10 Best LGBT Songs To Play Even After Pride Month!

The favorite pride songs that we love to celebrate for Pride Month and after!

By Sophia R
10 Best LGBT Songs To Play Even After Pride Month!

Rise of pride songs

Since that classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow, by Judy Garland, one of the first songs with which the LGBT community felt identified, the music has changed so much that it is worth doing a little review. And it is that if we look at the list, we see classic themes like I'm Coming Out, Belief, Who cares or Express Yourself that is probably much more ambiguous than they would have been written in the 21st century and that have got to become almost hymns.

Perhaps the lack of freedom of then or of equity in homosexual rights was replaced with imagination, charisma and shameless performance, almost as much as their singers. It was the irreverent Queen and George Michael; In our minds, the image of Freddie Mercury dressed as a woman was engraved in our minds. We can not forget the Village People and their most famous song, YMCA, how it turned into a homosexual anthem. And if you look at country music, the lyrics of the songs from Alaska and Mecano have become iconic. 

With the passage of time, luckily, no one is surprised (nor is it the end of their career) if a singer declares himself openly gay, but they remain stigmatized depending on their country, so there is still much to be done. We have the example of Ricky Martin, who came out of the closet at a time not too high in his career and them, the singer triumphs in the world with his latest albums. 

We also have the cases of gay or bisexual artists that have felt comfortable talking about their relationships in what are universal love songs from the beginning of their careers, such as Scissor Sisters, Sam Smith, Years & Years or Troye Sivan, one of the great promises of the current pop that, without any fear, roll their video clips with other guys.

In the end, who cares about who sings what? The important thing it gives us goosebumps, gets in our heads, and touches our hearts, and, above all, that someday we will live in a world where nobody has to talk about gay anthems, or feminists, or anti-xenophobes, because that would mean that we live in a society where we are all exactly the same and nobody is seen by anyone as inferior or different because of their tastes, their sex, color or  sexual orientation. Meanwhile, let's continue dreaming about these beautiful songs ...

10 Best LGBT songs with great lyrics (and songwriters)

Gay Pride Day is coming. Do you want to enjoy the best soundtrack for these days? Well, do not miss these LGBT songs that are an example of tolerance and an injection of energy for any of us. They will fill you with pride!

Music should not be gay or straight. Music does not distinguish from the sexual condition and there should be no need to have more labels than its own musical genre, be it pop, rock, indie or Gregorian chant. Now, it is undeniable that many songs, either because they have been a song of tolerance, free love or respect for others, have served so that many lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals, that is, the LGBT community, have identified sense or, at least, have empathized with the lyrics. And that's what we're going to talk about in this article, from great classics converted into hymns to current themes: here are 10 songs to be proud of and with which the LGBT community can feel identified. We decided to divide them into 4 categories: gay, lesbian, trans and bi, and funny songs, so everyone gets the best song to identify with. Now, without further a due, enjoy these songs:

About Gays

Man with man, boy with boy, here are the best gay songs for you to enjoy:

1. Diamanda Galas- Artemist

In 1986, Diamanda Galás undertook a three-disc music cycle - The Divine Punishment, Saint of the Pit and You Must Be Certain of the Devil - around the AIDS epidemic and the political silence surrounding this disease. Starting from the prejudice "AIDS is equal to homosexuals", Galás gathered literary texts and religious imagery to build this project, considered a humanistic and artistic contribution.

2. The Magnetic Fields- When My Boy Walks Down The Street

In 1999, the group The Magnetic Fields published 69 Love Songs, a trilogy of plaques with songs dedicated exclusively to love in its multiple manifestations - a husband murdered his wife and emotional blackmail are some of the issues of 69 Love Songs. Stephin Merritt, openly gay and with an always autobiographical work, included When My Boy Walks Down The Street. A boy looks at his boyfriend walking down the street: the image, so simple, causes his infatuation to intensify.

About Lesbian

Girl on girl, two women, here are the best songs for my lesbian friends out there:

3. Tatu - All The Things She Said

The music video shows two school girls and their love relationship. They turn out to be locked up, dying of coldness while their father and his companions see them and don't do anything about it. This represents that they are locked because society does not accept their sexual orientation. The video and song raised a lot of controversies, like many other LGBT songs. 

4. Christina Aguilera- Beautiful

This song talks about being beautiful no matter how you are. Beautiful, the great success of Christina Aguilera was the most inspiring pop song of the last decade for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, according to the latest social media survey conducted by the British LGBT organization Stonewall.

About Bisexual and Transgender

We have gathered this 4 songs for my fabulous transgender and bisexual pals out there, so check them out:

5. The Kinks- Lola

53 years ago, The Kinks launched "Lola", a chronicle about an encounter with someone who, at first glance, seems to be described as a transvestite. But Ray Davies, leader of the group, always worked as an intelligent writer. Lola, the main character, is neither here nor there, her biology is ambiguous. The song addressed gender mobility and questioned the solidity of masculinity. The single was published in 1970 and was harshly censored.

6. Prince- If I Was Your Girlfriend

The Kinks raised gender mobility, and the late Prince Prince perpetrated it. Sing or the Times, the album that contains "If I Was Your Girlfriend", is a conceptual work where the composer adopts the character and voice of a woman. The vocal records of Prince are modified, reaching an acute very close to the female voice: musical transsexualism.

7. Lady Gaga- Born This Way

Lady Gaga Born This Way includes the LGBT initials, in a clear attempt of the New York singer to capture the gay public. Born like this is an ode to courage and to struggle. It is also the name of the foundation against homophobia that she created. And the video clip begins with the image of the triangle that identified homosexuals in the Nazi regime. 

8. Garbage - Androgyny

This song addresses the issue that is present with androgyny in society. "Why cannot we all get along? Boys in the girls 'bathroom. Girls in the boys' bathroom. Free your mind in your androgyne." 

Funny LGBT songs

Now, Pride is all about partying, dancing, and being wild, so how could we not recommend you some funny high energy LGBT songs? Here they are:

9. Madonna- Vogue

This song is another gay hymn that has had a lot of success amongst the LGBT community because of its fun lyrics and rhythm. It basically preaches that you shouldn't get depressed for being who you are, instead, you should always dance. When everything fails, there is a place where you can run away: It's called the dance floor, so let your body move to the music. I mean, who doesn't get hyped with this song?

10. Village People- YMCA

For any guy who's ever wanted to be (or sleep with) a cowboy, cop or leather-clad biker, the Village People reign as gay-anthem chart toppers with this next song. 1978's "Y.M.C.A."—which became one of the most popular singles of the 1970s—is no different. In fact, the Young Men's Christian Association was so appalled at the song's implications that it threatened to sue until it noticed that membership had significantly increased in the wake of the tune's success. In other words, good publicity for them. I mean, who doesn't dance to the YMCA? Even our parents do it!

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Now that you have all the information about the most iconic LGBT songs and movies of recent years, do not waste your time and get up to speed. Gay Pride parties are nearby and you better be prepared. Also, if you get together among friends you can make a karaoke and sing the most iconic songs of these parties. Do not get out of date and enjoy these holidays! Happy Pride!