7 Educational Games For Preschooler Kids To Learn And Enjoy

Educational games for preschooler kids from 5 years old to 6 years old

7 Educational Games For Preschooler Kids To Learn And Enjoy

What is the meaning of preschooler educational games?

Preschool educational games are interactive games made with educational value for the kids. They are designed to help young children to learn a specific subject or a particular skill in their life. Educational games give the kids enjoyment and add creativity to their life. Currently, the increase in technology devices has seen a shift in educational games. The video and electronic games have become commonly used than ancient board games. If you are looking for learning activities for your preschooler children, this article will give you some of the creative and educational games that will bring enjoyment and fun for your preschooler.

Importance of Educational Games for Preschooler Kids

Preschool educational games are of great help to the kids for their growth and development. Educational games aids in fostering the following skills to young children

Improves Verbal Skills

When children are playing these games, they play while talking to each other and that helps the kids to communicate as they grow and develop.

Help develops Listening skills

To be able to follow the rules in the game children listen attentively to them when they are being explained hence enhancing the listening skills in their life development making them be good listeners. Children also learn to concentrate and coordinate as they grow.

Improves social skills

The educational games in the preschool help the children to interact with others and develop healthier and emotional skills with the environment of their growth.

Improves the math skills

Educational games that involve counting of spaces to move forward or backward develops the children mathematical skills as they grow up. Math development helps the kids to increase the school readiness skills.

Helps in development of reading skills

Some of the educational games for the preschool have words that require the children to read, as they try to understand the words that enhance their reading skills as they grow in their lives.

Enhances creativity

Educational games that involve drawing and paintings enable the children to become more imaginative and creative in their lives by coming up with drawings that they love.

Promotes good sportsmanship

By children exposed to playing some games and engaging with the other children around them helps them develop high integrity. Children will learn to accept losses without any complaints and also get to have a supportive skill as they support the teammate.

Helps promote healthy living among children

The majority of preschool educational games help in the development of the physical health of the kids. The games reduce fat and lower blood pressure also develops fast growth of bones, muscles, and joints

7 Free Education Games to Try Out with Your Kids

1. Simon Says

It is a game that you can play one on one with the kids. The game teaches them the need to follow instructions. Its rules are relaxed; you are Simon and what you say has to be followed by the kids. Call out the commands, “Simon says touch your ears", and the kids have to follow it. Call out the command say “run!” the players who do not follow can be eliminated from the game. Also, be sure to say funny commands, for example, do a silly dance or hop like a frog. The game dramatically teaches the kids the names of their body parts.

2. Hide and seek

It is a universal game that you can play with your kids. It teaches kids problem-solving skills. Hide yourself from the kid and let the kid search for you all over. You can also ask the kid to hide something in the place of choice then go looking for it’s around the house. It is an exciting game to play with your kids as they grow up.

For 5 Years Old

3. The Blind Spot game.


It is a game full of fun and enjoyment and gives the knowledge experience to the kids. It is an excellent memory game for young children and encourages the player to pay attention to different positions of objects and recall them as they try to click on their original location. The game is beneficial to the kids as it helps to improve hand-eye coordination and develop spatial sense and encourages them to understand positions.

How to play blind spot

The blind spot is a memory game where different objects with different sizes of color and shapes appear for a brief time on the screen and then disappear. Once the objects have disappeared the player clicks on a different part of the screen where a different object had appeared. By clicking on the right positions earns points to the player and on the wrong spot deducts 1000 points. The game has ten levels, and each level gets more difficult as the number of objects that appear on the screen increases and the size of the object reduces. To finish the game, all ten levels have to be completed.

4. The ball and boxes game

Box & Balls

It is a memory challenging game and full of knowledge adventure. The game is simple to play but challenging to get it right. There are three boxes, and in each box, there are balls inside. The game has ten levels, and in each of the levels the balls are shuffled, and the player is required to know which ball belongs to which box and place them in the respective boxes. As the player goes up in each level, the balls are shuffled more and more; it becomes hard to track the path of each of the ball. The kid will have to have the power of concentration, observation, and a good memory to be able to put the ball in its original box.

For 6 Years Old

5. Bricks breaking 2

Bricks breaking 2

It is an exciting game that requires the player to strategize and break the bricks of the same color. The game is full of knowledge adventure. It composes of a grid of bricks having different colors. In this game, it aims to empty the entire grid by making a click on the bricks of the same color which are grouped. Players in the game have to click on about three or more bricks having the same color and destroy them. Bricks around them collapse and fill the loft spaces. In case, the player wants to use a single brick they have to use their magic wand. When the player uses up the five magic wands, the game ends. Bricking of more than 15 bricks the player is given a bomb. Planning of the next move so as not to be left with two or fewer bricks of the same color. On completing the first grid players move on to the next grid till they run out of the magic wands. Put your thinking hat and bring down the wall. Play Bricks Breaking 2.

6. Online Balloons Game

Balloons game

It is a fun game that involves the shooting of balloons using a dart. Kids always love balloon games and can have fun playing with them online. The balloon game replicates the experience of playing with darts. The players are allowed to have control on the angle in which the dart is thrown. To win the game is to have many scores, the player has to make a calculation of the trajectory of darts and pop many balloons with a few darts. The game teaches the kids vital concepts in the field of science for instance force which alters the direction of a thrown object. The player uses the mouse in controlling of darts, movement of the mouse changes the course of the dart and pointing the dart shoots it. Introduction to this game comes with instructions on how to play it.

7. The candy bags Game

candy bags Game

It is a common game loved by kids; it is a simple and addictive Halloween game. In the candy bags online game it composes of nine bags each having a mixed candy differently. The player and the computer pick the bag in turns, and the first to pick three candies of the same color wins the game. The game requires the use of various abilities such as observation in recognizing the kind of candies that have been picked by the computer. Players have to make a strategy and make a careful choice of the bags that they select to maximize the chance of picking up a total of three similar candies.

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Educational games for preschool kids are vital to them. Parents and instructors have to ensure that they engage the kids in a variety of play games to make them active and happy and to help them develop in all aspect of their life. It is essential for the instructors at preschool or parents at home to take a keen observation on which games will offer the best teaching to their kids and always engage the kids in that game. Also, it is important to have control over the games that kids play to ensure that they do not entirely become addicted to them or some games causing injuries to them.