Prolonged Eye Contact - The Secret Trick To Attraction

How prolonged eye contact is the key to attraction and romance

By Evelyn
Prolonged Eye Contact - The Secret Trick To Attraction

Why Prolonged Eye Contact Is The Secret To Attraction

Eye contact plays a fundamental role when it comes to attraction. You can use just your eyes to show someone how interested you are, to gauge their reaction, and to create, an even deepen, their attraction to you. Prolonged eye contact is one of the most important ways of communication when it comes to telling someone, you're attracted.

Professionals agree that you can have an entire communication with someone before you even start talking. This way of communication comes in handy, let's say in a bar when you're trying to lock eyes with that gorgeous guy sitting across from you. Eye contact plays a fundamental role with us (humans), according to science. For example, according to a study at Freiburg University in Germany, eye contact can make someone trust you more if they already agree with you; if they find you agreeable by using eye contact, you can persuade them to do your bidding. 

So, is prolonged eye contact really a secret to attraction? In short, it is. For it to work you have to know where and how to use your eyes to fully communicate what you want. Eye contact and attraction play a pivotal role in relationships.

Turns out that people like being noticed, they like feeling important, they like external validation. One of the easiest ways to do that for someone else is by eye contact. By making eye contact you're saying to that person that you've noticed their existence and that you appreciate them, that they have value to you. So it doesn't come as a surprise that when you make eye contact with someone it immediately boost your attractiveness in their perception. 

We tend to like people who like us and if you want to deepen the relationship with someone, holding eye contact is the most effective way

How does eye contact work (according to science)

Our eyes are more than a window to the outside world, they're also portals that let others look inside us, providing glimpses into our inner thoughts and feelings. The human eye is designed to draw attention, it draws the attention of others (or one specific person) toward us. That's because, of all primates, the human eyes are the most notable thanks to the contrast of colored irises floating against backdrops or white and encircled black pupils, 

Making eye contact is what helps other people remember what you do and what you say; and if you want to get their full attention, you can couple that with body language. Also, maintaining eye contact encourages people to be straight with you, to be more honest. In a relationship that can play both ways for you (depending on what outcome you're wishing), by looking into the other person's eyes you can glimpse what kind of emotions they're feeling. It's really hard to lie with the eyes.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Hold Eye Contact With You During Conversation

Eye contact is important, especially in dating and in trying to figure out how attracted is he to you. If someone's making prolonged eye contact with you, it's for a reason. There could be many reasons and sometimes it's hard to be sure of the meaning of it. He's could be making eye contact to get your attention, or the eye contact could mean that he's attracted to you, and usually, if the eye contact is a prolonged one, it means that he's flirting with you.

Before we help you decipher what his eye contact means while having a conversation with you, here are some level of eye contact that can help you understand the situation better.

An unconscious glance

If you're attracted to this guy, this is not the eye contact level you want him to give you. An unconscious glance is when he looks up and then immediately looks away, although he's not aware of what he's looking at. He's just wandering around (with his eyes) and, for a moment, he coincidentally met yours for a while but then he continued his wandering. He's not aware of meeting your eyes so he didn't register you (at the moment).

A conscious glance

This level of eye contact means you're making an impression. It happens when your eyes and his happen to meet and then he looks aways immediately, but here he looks away consciously. Why he does that? It could be that he's shy, he feels awkward or he's not interested. You should pay attention to what direction he looks away because according to body language if he brakes eye contact and then he looks down, he's intimidated by you (e.i. he's attracted), but if he looks to the side, he's indifferent. 

If he pairs the looking away with a small smile, then things are looking good to you. 

A long glance

As humans, we're wired to look at something that we find attractive on an unconscious level. The more time we spend looking at something the more we like it. This kind of eye contact can tell with some certainty that he's attracted to you. The thing is, this level of eye contact is not easy or it's tricky to notice because it's very subtle. It looks more or less like the conscious glance (he makes eye contact for like a second, then he looks away). Now he's making eye contact but the glance lasts a little bit more than a second (at least 2). He's prolonging eye contact because he finds you appealing.

A double glance

Getting more and more interesting. If he glances at you not once but twice then that's a sure sign that he's attracted to you. If he makes eye contact and feels that it was well-received (it totally was, right?), and he likes what he sees, he going to look away but he will make eye contact again.

The gaze

You definitely want this kind of eye contact. If he makes eye contact and then keeps it up for like 5 seconds or more, he's giving you the gaze and that means that he's clearly attracted to you. If he ramps it up with a smile then you can't have any doubt. There's a big attraction there and you definitely can't ignore it.

So, if during a conversation, he's giving you all kinds of eye contact but you're having a difficult time guessing the meaning of those looks, here's a guide to "decode them" so you can respond accordingly. Here are some possible meanings.

1. He thinks you're interesting

He cannot keep his eyes off of you because he finds you really interesting. He's not just interested in what you're saying (if that's the case, he'll not look at you once you change the topic), but if he keeps looking at you, he's enjoying the conversation but also he's enjoying looking at you.

2. He has a deep affection for you

If you're in some kind of relationship and he keeps prolonged eye contact with you, his feelings for you are deep. It could also mean that he trusts you and feels comfortable around you. He knows he can be himself.

3. He's flirting

Prolonged eye contact is a sure sign of flirting. It means that there's chemistry between you too. So maybe it's time to take some action.

4. He wants to convince you of something

If he's making eye contact while he's telling you something it's because he wants you to believe in him. He's trying to convince you that what he's saying is the truth and that he wants you to trust him.

How Deep Eye Contact At The Right Time Can Become A Hot Steamy Night

Prolonged eye contact can also mean or better yet, can create some strong sexual attraction. If while you're talking and he's making eye contact, you notice that some erotic feelings start to stir inside you, then this could be your lucky night (if that's what both of you want).

If he makes prolonged eye contact while smiling and that smile keeps going and going for like a minute then he's telling you (without words) that he would like to have a hot steamy night with you. If you want to be absolutely sure that he wants more than a conversation while staring at you, then pay attention to other body languages. One telltale sign is that he's eyebrows go up, and if you're really close to him, you'll be able to notice that his pupils will get larger and his eyes a little bit sparkly. He's going to lean towards you too.

If you get the "I want to have sex with you" eye contact and you're also very attracted to him and want to get things on that level, then go for it. You'll both enjoy it.

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Eye contact between man and woman can be intense, intoxicating, euphoric, beneficial to your mindfulness, great for your self-confidence, and increase love.


Prolonged eye contact can mean a lot of things, but when it comes to dating and relationships it usually means that he's attracted to you. He can convey many messages with just his eyes, now that you have an idea of what the eye contact means, you'll be more prepared to respond accordingly.



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