It’s cozy and soft. What else can you ask for more than to get your baby a peaceful sleep? It comes with specially devised relaxing sounds and a posh puppy cover. In this bouncer options included are: different toys, gentle motions, relaxing sounds and a special motion movement sensor. With the help of this sensor, the bouncer adjusts itself to keep your baby peaceful.

It can be operated with an adapter. The cover can also be removed and washed easily. It comes for nearly $120.

2. East Coast Nursery – Counting Sheep Bouncer


Silver Cloud Counting Sheep Bouncer: Baby

This bouncer comes with a cushion for head support and a toy bar for your little one. Embroidered fabric is soft to the touch. Reclining seat can be adjusted on two different levels. It is actually good for your baby because it has a soothing vibration mechanism accompanied with eight musical tunes. These unique tunes along with the comfortable structure of this bouncer can lead to a serene sleep.

To clean the fabric, use a wet sponge. Made with 100% polyester it is available for $60. 

3. Bright Starts – Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

Source: : Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer : Baby

It’s a really gaudy bouncer, which will for sure keep your baby engaged. Manufacturers of this bouncer are well aware of the fact that babies love bright colors. Toy bar included with this product has three different toys. Vibrations can be turned on with the help of a switch to help your baby have a soothing sleep. Fabric included in this bouncer is of high quality, which will make your baby feel easy.

Fabric can be washed in the machine after removal of course. It is extremely cheap; you can get it for only $18. 

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I have suggested a couple of baby bouncers from which, you can choose one that fits your budget and preferences. Regardless of the brand that you choose, most important thing is to keep your baby safe and comfortable in the baby bouncer chair. Do not! I repeat do not go for some unknown or cheap baby bouncers – they are not secure or comfortable for the baby at all. They might even break very easily. So choose wisely. Make sure you make the right investment for your baby.