What Does Bronzer Makeup Do and How To Apply Them

Achieve a sun-kissed glow with these bronzer makeup tips today

By Sophia R
What Does Bronzer Makeup Do and How To Apply Them

What is bronzer and what is the purpose of using it?

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There are thousands of makeup products and steps in or beauty routines. From blush to mascara, a liner to lipstick, every single thing will add more beauty to our looks. Today, we will be specifically talking about one of those many products in our makeup collections: bronzer. A bronzer is a great tool that not all women know how to use and get the best of it, the reason why we decided to do this 101 on bronzer. Trust me, it will make a huge difference in your look. First of all, bronzer is a variant of blush that serves to give a tan to the skin, more or less the same effect with which we end up after a few days on the beach.

With a correctly applied bronzer, we can add natural shine to the skin and make it look radiant and healthy, as giving the face dimension and making some areas of it look slimmer and chiseled. It is all about the technique and the quantities of the product used.

Bronzer is mainly applied to contour, shape, slim and sharpen on the jawline, cheekbones, forehead, and nose. It is actually quite shocking how it can make everything look thinner, smaller and more defined in just a few swipes!

Try these Gorgeous Bronzer Makeup Products

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As with many other makeup products, bronzer comes in different presentations and types. How to know which one is the best and which one you should choose? Basically, it all depends on your type of skin and what finish you are actually looking for from the bronzer. Want to know what I am talking about? Here are the two main bronzer types and which one to choose for you:

1. Powder

Sun Lover Glow Bronzing Powder

They are the easiest to work with. They usually come in a pan as a pressed powder would, but they can be found in a loose or pearl presentation, too. Ideal if you have mixed or oily skin. If you have dry skin or look for a more luminous finish from a powder bronzer, you just have to look for those that have a silky and moisturizing formula. 

2. Cream or bar

Matte Bronzer - MILK MAKEUP

They are the best for dry skin or for those looking for a luminous and hydrated finish. You can get a more contoured and marked finish, but you have to be more careful when it comes to blurring them out, as they can become muddy and weird looking if it isn't done right. They are best applied with the fingers or makeup sponges. Apply them before you powder your face so it doesn't clump together with the powder, making it look messy and blotchy.

Tips, tricks and hacks to using bronzer

Tips, facts, tricks, and hacks are always welcome. Why not give you some on bronzer? Of course, we will! After all, there is never enough to know about makeup and how to apply it like a pro. Here are some for you to check out and become a bronzing goddess in no time: 

1) Bronzers are removed when you take a bath and do not affect the color of your skin. Just so you know!

2) Do not use very dark tones because they DO NOT look natural.

3) If you want to give luminosity to the skin, you can use bronzers that contain very subtle shine. It will give you the most natural glow. 

4) Do not pack too much bronzer on, it will look messy and clumpy.

5) Apply the bronzer evenly because otherwise, your skin will look dirty and weird.

6) The product should not look too loaded. It is not a cute look at all!

7) Bronzers can be liquid, cream, gel, bar, mousse or pearls. Matte or shine. You just got to choose what looks best on you. 

  • Powder or pearl bronzer creates a smooth and even tone. It is beneficial to highlight the color of the skin and match the natural tan. They are especially for the face and are easy to apply. They are also ideal for oily skin, as they will keep the oils from showing too much. Powder bronzer should be applied with a large and round brush (preferably, although you can apply them with the brush that suits you best when applying powders)
  • Cream, bar, gel or mousse bronzers are suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry skin. It will give that extra moisturization your skin needs, and the product will not look patchy on you. 
    It is necessary to use a sponge or fingers to apply this type of bronzer. Exfoliate your skin very well before applying it.

9) Choose a bronzer that is only two tones darker than the natural tone of your skin. Most cosmetic companies sell bronzers in light, medium and dark, so keep that in mind.

10) Avoid orange tones because your skin may look "burned" instead of tanned. It also looks very fake, which is something I don't think you want to go for.

11) Apply it at after your dress to avoid getting stains on your clothes.

12) Take into account that you may need a different shade of bronzer for winter and summer, as your skin tone changes in those seasons. 

16) If you are one of those who tans or burns easily with the sun, peach or pink tone bronzer is an ideal option.

17)  Bronzers are great to neutralize or soften a reddish complexion.


18) Copper tones look great on olive skins, while dark bronzes are perfect for dark skins. 

19) If you have a light skin tone, look for a honey-colored bronzer. For a medium complexion, choose a warm bronzer. For dark skin, it is best to use an amber or tan bronzer. 

20) Pinker bronzers tend to go great on blondes.

21) Since the grease or moisture on the skin can cause the bronzer to crack and look muddy, apply a small amount of powder as a base.  If your skin is dry, apply a moisturizer evenly before applying the base powder, or consider using a cream, bar or liquid bronzer instead.

22) Before going out, check the bronzer in daylight or bright light. Make sure it doesn't look too harsh or loaded. If you applied a lot, "wash" it evenly with a cotton circle or apply a little more of the powder you used as a base on top. If it still does not look good, you will have to remove it and apply it again.

How to apply bronzer makeup using a brush?

Now that you basically know all the theoretical part about bronzer, you are ready to actually apply it. How? We will teach you exactly how it is done!

If you choose a powder bronzer, the best way to apply it correctly is with a large, packed, clean brush to create a smooth finish. Any brush that has a lot of bristles and is soft will work wonders with any powder bronzer.

As we already said, bronzer goes on the areas of the face that get naturally tan with the sun. With very soft touches and strokes,  apply the bronzer on the top of the forehead, down the sides of the nose and on the cheekbones. Apply the color gradually, so you get the tone you want. Do it with back and forth motions until it is completely blended. You can also try applying a small amount on the chin, jawline, and down the neck for more definition and warmth. 

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Paleness and flatness are not going to be a problem for you anymore after you have read this article. I mean, with all these tips, tricks, facts and hacks about bronzer, how could you possibly not be a bronzed goddess? You basically know everything there is to know, girl!

No more not using bronzer because you don't know how to or because it scares you, no more having a clumpy muddy bronzer. Those days are over! Head to the makeup store, grab the best shade of bronzer for you and apply it as we taught you. Tan has never looked so pretty on anyone as it will on you! I am dead serious!