12 Simple Halloween Makeup that are easy yet gorgeous

Look pretty with simple Halloween makeup ideas for beginner

By Hana O.
12 Simple Halloween Makeup that are easy yet gorgeous

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Beginners

It might be a little too early to think about Halloween but at the rate of how fast time is flying nowadays, the much-awaited event is just around the corner.


Halloween is the one time of the year where you can give full control to your imagination and go all out on your makeup, costume and whole persona. Whether you’re the type of person who excels more at cramming and whipping up a look at the last minute or someone who loves to plan things out, the following are some makeup tips that can help you pull off an awesomely scary look for Halloween.

Pretty character makeup

For those who want more glam than scare, these classic pretty character makeup tutorials are for you.

1. Cat

Cute and Easy Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial | GH - YouTube

What you will need:

Black face paint ($11, amazon.com)

Gold rhinestones ($10, amazon.com)

Eyeshadow palette ($10, Walmart.com)

Red lipstick ($7, ulta.com)

The steps:

1. Apply foundation/face paint to have a stable base

2. Layer on bronze eyeshadow. Make the eyes shimmer!

3. Apply black eyeliner around your eyelids until you look like Cleopatra

4. Next is eyelash curling and mascara application

5. Put on some falsies for a greater pop

6. Using some black face paint, paint on some Cs with a dot in the middle on one side of the face and neck. You want to achieve a leopard-print look.

7. Add some rhinestones and gold face paint to complete the look

8. Finally, apply some bright red lipstick and create a cat nose with black face paint

Voila, a pretty cat costume for Halloween!

2. Vampire/Devil

While we normally incorporate vampires to monsters, ladies love to go for this look and add a gorgeous twist to it for Halloween.

EASY Vampire OR Devil Makeup! 😈💉 Simple 2in1 Halloween Tutorial - YouTube

What you will need:

Lip pencils ($16, amazon.com)

Deep red lipsticks

Black or red contacts ($14, amazon.com)


The steps

1. Apply pale foundation all over the face for full coverage then take some pale concealer to cover uneven bases

2. Add some translucent powder to ensure the makeup stays

3. Fill in your eyebrows quite sharply and using a darker shade

4. Use red tones, including glittery ones, for your eyeshadow to create a great contrast from your pale complexion

5. Use a grey shade for your bottom eye area to make the eyes pop then apply a winged eyeliner

6. Apply your mascara and your falsies

7. Put a dash of red glitter on the corner of your eyes and on your eyelids

8. Add a bit of bronzer to even out the face and contour dramatically because vampires are perfectly sculpted creatures with cutting edge jawlines and cheeks

9. Line your lips with black and red lip pencils

10. Blend with red lipstick and apply lip topper

11. Put on contacts

12. Add veins under the eyes using watered down gel liner and add dimension using some shimmering eye shadow

3. Unicorn

It’s definitely unicorn-season once again and what better way to show your love for these mythical creatures than becoming one for Halloween!

Magical UNICORN Makeup Tutorial !!! - YouTube

What you will need:

Rhinestones ($14, amazon.com)

Eyeshadow palette ($42, sephora.com)

Bright pink lipstick

Rainbow highlighter ($6, amazon.com)


The steps

1. Apply foundation and shade in eyebrows into medium sized, sharply arched shape

2. Put some purple glitter onto your brows using some adhesive

3. Apply pink and purple eyeshadow palette onto your cheeks and the side of your forehead

4. Use dark purple eyeshadow to contour

5. Apply shimmer eyeshadow using the galaxy colors (light pink, purple and blue)

6. Apply pink eyeshadow on the lower lash-line

7. Use black gel eyeliner and line the eyes then stick on falsies

8. Swipe some rainbow highlighter on the cheekbones

9. Add pink lipstick and dab some purple glitter on the sides of the face

If you want to take things to the next level, you can add rhinestones all over and splash some more glitter

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4. Mermaid

Another classic Halloween look is the mermaid. Thanks to some makeup scales and a bag of seashells, you can achieve your dreams of becoming a mermaid for a day.

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2017 | Valerie Pac - YouTube

What you will need:

Fishnet ($14, amazon.com)

Seashells ($9, amazon.com)

Eyeshadow palette ($68, sephora.com)


The steps:

1. Begin with the usual base makeup and apply your eyebrows accordingly

2. Add some glitter under your brows then some sea colors (green, blue, purple, etc) onto your eyelids

3. Line your eyes with purple shadow and eyeliner for an enhanced look

4. Add some pink shadow under your eyes and onto your cheeks for the accent then dab some glitter on top

5. For the scales-effect, cover your face with the fishnet, add some white shadow then color in each square with the different shades from your palette. Focus on the sides of your face and the neck. 6. Mix and match the mermaid colors.

7. Stick on some seashells, starfish, and gems

8. Add some luminous lip color and put some accent at the ends of your lips

Simple skeleton makeup

For those who want to live up to the whole ordeal of Halloween, then the skull look is the one for you. Today, there are numerous simple yet stunning skull makeup looks that you can choose from.

