10 Ways That Increase Fertility and Get Pregnant

What are the top way to increase your fertility for pregnancy

By Joseph T
10 Ways That Increase Fertility and Get Pregnant

The natural ability of a person to produce offspring is referred to as fertility. This can be measured as the number of offspring given birth to per population, individual or mating pair. There are several human activities today that impede the rate of fertility in people. These undermine the ability of many people to give birth when they want as well as to the number of children they want. The foregoing necessitates the discussion of a need to proffer natural ways of increasing fertility. Some of the healthy natural ways of increasing fertility are highlighted below:

How To Increase Fertility Naturally

Some of the most effective natural ways of increasing fertility include:

1. Eat Healthy Food

The intake of junk food, processed food and canned food is very detrimental to the human fertility system. This is because most of these processed and canned foods contain certain chemicals that are used as preservatives which are deadly to the human system, particularly the human fertility system because these chemicals are not digestible by the body system. Their accumulation presents numerous free radicals in the body which impedes our fertility rate. However, when we eat freshly prepared food that is well cooked with the right amount of heat, it increases nutrients in the body and boost the body’s fertility level.

2. Minimize stress

Stress has become a part of our daily life that looks seemingly unavoidable due to the busy nature of our daily schedule. Most people wake up very early in the morning and work all through the day to a very late hour and sleep only a few hours. While this is not entirely bad, the accumulation of the stress builds up through this restless and sleepless process and daily activities is very detrimental to the fertility rate of an individual.

Thus, in a bid to increase fertility naturally, there is the need to prioritize good and sufficient rest time daily. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase your fertility rate, it is medically advisable for an average adult to sleep not less than eight hours per day.

3. Eat fertility fruits and herbs

There are some fruits, herbs and vegetables that help to boost fertility level in the human body. Majorly, some of these fruits help to relief stress from the body which indirectly takes care of low fertility issues. Fruits like red grapes are very helpful for consumption because they are regarded as strong antioxidants, which help to counter the effects and the presence of free radicals in the body. These free radical inhibits the human body fertility rate, hence it is good to have a counter measure which is the antioxidants. Eating fruits and green vegetables increase the body antioxidant level and thus increases the body fertility level.

4. Regular exercise

Medical science has proven that obesity, otherwise known as a state of being overweight is associated with a low fertility rate. This is because the excess fat builds up in the body counteract hormonal secretion that supports the fertility level of the body. Therefore, it is paramount to make regular exercise a daily routine. This will help in burning out excess fats and improve the body agility which indirectly helps in hormonal secretion for increased fertility.

Top Ways to Increase Fertility For Females

While the need to increase fertility is not limited to any particular sex, there are ways of increasing fertility which are peculiar to females. Some of these are:

5. Keeping track of your menstrual cycle

As a female, having a proper track of your menstrual cycle and ovulation dates is very critical to improving your chancing of getting pregnant. The menstrual cycle covers both when a woman is highly fertile and ready for fertilization as well as when they are less fertile and less likely to get pregnant. To have a good track of your fertility period starts by noting the last date of your menstrual cycle and then start taking your basal temperature from this date. When the temperature falls below the regular reading, then the fertility rate is most likely higher, this means that a female will have higher chances of fertilization during this period of her menstrual cycle.

6. Reduce the usage of lubricants

Studies have shown that the frequent use of lubricants has negative effects on the female fertility rate. This has been majorly ascribed to the combination of chemicals used in these lubricants. It is thus advisable that females should significantly reduce the use of lubricant during sex for increased fertility rate.

7. Steaming the Vagina

The habit of steaming the vaginal has been known as a less conventional method of boosting fertility in females. Although this does not really have medical backings, but history has shown that those who indulge in this practice have been able to boost their fertility rate. This is most likely because the steam has a way of cleaning the vaginal of harmful microorganisms that can inhibit the level of fertility in a female. A simple way to achieve this is to pour boiling water into a bucket and sit over the bucket with the vaginal opening over the steam. This practice over time will help increase the female fertility level.

Top Ways To Increase Fertility For Males

Increasing fertility in males is primarily focused on actions that improve the health of the penis as well as the sperm cells. Some of the top ways to increase fertility in males include:

8. Eat a lot of banana and avocados

Nutritionist has often recommended banana and avocado pears for males due to their rich iron and magnesium contents amongst other vital mineral contents. These minerals help the flow of blood to the penis as well as penile strength during sex. They also contribute to quality sperm formation which ultimately boosts the fertility level of any man. Thus, consuming these fruits steadily as a man is a good way to start increasing your fertility level.

9. Drink dairy products

The intake of dairy products such as milk, yogurts and ice creams is a good practice that helps increase and speed up the formation of sperm cells in males. Many male infertility problems result from low sperm count, hence if the sperm count can be boosted it can really increase the fertility level of any man. Therefore the  regular but moderate intake of these dairy products can increase fertility in males.

10. Avoid wearing tight pants

The use of tight pants by most men is a serious cause of infertility in men that many are not aware of. This is because the temperature of the male scrotal sack where the sperm is produced is naturally lower than the normal body temperature. This helps the sperm formation and survival. However, the use of tight pants, pulls the scrotal sack closer to the body, thereby making it assume the normal body temperature instead of its own lower temperature. This temperature increase inhibits the formation and longevity of the sperm cells, which makes a man less fertile. Therefore, wearing pants that are not too tight to the skin can help increase fertility in males.

Best Ways To Increase Fertility After Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the condition under which a female losses her fetus at the early stage of pregnancy. This can happen for any reason and to anybody, however, after a miscarriage, some school of thoughts has suggested that a woman becomes a little less fertile due to hormonal and psychological imbalances. There are ways of increasing fertility after a miscarriage which has been proven to be quite effective of the years. The best ways to increase fertility after miscarriage include:

1. Give the body time to recover

This is necessary to help regulate the hormonal condition of the body as well as allow the body to prepare appropriately for another pregnancy.

2. Care from loved ones

This step helps in overcoming the psychological effect of the miscarriage, which can negatively affect fertility level. However, when we stay around people that show care and encouragement, it helps in overcoming the negative psychological effect and increases fertility after a miscarriage.

3. Eat healthily

It is necessary to eat good food, fruits and avoid junk, processed or canned foods after a miscarriage. Also, avoid excess alcohol intake and cigarette smoking in order to increase your fertility rate after a miscarriage.

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The need to increase fertility in both males and females cannot be overemphasized. This is because infertility has become more common as a result of several unhealthy lifestyles most of us have been engaged with. While there exist several suggested ways which include the use of certain medications and supplements, it is paramount to understand that there are natural ways which have been adjourned to be the healthiest ways of increasing fertility.