20 Chic and Fun Baby Shower Themes for Boys Only

Cute, modern and fun baby shower themes for newborn baby boys

By Michele
20 Chic and Fun Baby Shower Themes for Boys Only

So a baby is on its way and you are pretty excited about it. Well, it definitely calls for a celebration then. In this blog, I will help you choose from: exciting, low-budget and creative baby shower themes. There are hundreds of different baby shower themes that, you can choose from. In order to make things easier for you, I have chosen only 20 chic and fun baby shower themes for boys only.

Cute and Adorable Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Apart from being cute and adorable the baby shower theme, that you choose, needs to be enjoyable and fun. The main idea is to incorporate the chosen theme gracefully into the baby shower. And the greatest priority is to leave the mom-to-be all happy, amazed and much pleased.

Mom and dad-to-be can also come up with some interesting ideas. These ideas can be mixed with the 20 chic and fun baby shower themes for boys only. After all, creativity and imagination know no limits.

I really hope that with the choices given below, you will be able to develop a theme that depicts happiness and reflects the love of a parent for their baby boy.

Now, let’s have a look at the 20 chic and fun baby shower themes for boys only.

Blue Theme for Twin Boys

Why the blue theme? Well because blue is the typical color for baby boys. You must have seen baby boy toys and clothes mostly in blue color. Here, I am going to share the blue theme for twin boys that will definitely look perfect for the baby shower.

1. The Blue Nest Theme

Source: http://www.sharonsevents.com

For this theme, you can use birds of any type as decoration. But make sure that you choose a pair to depict the arrival of twins. For the nest theme, you can even make use of the Easter decorations. There are several decorations available in the market like cute eggs, nests and birds. You can paint them blue according to your theme if, you do not get hold of decorations in the desired colors. Cookies and candies can be placed in nests to enhance the theme.  

2. The Thing 1 And Thing 2 Theme

Source: http://www.babyshowerideas4u.com

For this theme, you need to add a little white and red to the main blue theme. Don’t let your decoration slip from the impression of the main blue theme. It is a perfect theme to celebrate the arrival of twins. Go for blue colored goodie bags, blue cupcakes and blue decoration. Add white or red details here and there in the form of buttons and ribbons.

3. Double The Fun Theme

Source: https://cdn001.cakecentral.com

You must have heard this tagline –which comes with different products. So why not apply it to your theme. Make everything is double. Even get two cakes. Just make sure that anything that you choose, for the decoration, is not one but double in quantity.

4. Mario And Luigi Theme

Source: http://shannononeil.net

What a classic choice for twins. Now what you need to do is make sure that both characters are depicted in hues of blue. Get a customized cake and cupcakes with these characters on them. You can even include mustache in the theme and maybe Italian food too to go with the theme.

5. Monkey See Monkey Do Theme

Source: http://babywiseguides.com

It is basically a monkey specific theme. Furthermore, you can give a blue safari theme to the overall décor. You can easily find animal shaped balloons and candles, in blue color, in the market. In the same manner, a jungle themed cake will go best with this arrangement. Monkey shaped cookies will also look fantastic.

6. Two Peas In A Pod Theme

Source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com

It is actually a green theme but for the sake of twins, you can literally turn everything blue. As the theme will be surrounded by peas in a pod, you can paint the peas blue and the pod light green for any sort of decoration. You can carry the same color scheme for eatables, games and goodie bags.

Themes for Boys on a Budget

Most of the people are worried about, throwing a baby shower but, not going overboard their expense. Well within budget, or I can say, you can manage a cheap baby shower. So, let’s have a look at some themes for boys on a budget.

7. The Tiny Gentleman Theme

Source: https://www.babyaspen.com

It’s a very simple, yet elegant theme. Keep the tones, of your décor or food, in between these colors: silver, gold, grey and black. Order a gentleman themed cake, baby suit cookies and fudge brownies. To accessorize you can place mustache straws, gentleman hats, pocket watches, etc.

8. Wild West Theme

Source: https://photos-cdn.catchmyparty.com

As the name suggests, you need to come up with a pure country theme. For entire decoration choose colors like: off-white, blue, brown and red. To accessorize you can place: a cowhide on the table, scatter hay here and there, place cactus pots or a rocking horse or toy ponies. For the background music choose some country songs. Your cookies, cupcakes and cake need to be something like: horseshoes, cowboy boots, sheriff badges, cowboy hats, etc.

