Check Out What Are The Different Types Of Hugs

Find Out What Kind of Hug-Intention You Have Been Emitting

By Fred S.
Check Out What Are The Different Types Of Hugs

Did you ever think that there would be a variation in the hugs that you exchange with friends, colleagues, family members, and your children? Neither did we, but apparently not all hugs are friendly hugs, each hug holds a different meaning. Here is a list of 15 different types of hugs that you’ve been reading wrong all this time: 

How many different types of hugs and their meanings that a guy gives in a relationship

1. Hug from behind

This hug is a pleasant surprise all in all. You’re working in the kitchen, or on some project in your home office, when your significant other comes out of nowhere and scoops you up in a hug. It not only makes you feel giddy, but it also makes you feel special and loved. It makes you feel wanted. If your partner hugs you like this, it is because they feel especially affectionate towards you and want your attention. If they have just arrived home, then it means they have been missing you and are very excited to finally see you after a really long day!  

2. Hug around the waist

When a man hugs you at the waist, it holds a special meaning. It often shows that they feel affectionate towards you, and are interested in spending more and more time with you. If you are already not together, and he has never said anything hinting towards his feeling but he hugs you at the waist, then consider this a declaration of his feeling for you. He's interested and wants to get involved. However stay alert, these men can move on fairly quickly.  

3. Quick Pat Hug

We are all very familiar with this hug, and it is just a friendly one. If you’re involved in a relationship with him, and he gives these types of hugs than let us tell you, that he’s not very interested, in fact, if anything, you should start thinking about moving on because there is no future to this bond here. And if he’s your friend, it is not going to go any further than the basic friendship that you share with him.  

4. The eye to eye hug

This hug is when you hold each other, but keep your eyes locked with one another. This is the kind of hug you see couples who are insanely in love with each other share. It shows intense affection for two people, and the longer they indulge in an eye to eye hug, the deeper their feelings are for each other. If your man hugs you like this, trust us, he is head over heels for you and we would recommend keeping him for good!  

5. The London Bridge Hug

We are so accustomed to giving this hug that we often don’t even realize it. It is the kind of distant hug that you give people you don’t really want to hug, but have to because of the social gathering you both are in, or it is just the polite thing to do. If someone hugs you like this, turn around and leave, because he/she does not like you very much, and if we’re not wrong, they hardly feel anything about you at all!  

6. One Arm Hug

When someone pulls you in with one arm, they usually send out vibes of protection. These hugs suggest that the person is protective of you and will look over you. Men who are possessive in nature usually use this hug as signature one. These hugs are often offered between girls and guys who are friends. It holds the same meaning, people around you might be showing that they are there for whatever support you need. This hug can help you distinguish the people looking out for you.  

7. Backstroke Hug

This hug is often called the “naughty hug” because it includes when a man’s hand travels down your back while hugging you which means he wants you. This might also indicate the signs of claiming his space. Some men are more territorial then others, this hug is often used by men who want to put a label on you and claim you as theirs. However, usually, this is seen as a sign of lust and nothing more.  

8. The tight squeeze hug

This is a hug that expresses the utmost level of emotions because when two people hug like this is when they haven't seen each other after a long time and are very happy to finally meet. Like when you meet your best friend after a long summer vacation, you fall into an embrace that makes your heart swell up. When you visit your grandmother after a long time, she will also embrace you with the same strength and intensity as well!  

9. Bear Hug

If you’re looking for a hug that isn’t romantic, or sexy but shows the amount that a person cares for someone, the bear hug is the answer. This happens when someone embraces the other person by wrapping their arms around them entirely; it usually works well when one person is taller than the other. The hug signifies that a person truly cares for them with their entire heart and would do anything to protect them. We wouldn’t lie, but this is often the best kind of hugs you could receive!  

10. Straddle Hug

A straddle hug usually happens in between people who are sexually comfortable with one another. It is when your partner hugs you and you wrap your legs around them. This is usually a sign of lust and of your partner wanting to be with you physically. However it is not always the case, sometimes the hug can be exchanged in terms of playfulness. This hug often suggests that you and your partner are comfortable with each other.  

11. Slow Dance Hug

This is a hug where once you hug someone, after a while, you move apart but not entirely. You keep your arms around each other while you talk to each other. This is a sign that your partner loves having you in their embrace and being in yours. They usually want to stay like this for as long as possible. If someone was to look at you, you would look like as if you were slow dancing. This is one of the most intimate hugs out there because it makes you feel wanted and loved.  

12. Twirling around hug

This hug usually represents excitement. It is when you hug your partner, and he spins you around and puts you down but still keeps you in his embrace through it all. Some people only opt for this hug when they see their significant others after a long time, whereas some use this as a normal way of greeting their better half. This hug signifies that they are happy to see you and that you mean something special to them.  

13. Sloppy Hug

A sloppy hug is something you give to people you don’t even like. People that make you uncomfortable but you have no choice but to hug them. This has to be the most meaningless body expression by far. A sloppy hug signifies a protocol that needs to be followed but is not always wanted. These hugs can be given to acquaintances, people at parties, or mutual friends that you don’t really connect to. And if someone gives you one of these, chances are you’re not their favorite person at all!  

14. Pickpocket Hug

Have you ever been walking down a park, and your partner has their arm around you and it slowly slides down to your back pocket and stays there? Have you ever felt the urge to return the favor? Have you ever done it anyway? If the answers to these questions are yes, then this means you two are very comfortable in your relationship and in your own skins. You no longer care what other people might think and have become more mature as a couple. 

15. Long Hold Hug

This is a hug that could sometimes be a cry for help. Sometimes you might hug a friend, and they might continue holding on, this is either because they love you too much, or that they want a minute to compose themselves because they needed that hug for a long time. This might be a trigger warning that you need to be there for them. Another sign of a long hold hug is that they want to keep hugging you for as long as possible, and being around you makes them happy.  

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We thought hugs were just hugs, but we stand corrected. There are many various types of hugs out there in the world, each holding a very different meaning than the other. 15 of these hugs have been listed and described in the aforementioned article, these hugs range from bear hugs to the London bridge hug. From a long hold hug to a straddle hug. Once you learned what each hug means, not only will you be able to read other people’s feelings towards you, you will also be able to see where your current relationships stand.  


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