12 Fun Boyfriend Quizzes To Get The Perfect Boyfriend

Try these surprisingly fun boyfriend quizzes if he is the one

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12 Fun Boyfriend Quizzes To Get The Perfect Boyfriend

What Is A Boyfriend Quiz?

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As a girl, you should be no stranger to all the quizzes online. From the Facebook era to the personality quizzes on different sites, you've seen how some quizzes are eerily correct, down to the very tiny details.

A boyfriend quiz is essentially the same as all the quizzes you've taken, but boyfriend-related. A lot of girls turn to boyfriend quizzes when they are having trouble with their boyfriend, or when they struggle to find one.

All the quizzes are based on the psychological traits and your answers reflect your values, personality, and standards. That's why so many quizzes are so successful in unraveling the human minds, they speak of your mind and your desires. Some people say quizzes help them realize who they are, it's true.

A boyfriend quiz analyses your psychological state, lets you see who you're compatible with and how you should handle it when love comes. Try out these awesome boyfriend quizzes to figure out if he is the right one for you!

When will I Get a Good Boyfriend Quiz

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You've been longing for a boyfriend for a while. So when will you get one? Check out your personality to see when Mr. Right will appear on your doorstep!

1. Will I Ever Get A Boyfriend Quiz?

Will I Ever Get A Boyfriend Quiz?

Wondering when you will meet Mr. Right? This quiz analyzes your answers based on the standards you set and the environment you're surrounded in to see how likely you will meet Prince Charming. It's good to have high standards, but don't get lost and set your standards too high. Be realistic or you will grow old realizing no one can ever live up to your standards, no human can.

2. When Will I Get A Boyfriend?

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When Will I Get A Boyfriend?

What is your dream boyfriend like? What would you do if your boyfriend checks out a hot girl that passes by?

All these different scenarios tell you what kind of personality you have, whether or not you're easy-going or high-maintenance. These factors highly influence your chance of having a boyfriend. Remember, you're choosing a boyfriend as much as they're choosing a girlfriend. You have your standards and they have their own as well, do you possess good qualities?

3. When will you find your next boyfriend?

When Will You FInd Your Boyfriend

Everyone has a different tale, something like what you would order on your first date can already tell who you are as a person and how you would be in a relationship. Opposite attraction rules who will be attracted to you. Your eye color, hair color, or even your height can already determine when you will meet your next boyfriend from how likely it would be for you to fall in love with someone.

Hypothetical questions may seem hard to answer, but deep down, everyone has an answer to those questions. By pushing yourself to answer those questions, you can figure out if it's easy or difficult for you to meet the one.

Will he be a good boyfriend quiz

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He seems like a nice guy. But is he boyfriend-material? I guess we will find out!

4. Is he a good boyfriend?

Is He A Good Boyfriend

Some quizzes leave you feeling even more puzzled and unsure about your situations and some just don't feel personal. This quiz was designed by a user Vartika and more than 1,000 people have tried it and enjoyed it!

There's a discussion forum below that you can discuss with other people that have taken the quiz to see if you all find the result to be accurate. Quizzes designed by individuals are usually more specific and personal as it targets a certain topic only. Try out this quiz to see if the effort he is making makes him a good boyfriend!

5. Will he be a good boyfriend?

Will He Be a Good Boyfriend?

You feel that he is a good boyfriend and that he is the one. But you've felt that way before and you were clearly wrong. Are you wrong again? Is he not as good as you'd hope he'd be? Are you just ignoring all the red flags?

This quiz, designed by Brian Whitney, discovers the real side of your boyfriend. You may already know the truth deep in your heart, you just choose to ignore it because you just want a boyfriend to be with. It doesn't change the fact that he is not a good boyfriend and you're probably better off without him.

6. Do you have a good boyfriend?

Do you have a good boyfriend?

Is your boyfriend a keeper? There're just guys in the world that don't deserve to have a girlfriend. Could your boyfriend be one of them? You don't have to dump your boyfriend even if the result says he is a terrible boyfriend, but you surely will have to work on something together with him, either you have your expectations too high or he is just not a boyfriend-material, yet.

Is He The Perfect Boyfriend Quiz

He may be a good person or a decent boyfriend, but that doesn't mean he is the right guy for you. Go figure out if your nice boyfriend is actually the perfect one and the most compatible one for you.

7. Is He The Perfect Boyfriend?

Is He The Perfect Boyfriend?

He may be a good boyfriend, but is he the perfect boyfriend for you? Could it just be that he is a good person but not a perfect boyfriend? Take the quiz and find out! Keep this in mind though, some traits tell you that he isn't the perfect boyfriend by social standards, but you probably don't care too much about those traits anyway. So balance the result with your own needs to see how you want to take it.

8. Is He Perfect?

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Is He Perfect?

Interestingly, him being perfect doesn't equal what he does for you sometimes. It's more about how much you are willing to do for him. He may be doing everything any girl would hope a boyfriend does and you still don't feel he is the perfect guy.

Do you dream about him? Do you get excited to see his messages? Do you text him often and want to share details of your life? These are all very important questions to determine whether he is the perfect guy for you.

9. Build Your Dream BF And We’ll Show You What He’d Look Like!

Build the perfect boyfriend

Instead of asking if he is the perfect boyfriend, let's just see who your perfect boyfriend is! Take this fun test to find out your perfect celebrity boyfriend and his personality traits. Use that for when you're seeking out your next perfect guy! Fun questions that make you wonder what exactly do you want in a boyfriend!

Why Don't I Have a Boyfriend Quiz

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Is it something about you that puts guys off? Or you're just not around enough men to be able to spot your favorite? Take these quizzes to find out!

10. Why You Don't Have A Boyfriend...

Why You Don't Have A Boyfriend...

Is it because you set the standards too high thanks to all the movies that no guy in real life can live up to your expectations? Or sometimes you just don't know how to deal with guys or handle the situation properly and it makes guys hesitant about you? Take this quiz and you will find out!

11. Why Am I Still Single? (For Females)

Why Am I Still Single?

Are there any dark secrets about you that you're too scared to reveal to anyone? Could that be the reason that you still don't have a boyfriend? This is the perfect place for you to admit your little quirks and secrets. No judging, we just want to find out why for you so you can work on it and date the guy of your dreams!

12. Why Don't You Have a Boyfriend?

Why Don't You Have a Boyfriend?

All these seemingly random questions can reveal a lot about why you still don't have a boyfriend, assuming that you're actively searching for one. It could be just this tiny habit about you that puts guys off. Maybe it makes guys think you're too high maintenance. You never know why until you find out, and this quiz is designed to figure out what you're bad at so you can fix it!

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Boyfriend quizzes are fun to do and at the same time madly accurate about your situations! You will be surprised by how much a single quiz can tell about your personal life. You may not believe the results but it's still fun to see what it has to say right? We've all got a room for improvement and you will also learn to compromise and know that perhaps the dream boyfriend doesn't exist because life is no fun without some tiny arguments from time to time!


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