Tips on How to Apply Mascara With Eyelash Extensions

Is it okay to apply mascara when you have lash extensions?

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Tips on How to Apply Mascara With Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can truly be a game-changer in your beauty game. Many people are afraid to start wearing eyelash extensions because of the fear that they might never go back to just flaunting their natural eyelashes! There is something so attractive about your long, curled up lashes that make it impossible to miss. Eyelash extensions can vary according to the personal preference of the person getting them. You can have various lengths and thicknesses. The different types of eyelash extensions have all been known to make your look from drab to fab in a split second.

It is normally recommended to not apply mascara on the eyelash extensions as they are both designed to do the same job. The eyelash extensions will definitely have an oomph factor and give your eyelashes the ideal flair. However, if you do want to use mascara to further elongate and add volume to your eyelashes you should always opt for an oil-free formula. The waterproof mascara should be avoided at all costs as it is going to simply ruin the glue holding your eyelash extensions. So it is always advised by the experts of the beauty world to use a non-waterproof formula. This will make it easier to apply and remove without having the fear of ruining the extensions.

Reviews of the best mascara brands that works with eyelash extensions

Here are 5 amazing non-waterproof formulas for you to use where you can add mascara to your eyelash extensions without the fear of ruining your perfect curled up extensions.

1. BeautyGARDE Oil-Free mascara

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free mascara

This amazing product has been reviewed by many beauty bloggers and influencers and been called as one of the best out there. Now you can get your falsies or your lash extensions to wear longer and longer because this formula is absolutely water-based and free of any added oils. It is an intensely volumizing and elongating product that will make you a head turner in the party. The product retails for $26. The formula is also ideal for anybody wearing contacts or with sensitive, prone to allergy eyes. The minimal use of harsh chemicals makes this one a crowd favorite. The product is also 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Now you can make your lashes look wonderful without jeopardizing nature!

2. Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free mascara

Clinique always comes up with dermatologically approved gentle make-up products. This eyelash enhancing glossy mascara is no different. The formula is absolutely oil free and suited for use on eyelash extensions as well as falsies. You can look like your worth a million bucks with this product.

With Clinique’s clean philosophy the skin is claimed to just be happy because the product is claimed to be paraben free, phthalates free and without any artificially added fragrance. The formula is also said to be tested by an ophthalmologist and approved for usage. The mascara costs 19$ and is available online.

3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This is one product to hit all the nostalgia feels. After over 40 years this one is still apt for using. The one product that was the heart of all things lashes related before the advent and subsequent rise of water-proof mascaras. This might have been the first lash product many of us used by stealing momma’s make-up. It’s time to reincorporate this into your routine because it is definitely an affordable classic, to say the least. The formula is so creamy and dreamy, dare I say. The product will just glide on without any hassle. The mascara is great for enhancing both volume and the length of the eyelashes. The ingredients do not use any artificial wax and are extremely gentle on your eyelashes, with extensions or without! It is tested by an ophthalmologist and is approved for use on extensions, false lashes and even while wearing contacts. At $6.40 it is still one of the more affordable ones in the market. You can shop for it online,

4. Laura Mercier long lash mascara black

Laura Mercier long lash mascara black

Laura Mercier has proved its name as an amazing cosmetic company and is loved and appreciated by many in the beauty industry. This water-based mascara retails for $26 and is widely hailed as an amazing lash product. The product claims to be paraben free and tested by an ophthalmologist. The mascara is perfect for use even with contacts, false lashes as well as eyelash extensions. The product smoothly enhances the length and volume of your eyelashes. The brush reaches the thinnest, shortest and the most difficult to reach lash hair. The brush is easy to use and will glamorize your look to a solid 10 on 10 in no time!

The formula is smudge proof and will not clump upon usage. It is easy to wear and easier to remove. You can shop for it online.



When it comes to high end and chic products, nobody does it better than YSL. This Saint Laurent mascara is there for the glitz, glam, and a forever dominant effect! You will love this diverse and bold product that comes in amazing colors including a deep electric blue! Retailing for 29$ this one is on the higher end of things but oh so worth it!

The formula is packed with wonderful pigment and will give you the perfect glow up before a function or party. The formula is water based and comes with a beautiful wand. You can achieve thicker, fuller and longer lashes with this single product. Get your hands on this one here today, because this is one purchase you’ll not regret.

How To Use Mascara On Eyelash Extensions

Using mascara on eyelash extensions can be a tricky business and confusing for a lot of people. You can use mascara on your eyelash extensions by this method.

First, use a clean brush for simply fanning out the eyelash extensions and separating them nicely.

Now that you have a clean separated out an eyelash, go ahead with your choice of non-waterproof mascara. Use the mascara to just brush back and forth. You can go in a few times. However, between each coat or layer, you should use a tweezer or clean brush to separate the lashes and avoid any obvious clumping. Too much clumping will undoubtedly ruin your look and eyelash extensions as well.

A key tip to remember is that when applying mascara on your eyelash extensions is to always avoid the roots. This will eventually damage your extensions even with an oil-free formula mascara. Always focus on the middle part and the tip as this will give maximum lift and volume to your perfect eyelashes.

How To Take Off Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?

Your best bet when it comes to removing mascara from the eyelash extensions is undoubtedly using an oil-free makeup remover. The oil-based makeup removers that we mostly use for removing our makeup will absolutely fail in this case and make your eyelash extensions get weak or even separate from your natural lashes because the glue will come off with an oil-based formula.

Secondly, avoid using cotton for removing mascara. The cotton will be harsh on your skin and tug on your eyelash extensions. After using enough makeup remover, you should dab with a soft tissue paper to avoid harsh damage.

You should always be gentle with your mascara removing method if you have eyelash extensions on. Now you can really try and be the perfect glamorized bold girl in a party but you have to pay extra attention to the meticulous details of taking off the mascara too. Avoid usage of hard mechanical curlers and other such products which may damage the integrity of the eyelash extensions.

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Eyelash extensions can be intimidating and daunting for a lot of us, but getting them can be a life-altering decision in your makeup routine. You’ll always be fiercer, bolder and sharper in your look and might never want to go back to your simple lash days! Use these tips for when you want the extra glam by putting on mascara over your already bold eyelashes- Thanks to the extensions. Conquer the world with your wonderful look because you really deserve to be the queen you’ve always wanted to be!