Best toddler push car for gifting boys and girls

2019 best toddler push cars gifts for toddler girls and boys

By Rosemary Zenith
Best toddler push car for gifting boys and girls

One of the best gifts to give to a toddler can be a push car, which is super fun to use. Do you remember your childhood days when it was fun to roam around the lawn or playground imagining yourself as a racer or a superwoman on a mission? A super fast car that could take you to different places around the lawn where you could achieve the impossible?

Children of this generation also deserve to enjoy that freedom and exploration of the magical kingdom. Instead of giving them a new video game or cartoon to watch, gift them a toy push car which will allow them to play outdoors, work those baby muscles, and enjoy the fresh air. We have come up with some of the top push car options for you to choose from for your toddler.

Toddler push car with canopy

There are a variety of options when it comes to toddler push cars. We understand your concern when your little baby is playing outdoors and you fear the effect of it on his/her little body. To avoid this issue, there are push cars that come with canopies that help the baby to enjoy the car ride without direct exposure to the sun or rain. Here are some of the options for you.

1. Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster


This is a fun push car toy for both children and parents. It comes with a handle at the back that allows parents to push or pull the car from behind. The large, smooth tires make it easier to play with the car. It also comes with a seatbelt and cup holder for the baby’s water bottle. Not to forget it has a canopy to protect the toddler from the sun and rain as well as a working horn to make the ride more realistic and fun. The car will be available for you for $46.50 at

2. 3 In 1 Push Car with Canopy Toddler Wagon


The 3 in 1 toddler canopy push car can be used as a stroller, a walking car, and a riding car. It comes in two colors – pink and blue, for both girls and boys. The car has a variety of buttons on the body with musicals and horns. It also has a compartment below the seat. You can get it for $75 from

3. S&L-Winyer Kids Ride on Push Car with Guardrail


The white toddler push car with guardrails and a canopy features a new PP material which is non-toxic and odorless. It has a storage compartment under the seat along with a water bottle carrier. The steering wheel functions with sounds of horns and musicals. The car runs on two ‘AA’ size batteries. It is available on for $72.90.

4. Step2 Turbo Coupe Foot-to-Floor Kids Ride-on

Source: Walmart

An amazing turbo ride allows itself to transform from kid’s car to toddler’s ride with removable floorboards. The wheels can do a 360-turning and the canopy top works as a shade as well as a pusher for parents. It comes with multiple cupholder structures and limited sound system. There are two colors – blue and purple for kids of any gender. It is available in Walmart for $101.10.

5. Step2 Turbo Coupe Interceptor

Source: Walmart

A realistic police car designed push car for a toddler is the next big thing. The interceptor has quiet ride wheels which reduce the overall sound pollution. The turbo coupe has a removable floor board that allows it to be a toddler-power ride from a kid’s car. The built-in canopy allows parents to push or pull the car. You can find it in Walmart for $89 in the shade white.

Toddler push car with handles

Push cars with handles allow parents to help their toddlers enjoy the car ride. Here are some cars that come with push bars for a better experience.

6. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride on Push Car


An easy to use push car design that comes with a handle for parents to push or pull. It has a sleek automotive design, smooth ride wheels, and a car horn. It has various cupholders and two different colours for boys and girls. Moreover, you can tuck the handle under the car if needed. This car is available in for $60 - $72.90.

7. Disney Minnie Mouse Ride On

Source: Walmart

Here is a push car in pink mainly for the girls to play with. This Minnie Mouse themed car comes with music and songs which are Minnie’s favorite. There are fun buttons, horn, and handle for the toddler to hold onto while playing. This car can be purchased from Walmart for $49.90.  

8. Step2 Push Around Buggy GT


This realistic looking push car comes in three different shades for boys and girls – red, pink, and blue. This car has an under the hood storage where toddlers can store their drinks or snacks. It also has a seatbelt, handles to push the car, and a musical horn. This car is available at for $49.99.

Toddler push car stroller

Here are more options for push car strollers that you can gift your toddler.

9. 3-in-1 Indoor Outdoor Push Car Toddler Ride on Wagon


Here is a multifunctional car that is used as a stroller, walking car, or a riding car. This red or pink push car comes with an easy to handle which allows parents to use it as a stroller. There are musical buttons to keep the baby entertained. There is built-in storage space to keep food or drinks for the baby so that you have your hands free to stroll the car. This car is available in for $48.99.

10. Step2 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Parent Push Car

Source: Step2

This tough and friendly raptor is the perfect 2 in 1 push car. It has a handle that allows parents to use the car as a stroller, also the musical wheel lets the toddler use it like a car. The truck has space in the back for storing toys and snacks. This car is available in Step2 for $99.99.

11. Moderno Kids Battery Powered Children Electric Ride


Here is an amazing Mercedes for your toddler. This is a battery-operated car which can also be used as a stroller. It comes with a handle, horn, backrest, and storage space. Different color shades are available for this one. Buy it from for $159.99.

Toddler push car for twins

Having twins can be a blessing and a problem at times. Especially when you need to buy different toys for them on every occasion. But, you can go for twin toys instead and help them have a good bonding over playtime.

12. Disney Frozen 12-Volt Ride-On Sleigh

Source: Walmart

If you are blessed with two baby girls and need a ride for them both, then here is the perfect push car for you. This Frozen themed sleigh push car will make your girls feel like they are in the movie. The car has a driver and passenger seat. With parent’s supervision, toddlers can enjoy the ride together. You can find it at Walmart for $249.

13. Step2 Choo Choo Trailer - Wagon Accessory


Here is a train push car that your twins will adore. This choo-choo wagon comes with removable compartments and seatbelts. Easy to use for parents and noise-free. This push car is available in for $49.37.

14. Step2 Wagon for Two

Source: Step2

A classic wagon for two where twin can play at ease. Two contoured seats, push handle, and deep leg wells make this wagon perfect for the twin toddlers. It has cup holders and seatbelts too. The car is available in Step2 for $79.99.

Luxury toddler push cars

Going a little over budget to buy a push car can prove to give your toddlers an amazing childhood. With special features and luxurious designs, these push cars will make your children shine.

15. Baby Steps 1578-SW Linsenced Mercedez Benz

Source: Walmart

This luxurious Mercedes comes with a removable push bar. It also features a rocker, adjustable footrest, bumper, leather seat, sounds and music. The car comes in white color. It is available in Walmart for $109.99.

16. Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car


Here is another Mercedes Benz that comes in the rich red colour. The car has a musical horn, storage space and smooth wheels. It is non-battery powered so you can let your toddler play as long as s/he wants. It can be purchased from for $52.62.

17. Four Tone USA Multi-Function 6V Kid Drive-Able Ride on Stroller Push Car


The Four Tone Multi-Function car comes with LED lights and MP3 music play system. It has a luxurious black and golden/red color. It also has a push bar to use the car as a stroller. You can purchase it from for $99.99.

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Hope these suggestions help you to choose the best push car for your toddler as a gift.