When And Why You Should Rent A Girlfriend At Times

Rent-a-girlfriend: Should you rent a female date for occasions?

By Sarah
When And Why You Should Rent A Girlfriend At Times

In recent years, people have been renting friends, family, girlfriends, escorts, and a variety of other people to fulfill their needs. Not so long ago, the famous American late-night talk show host, Conan O’Brien flew to Japan and rented a family to help show him around and keep him company during his visit. The booming business of renting dates for various occasions was started in Central Asia but has slowly yet surely found its way to the west. 

There are many sites offering dates for rent, and now finding a partner for an event is as easy as clicking a button. But how successful is this business? Does renting a girlfriend lead to spending a good time with someone cute, or is it just awkward and embarrassing?

The practice is relatively new and will take some time getting used to, but that also has to do with the fact that as a whole society isn’t always very welcoming of change. Many people see the rent-a-girlfriend industry as another way to objectify women, and though that may be a legitimate concern, as is the safety of these girls, most women working in this industry themselves don’t see it that way. For them, it is an exciting way to meet new people and earn something on the side for what may turn out to be a great experience itself. 

Rental girlfriends are as the name states, “girlfriends” and not escorts, so never go in expecting anything more than a simple date. If you do entice your hired girlfriend, there may be potential for the date to turn into something more. However, you should never go in with that expectation. As long as you know your boundaries and respect them, your hired girlfriend is bound to give you an excellent company.  If your concern is about the date being awkward or embarrassing, then there’s potential for that in a real date as well. 

This practice can be especially beneficial for people with social anxiety who despise being alone in large gatherings. If someone provides you with an opportunity to take someone attractive with you to an event, then why not take it? It is far better than going alone and standing in a corner awkwardly. Besides, there’s nothing quite like the confidence boost a good looking partner provides. Your entire mood changes as you watch people gawking at your gorgeous arm candy, and at least for tonight, she only has eyes for you. 

This shouldn’t, however, dissuade you from going out there and finding someone for yourself. This service is expensive and temporary. Not only do you have to pay for the service the rented girlfriends will be providing, but also their transportation and anything else you do together on the date. 

Besides this, you must be aware of the superficiality of the whole arrangement at all times. It’s very easy to catch feelings at the moment’s spur and think your partner may have developed some likeness towards you - which can only set you up for heartbreak. 

There are plenty of places to look for authentic dates if socializing and wooing women isn’t your forte. Apps such as tinder, bumble, and OkCupid provide introverts and shy people plenty of opportunities to socialize and explore their love interests without having to go through the awkward friendzone phase. 

The Rise of Renting of Friends and Girlfriend

A service started in China and Japan to combat loneliness and the awkwardness of being alone; The practice has spread across the globe. Renting friends and partners is so commonplace now that there’re several movies about the whole experience. The most recent one being the Netflix original The Perfect Date, starring Noah Centineo. 

These services exist because people realize that with passaging time, people are getting more engrossed in their lives and that your schedule may not match theirs. So you can either sit, sulk and feel abandoned, or you could simply rent a friend or date to help you get through the situation. 

The stigma surrounding such practices has waned as people realize the practicality of it all. You don’t necessarily have to share a deep bond with the person you will only spend a few hours with, as long as both of you understand and respect the policies of the service, you could go through your activity or pass the time together greatly. 

The problem only arises when one party refuses to adhere to the rules. Scams are easy in such cases because most of this business is carried out through mutual trust. If one side breaks that trust there’s not much you can do to get your ruined time back, and most of these services don’t offer a money-back guarantee either.

Companies providing girlfriend rental services have started rigorously vetting their employees, and have some sort of security in place for their protection as well, lest a customer becomes awry or refuses to keep their end of the bargain. 

For these reasons, the whole concept has turned into a licit business, something that can safeguard everyone's interest. Since a proper service is being provided, if you don’t get what you signed up for, you could talk to appropriate authorities in the company. 

As the people renting practice has started to become more reliable, it has grown and attracted a huge customer base. There now exists a whole market dedicated to renting girlfriends because of how useful and versatile the experience can be. 

When to Rent: Date, Party or Special Occasions

Renting a date may not be the most appropriate thing to do when attending a small event with a few close friends or family as having an unknown person amidst your close friends could get a little awkward. Unless of course, you want them to believe that this is your real girlfriend and not a rental. This is completely understandable, although it may need some advanced preparations for your date in case of nosy friends and intimate relatives asking personal questions.

Other safe events and activities to rent a date out to could be:

  • A huge corporate event that you are invited to but don’t want to show up alone. Bringing a stunning date with you will help ease some of those nerves and drastically increase your chances of having a good time.
  • A dance you couldn’t get a date in time for. Why waste that plus one and go alone when you could take a gorgeous lady who is excellent at dancing. 
  • A day off where you feel lonely and just want some tender-love-and care for yourself but don’t want to go through it all alone. Renting a girlfriend would be a great way to enjoy doing the things you love alongside someone who has been paid to make sure you have a good time.
  • Weddings where you don't know too many people? Just rent someone to go with you and have a good time with a good looking date.
  • You want to show your parents you’ve settled down with someone. Make up a back story to tell them and rent a girlfriend to play the part.  This will put their minds at ease, and you can go about your business and find love when you think you’re ready for it.

Why Should You Hire a Female Date

Society’s stigma set aside, the whole idea is fun and harmless if you have no agenda other than to just have a good time. There’s nothing better than choosing someone's tailormade to your likes and dislikes. There’s a wide variety of people to choose from, so picking someone more suited to your taste would never be a problem. 

You can browse through a whole list of people and select anyone you like, it might sound crude, but only you know what your likes and dislikes are and you are allowed to find someone accordingly. It’s not as serious as marrying someone, so you don’t have to be extra vigilant about the person you select. 

Give yourself room to experiment and if you can afford it, go on dates with different types of people to see what works best for you.

Should You Rent a Girlfriend?

Depending on the situation you are faced with, and the intent you have, you can choose to rent a girlfriend or invest some time in finding the right person and going on an actual date. If you’re hoping for the rented date to turn into something serious, then you’ve set yourself up for a letdown. 

In such situations, taking some time and turning to websites that help you find partners should be your priority. If however, you’re only looking to have a good time and make a few people jealous of your gorgeous date, then renting a girlfriend is the best way to go!

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The rent-a-girlfriend service is just a service to make our lives a little less complicated. However, it is important to be safe and only go through secure channels for this purpose. Other than this, there is no harm in two consenting adults spending a good time together for a small fee. Hence if you believe you can benefit from the service, it is worth definitely a shot.