5. Colorful Skull


What you will need:

Eyeshadow palette ($68, sephora.com)

Face and body paint ($19, amazon.com)


The steps:

1. Prep the face and apply the base foundation

2. Apply some pink eyeshadow on the upper lids and around the eyes in a winged shape then fill in the inner lids with a darker shade of purple

3. Add some shimmer to the center of the eyelid then apply purple eyeliner, mascara and falsies

4. Shade the inner nose line area with pink shadow and use the same shade to create crevices all over the face.

5. Use a smaller brush and shade in a darker pink to create depth onto the crevices for a hollow effect

6. Use purple paint on the nose and line the lips for the “teeth” using liquid eyeliner

7. Add some pink shade at the top of the “teeth” then highlight each “tooth” with white shadow/highlighter

6. Two Face

Two Face l Death Halloween Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

What you will need:

Face paint

Black eyeshadow


The steps:

1. Apply needed foundation and base products normally

2. Proceed with going for your regular look for half of the face

3. For the other half, apply dark purple eyeshadow on the upper lid extending to the line of the nose and side temple

4. Accent the eyelid with black eyeshadow and add red liner on the lower lid

5. Make brow hairs into veins using face paint and apply on the side of the face and upper cheek

6. Whiten the lip area and apply some black veins that look like “teeth”

7. Neon Skull


What you will need:

NYX eye pencil in black bean ($2, amazon.com)

Morphe 35B palette ($14, amazon.com)

NYX white liquid liner ($7, amazon.com)


The steps:

1. Start off with your usual base foundation then add some black base and eyeshadow onto the eyelids for an exaggerated smoky cat eye

2. Use the eye pencil to line the eyeshadow shape

3. Apply the rainbow colors from the palette onto the white eye line

4. Line the rainbow colors with the white liquid liner

5. Repeat the neon colors and white liquid liner process once more

6. For the cheek and mouth area, use the white shadow and create the desired shape

7. Make almond-shaped “teeth” using the white shadow

8. Fill in the skull area with the black base and set with the black color from the palette

9. Repeat the same process that was previously done on the eyes

8. Mermaid Skull

Mermaid Skull | Halloween Make up Tutorial - YouTube

What you will need:

Face paint




The steps:

1. The same concept applies to the previous mermaid look using fishnets and lots of dabbing

2. Position the fishnet tights all over the face and try not to move during the application of the mermaid colors. Purple for the outer face, blue for the middle and green for the inner face area.

3. Apply purple and blue eyeshadow and apply a darker shade in the inner eye area

4. Use dark purple face paint for the teeth lines and blend with purple eyeshadow

5. Use black eyeshadow to blend the cheek lines

6. Apply some glitter to the scales in the highlight area

7. Stick some rhinestones on the teeth, forehead and cheek area

8. For added effect, use white-out contacts

Makeup ideas for man

9. The “iron” man

Iron Man MakeUp Tutorial for Halloween!! | Shonagh Scott | ShowMe MakeUp - YouTube

What you will need:

Cardboard cutout of your iron


Face glue ($10, amazon.com)


Burn wheel makeup ($16, amazon.com)


The steps:

1. Place the cardboard iron onto the center of the face and use the shape to line the glue. Put the thin strips of putty onto the glue. Flatten out the inner and other sides of the putty using a spatula

2. Smooth down the seams of the putty with Vaseline

3. Add three small strips of “burn marks” on the center of the forehead using the mastic and putty

4. Using the burn wheel makeup, apply the red color onto the center of the burn and make one side darker than the other for effect

5. Continue with the rest of the face for the iron burn

6. Add some more marks to look like parts of the lips and cheeks got busted

10. Skull

Lady Gaga Skull Makeup | Halloween Tutorial | Alex Faction - YouTube

What you will need:

White and black face paint

Black eyeshadow

Black eyeliner and pencil


The steps:

1. Cover the face with the white base

2. Color the area black

3. Using a liner brush, create the necessary crisscross lines on the nose area and fill in with black gel eyeliner or paint

4. Using a black eyeliner pencil, mark the teeth area and fill in the creases with black eyeshadow

5. Accent the temple area with black hollow marks

11. Evil Chef

Halloween Make-up ft. Sorted Food - YouTube

What you will need:

Eyeshadow palette

Kryolan Supracolor makeup (amazon.com)



The steps:

1. Layer on the foundation and add some dark circles around the eyes to create a hollow effect

2. Apply some black, brown, and dark red makeup onto the side of the nose, the ears and the side of the mouth and face

3. Add some more paint to make it look like blood is dripping from the ears and forehead

12. Vampire

Halloween: Vampire Make-up Tutorial - YouTube

What you will need:


Black, red and brown eyeshadow

Red lipstick


The steps:

1. Apply basic white foundation to face and neck

2. Brush with white translucent powder and contour the face

3. Color eyebrows black

4. Apply red and brown eye makeup

5. Contour lips with red and brown

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The great thing with Halloween makeup is that there is no right or wrong way of doing things. The tutorials mentioned above are merely guidelines for you which you can further simplify or enhance depending on your interest. The most important step is to have fun!