9. Rock Star Theme

Source: http://projectnursery.com

It is a perfect theme for a momma to-be, who loves rock music. It is not expensive at all to gather musical notes, microphones, guitars and other rock instruments for the main table – as a decoration. You can order a customized cake in the form of any rock music instrumental and label it with words like ‘my mom rocks’, ‘let’s rock and roll’, ‘born to rock’, etc. You can even make cake pops in the shape of guitars, microphones, music note symbol, etc. Make sure you choose bright and glittery colors.

10. It’s A Boy Theme

It is a pure classic theme, which is low on budget. Go for dark blue and pearl colors for decoration. Your banners, balloons, paper plates, paper cups and tablecloths need to be in contrast – within the prescribed tones of the two stated colors of course. Place baby products and toys on the main table for decoration. Make sure that your cake, cupcakes and cookies have blue frosting and sparkling blue glitter on them.

11. Superheroes Theme

Source: http://i0.wp.com

Yes, why not a superhero theme for the mother-to-be? You can include multiple superheroes in this theme while keeping your colors around yellow, blue, white and red. So now you know how to choose napkins, straws, cups, paper plates, tablecloth and balloons for the big event. Get customized cupcakes with different heroes designed on them. You can find a lot of decoration supplies, from the market, related to this theme.

12. Under Construction Theme

Source: http://www.sweetcreationsbygaby.com

It is actually one of the most unique and budget-friendly themes that, you will ever come across. Choose colors between orange, brown, black, red and yellow. From a hardware shop, you can get a signboard, construction gear and similar items for decoration. Create an under-construction type of scenario with baby toys for the main table. Guests will be fascinated with cookies shaped in the form of drills, hammers, safety vests, traffic cones. A cake will look amazing with ‘baby under construction’ written on it.

13. Outer Space Theme

Source: https://naturallyyoursevents.com

There are endless options for this very cheap outer space theme. You can hang the cutouts of different planets, satellites, spaceships and space shuttles for decoration. Won’t it looking amazing, to put a banner saying ‘welcome to the universe’ for guests. Choose colors like: orange, yellow, white, silver, blue, purple, deep red, golden and black for your décor. Get a special galaxy mirror cake for this event. Edible star and pearl glitters can be used to top cupcakes, cookies and cake pops.

Modern Sleek Themes for Boys

Modern sleek themes for boys look very attractive. They might cost you a bit more, but imagine the look of happiness and surprise that you will leave on the face of mother-to-be. Not every modern sleek theme needs to be expensive. Here you will find a variety of contemporary baby shower themes.

14. Geometric Theme

Source: http://www.babyshowerideas4u.com

Bring your origami skills to life. It is a modern sleek theme that will add an elegant touch to the baby shower. Your cake, cupcakes and entire décor need have some sort of geometric pattern. Choose subtle and light colors.

15. Tropical Theme

Blend the color of tropic (green) with the modern tone (golden).  Your main table needs to have a few tropical plants surrounded by golden buttercream cupcakes and cookies. In the same manner, the cake needs to be covered with white buttercream and golden drip icing.

16. Monochrome Theme

Source: https://karaspartyideas.com

A perfect choice for a modern theme! Add a few metallic colors to spice up the decoration. Choose a cake that has some sort of monochrome tones on it. Choose crystal, golden and silver and metallic décor and tableware.

17. Chevron Modern Theme

Source: http://behelit.info

This theme is somewhat similar to the monochrome theme. But instead of metallic colors you need to go for bright colors to compliment the gray chevron print. A customized cake with chevron print will definitely look stunning.

18. Stark White Theme

Source: http://oaksenham.com

Okay, you need to be religious about using white color – for everything in this theme for that modern sleek look. Your décor, eatables and entire arrangement need to be around different shades of white color.

19. Chic Flamingo Theme

Source: http://nuclearoreilly.com

Make the event appear like it’s happening in a palm spring. Keep it all pink and green. You can get a pink fondant cake for the event. Cupcakes with strawberry buttercream will look amazing. For décor choose fresh green plants.

20. Bubble Theme

Source: https://cdn.shopify.com

White, silver and gold balloons are the core of this bubble theme. Make sure you choose every decoration according to these colors and shape. Even your eatables need to in the shape of bubbles all glittery and charming.

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I hope that you got some good help from all the ideas that, I have shared above. You can always add something according to your preference. As I say that creativity knows no limits. So test your aesthetic intelligence and see what amazing shower themes, you can come up with. It is all about surprising the mom-to-be and making sure that she enjoys each and every moment of baby shower get-together.



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